10 Commandments With Adrian Snell DVD

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  • Languages: English
  • Run Time: 300 minutes

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10 Commandments With Adrian Snell DVD

There is nothing compared to this special historic document that is over 3,000 years old. It is considered a key to live a more influential life and it challenges people today as a document of extreme discussion and dialogue. The Commandments were specifically given to Israel and through the years different cultures have welcomed it since then. To some, abandoning the laws of the Ten Commandments is considered adding to the ethical destruction that is occurring today and to others, the Ten Commandments should not be used in public locations. Is there another historic document that can cause the attention that it attracts today?

In 10 Commandments With Adrian Snell viewers will discover why this ancient document is so powerful, how it eliminates any psychological jargon, how it goes directly to the matters of the heart and how they contribute to people's way of life.

The series includes ten episodes that each focus on each commandment:

Episode 1 from 10 Commandments With Adrian Snell: Have No Other gods but
Episode 2 from 10 Commandments With Adrian Snell: Do Not Bow Down to Anything
Episode 3 from 10 Commandments With Adrian Snell: Do Not Misuse My Name
Episode 4 from 10 Commandments With Adrian Snell: Keep the Sabbath
Episode 5 from 10 Commandments With Adrian Snell: Honor Your Father and Mother
Episode 6 from 10 Commandments With Adrian Snell: Do Not Kill
Episode 7 from 10 Commandments With Adrian Snell: Do Not Commit Adultery
Episode 8 from 10 Commandments With Adrian Snell: Do Not Steal
Episode 9 from 10 Commandments With Adrian Snell: Do Not Lie
Episode 10 from 10 Commandments With Adrian Snell:̴Ì_Do Not Covet

The message of 10 Commandments With Adrian Snell DVD

10 Commandments With Adrian Snell is a Christian DVD series that investigates the present-day suggestions of the laws from God that were handed to Moses from the Bible. Adrian Snell, the series host, describes the reason why the The Commandments are so influential and get to the center of every problematic people go through in this day and age. The 10 Commandments include a law or ethical standard that has been very influential over the years and centuries. The series exposes why the Commandments that the Lord sent are a theme of endless discussion today and how ignoring these laws have added to the wide moral deterioration. Adrian Snell also takes audiences to the reality that the Ten Commandments are taken away from different public establishments by federal judges because of being apprehensive about them. The series is divided in 10 episodes as each one covers a Commandment. Each episode explains the importance of it, why people should grasp the commandments and the Ten Commandments applicability in society today.

Adrian Snell from 10 Commandments With Adrian Snell DVD

Adrian Snell from 10 Commandments With Adrian Snell DVD was born in 1954 in England. He attended the Leeds College of Music where he was classically taught. There he received his music diploma and from there his career in music goes on for four decades. Throughout that time, he made more than twenty original albums, more than fifteen solo albums and concept works. Some of his most recognizable work is The Virgin, which premiered in the BBC,The Passion on which Snell was joined by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the whole piece premiered in BBC Radio One. Also from Adrian Snell cameThe Cry: A Requiem for the Lost Child which was played at the St. Paul's Cathedral in help to Save the Children. Adrian Snell also contributed to a music documentary titled Song of an Exile which was made in Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem. Snell has been a part of many television and radio appearances and performances. Him and his work have traveled throughout the world like the United States, Israel, Australia, all over Europe and of course the United Kingdom.

By 1995, Adrian from 10 Commandments released a concept work album titled City of Peace which investigates the Jewish background of the Christian faith including different poems made by different Jewish writers from centuries ago to the present. The album City of Peace is the result of a journey that took eleven years of exploring and discovering the lies of Jewish men and women and families that were a part of the sad event of the Nazi holocaust.

After years of being a music therapist, Adrian Snell from 10 Commandments had the right amount of inspiration to make a new record titled Fierce Love. He was inspired by all the relationships he had made and all the instruments that are needed in his work. All of these have become a part of the special sound from this specific album.

By the 1990's Snell decided to semi-retire from being a paid musician to train to become a music therapist and counselor. To many, this was considered a risky move since his music and performances were very popular still around Europe specifically. Snell continued on and finished his post-graduate studies in Music Therapy at the University of Bristol through the department of Medicine. Currently Adrian Snell contributes as a Music therapist and as a Arts Therapy consultant for kids who have to endure special needs at Three Ways School in Bath, United Kingdom. He also likes to visit regularly different schools in Korce, Albania.

10 Commandments With Adrian Snell DVD

10 Commandments With Adrian Snell DVD runs for approximately 5 hours since it contains 10 episodes of 30 minutes each. Originally this series was released in the 90s but then was rereleased in 2005 in DVD with PDF documents included. The DVD includes PDF documents to be downloaded and/or printed. Included in these documents is a guide for group leaders which comes with a short backstory of every commandment, questions, quotes, verses from Scripture and more. Also the DVD includes a workbook for students that includes quizzes, questions to answer and introductions to some of the commandments.

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