10 Commandments With Adrian Snell DVD

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  • Languages: English
  • Run Time: 300 minutes

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Ten Commandments With Adrian Snell

Ten Commandments With Adrian Snell The Ten Commandments "What They Mean" "Why They Matter" "Why You Should Care" Hosted by Adrian Snell -- composer, singer, and communicator.

There is Nothing Like It! What even comes close? Here is an historic document over 3,000 years old. It is a code for living more influential than any other. It confronts us today as an object of unceasing and intense public debate. The Ten Commandments were given to the people of Israel, yet they have been embraced by diverse cultures over long centuries. The neglect of the Ten Commandments is seen by many as contributing to a moral breakdown today. Others fight to keep them out of public places. Can you think of any other ancient text that so inspires such contemporary attention?

In this series you will find out why the Ten Commandments are so potent, how they cut through the maze of psychobabble, how they get to the center of issues of the heart and how they affect the way we live.

Includes Ten Segments, approximately 30 minutes each

1. 'Have No Other Gods but Me'
2. 'Do Not Bow Down to Anything'
3. 'Do Not Misuse My Name'
4. 'Keep the Sabbath'
5. 'Honor Your Father and Mother'
6. 'Do Not Kill'
7. 'Do Not Commit Adultery'
8. 'Do Not Steal'
9. 'Do Not Lie'
10. 'Do Not Covet'

WARNING: The contents of these programs will expose you to the real reasons why the ancient decalogue is so feared by many moderns and why these words are regarded as so dangerous that judges have ordered their removal from courtroom and classroom walls. We caution you that use of these materials can permanently affect your whole understanding and outlook on life. Use these materials with full discretion and only if you are willing to take full responsibility for what you may be in for.

DVD Features:
PDF excerpts included on the DVD:
-Leaders Guide (for the first three programs) - includes a short history of each commandment, quotes, questions, Scripture verses, and scripts.
-Student Workbook (for the first three programs) - includes warm-up and introduction, questions for reflection, quizzes and more.

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