VeggieTales: Heroes of the Bible DVD

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VeggieTales: Heroes of the Bible Vol. 3: Baby, A Quest and the Wild Wild West

In VeggieTales: Heroes of the Bible Vol.åÊ Baby, A Quest and the Wild Wild West! DVD there are three stories.

The book of Exodus told in Western theme as only VeggieTales can tell it."Moe and the Big Exit" illustrates the story of Moses as he leads the nation of Israel out of Egypt.

The next story entitled "Baby Sitter in DeNile" tells the story of Moses' sister Miriam played by Laura the Carrot. Join her as Miriam discovers the love she has for her little brother after finding that the Egyptians are taking all the baby boys in town. She will hatch a plan that will keep Moses safe, and your kids will learn how important it is to love their family.

The last story is "Moe and the Big Exit" where kids get to meet a cowboy named Moe (Larry the Cucumber). Moe is a cowboy who lives the good life in Dodge City while his family are living a hard life of digging in the Grand Canyon. Moe asks the mayor of Dodge City to let his people go, but the mayor refuses! Find out what Moe does as you watch this story about following directions.

Bonus Features Include:

  • How to Draw Joe & Miriam
  • Interactive Storybook
  • Veggie Trivia
  • Western Duds Game

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