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VeggieTales, these animated children's films featuring anthropomorphic vegetables were developed by Big Idea to convey Christian themes. VeggieTales was created by Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki, who also provide many of the voices. VeggieTales has also produced books & CDs along with items such as toys, clothing, and garden seeds for vegetables and flowers. Join Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber on an adventure your children, and even You, are sure to enjoy. VeggieTales also offers LarryBoy and The 3-2-1 Penguins Series which are also available at FishFlix.com.

Veggietales Children’s Movies

Widely considered to be the definitive Children’s Christian movie series, Veggietales has truly been an incredible ministry for a very long time. Dating back around 20 years, Veggietales has brought countless children joy while teaching Biblical values and lesson. This series, originally created by Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki in the 90’s has truly become a sensation – and for good reason! It’s a fantastic show and most certainly one of the very best children’s entertainment tools available in the Christian industry. We at FishFlix.com are proud to stock a large collection of Veggietales DVDs in our store. Whether you’re looking for a certain episode, or you’re ready to dive in with our “All the Shows” collection, we have one of the largest selections available. Please feel free to browse through and look for the perfect episode to share with your child.

Join Bob and Larry and the gang as you learn important lessons about God and how to get along well with others. If you want to teach your children important lessons from God’s word, or you’re hoping to give them a fun retelling of a classic Bible story, Veggietales is a wonderful way to share these messages. With fun-loving characters, ample amount of heart, and great messages perfect for young children, Veggietales is an incredible tool to share with your child. No matter what context you’re wanting to use it in, whether it be in a Sunday school class or just at home, Veggietales works perfectly for your situation. And with dozens of episodes in its catalog, there are episodes for every topic imaginable.

Veggietales is produced by Big Idea Entertainment, and has always maintained its slogan of “Sunday morning values, Saturday morning fun”. It can be difficult for a children’s show to strike a good balance between entertaining and educational. If you swing too far into the entertaining category, you’ll find your kids aren’t really learning anything. They’re just being entertained. And on the other hand, if you go too far educational, your kids won’t be interested and won’t want to watch it. That’s where Veggietales strikes a perfect balance. The show is nothing if not entertaining. With humorous content and jokes that will make any kid or adult laugh, this is a whirlwind of fun and enjoyment. But, it also teaches very important lessons and can help bring children closer to God with its Bible verse every episode and important moral lessons. Although the show has undergone changes over the years as its been managed and updated, the heart of the show still remains. Veggietales continues to impress children and entertain them in their new show, Veggietales in the House.

The cast of characters is vast and varied with a large collection of different colorful characters. Although the vegetables all have different personalities, and characteristics, at the end of the day, they all come around to understand and love one another as God has loved us. Veggietales is hosted by two different main characters, Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber. Bob the tomato is the more serious host of the show, and the one that tends to be in charge. He makes a good boss and manager and is in charge of making sure everything at Veggietales is constantly running like it should. His goofy counterpart, Larry, on the other hand, tends to cause trouble wherever he goes with his affable, but often confused nature. Larry the Cucumber is a happy go lucky character with a lot of heart and a lot of energy. Together, the two balance each other out to create a great dynamic for children.

Other characters in the show making regular appearances, especially Junior Asparagus, a young boy always trying to do what he can to serve God. Although he makes mistakes from time to time, he always learns to do the right thing in the end. His friend Laura the Carrot goes on adventures with him and they’re often found playing together and having fun. Mr. Nezzer and Mr. Lunt are the scheming veggies in the group, who often portray the antagonists in various episodes of the show. Jimmy and Jerry Gourd are very similar to Larry, in that they mean well, but they can tend to cause problems. They’re always thinking with their stomachs and are good at misplacing important things. But, they love being with the rest of the group and having fun. Archibald Asparagus is the proper one in the group, with his British accent and his monocle he’s often ashamed of his friends’ behavior, wishing they would take on a more civilized approach like him.

Veggietales contains a variety of fun segments, with different skits and songs to keep the show lively and entertaining. Each episode in the series features a special Silly Song with Larry, the part of the show where Larry comes out and sings a silly song. The content of these songs can vary significantly. Sometimes he’ll sing out his lips, another time he performed the Spanish classic, “The Dance of the Cucumber”, and he’s sung about the importance of owning a water buffalo. The silly nature of the show can entertain kids and bring them enjoyment as they watch the show.

Many children’s movies can also be a bore for parents to have to sit through. If the content is incredibly simple or unentertaining, adults may not want to sit with their children. Veggie tales, however, does a great job at providing enjoyment for the parents as well. This is a show that not any adult will want to miss, and it will help provide you with an opportunity to spend with your children.

This incredible series, produced by Phil Vischer, is a wonderful resource for teaching your children about God’s word and the Bible. Teaching important Biblical lessons in a fun and education manner, your kids will fall in love with Bob and Larry and the entire veggie clan. We hope you’ll enjoy our wide selection of Veggietales DVDs. With many different episodes in the collection, there will be plenty to keep your kids entertained for a long time to come – while also teaching them important lessons!

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