The Bible Stories: Moses DVD

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  • Cast: Ben Kingsley, Frank Langella, David Suchet
  • Director: Roger Young
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 3/7/12
  • Run Time: 182 minutes
  • Screen Format: FS
  • Region Code: 1
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The Bible Stories: Moses

The Bible Stories: Moses is a Biblical drama detailing the life and times of the Old Testament character Moses. In this epic Biblical narrative, follow Moses and see his miraculous escape from death as a young baby, his eventual departure from Egypt, and his return as he is called by God to bring his people out of the land. Get to know the true-life historical character of Moses as you learn about his dark past and see how God redeems a broken man and calls him to be the leader to an entire race of people. Starring Ben Kingsley, Frank Langella, Christopher Lee and David Suchet, this star-studded piece of cinematography is sure to entertain and excite.

Follow Moses on his incredible life as he kills a man at a young age, is called by God, sets ten terrible plagues on Egypt, and then leads the people out of Egypt and into a 40 year wander around the hot and terrible desert. While the character of Moses can be learned through reading the book of Exodus, The Bible Stories: Moses helps bring the character to life in a masterful dramatization that attempts to recapture every detail of what really happened in Biblical history.

Moses as a Baby

Around the time that Moses was born, Pharaoh began to notice that the Hebrews had grown into a great nation. While they were in slavery and currently working for him, he worried that their number would grow and eventually exceed the number of his warriors. He worried that if the people became unhappy, they would overthrow him and form a rebellion. So, Pharaoh issued an order to his men that every Israelite boy that was born was to be killed. He wanted to stop them from growing in number anymore and he knew that this would help keep the Israelite population under control.

When Moses was born, his parents did their best to hide him for three months from the Pharaoh. Eventually, she knew she could hide him no more. So she took him, put him in a basket made of papyrus, and coated it with tar and pitch. She placed it on the bank of the Nile and hid him in the reeds. This is when God worked his first miracle in Moses' life. Moses was picked up by none other than Pharaoh's own daughter. She recognized him as one of the Hebrew babies, but her heart was so filled with compassion for the boy that she chose to spare his life. She asked a woman to take care of and watch over the boy (Moses' mother) and bring her back when he was older. Eventually, Moses was taken to be the son of Pharaoh's daughter.

Moses Flees from Egypt

After this, Moses grew up in the palace. One day, while he was out, he saw an Egyptian beating the Hebrew. He knew this was wrong, and reacted violently, killing the Egyptian and hiding him in the sand. The next day, he realized that word was beginning to spread that Moses had killed an Egyptian. Fearing for his life, Moses left Egypt and fled to Midian. While in Midian, Moses met Zipporah, who would later become his wife. Decades passed and one day, as Moses was tending the flock of his father-in-law Jethro,̴Ì_he saw that a bush was on fire. He began to notice that the bush was not burning up. Although it was on fire, the flame never died down and the bush didn't burn up. Walking over to inspect the bush, he realized that this was no ordinary bush. This was God coming to speak to him.

God instructed Moses that he needed to return to the one place he never wanted to go back to; Egypt. God told Moses that it was his job to lead the people out of Egypt and bring them into a promised land that He would reveal to Moses. Moses instantly rejected the instructions, telling God that he was not qualified for this. He couldn't speak to the people and he claimed that he was grossly unqualified for the task. However, after much arguing with God, God finally allowed for Moses' brother Aaron to do the speaking.

The Exodus

Moses then returned to Egypt and told Pharaoh to let his people go. The Bible says that God hardened Pharaoh's heart and would not allow them to leave. So, Moses began to send plagues on Egypt. Ten plagues in total, these including turning water into blood, sending locusts on the land, and even plunging the entire country into complete and total 24-hour darkness. It was the tenth plague that pushed Pharaoh to a decision, however. For the tenth plague, God sent the angel of death out to strike down every firstborn son of every family in Egypt, and this included Pharaoh himself. When Pharaoh saw that his firstborn son had died, he told Moses to take the Hebrews and leave.

And so the Exodus began, Moses informed his people that they had been free and he led them out of Egypt. Shortly after, Pharaoh decided that he had made a bad call and chose to pursue Moses with his entire army. When they came to the Red Sea, the Israelites looked back and realized that Pharaoh and his army were in pursuit. This is when God worked one of the most amazing miracles of all time. At this point, the Red Sea parted and the entire nation of Israel was able to walk through the sea safely on dry land. When Pharaoh and his men pursued them, the Red Sea closed back up and swallowed them all.

This is when the true Exodus began and Moses would continue to lead his people. Having several encounters with God, Moses would write out the rules and laws that would be followed for centuries to come. And eventually, after 40 long years, Moses would die, with his heir Joshua leading the people into the land God had promised them.


The Bible Stories is a series of powerful films that dramatize incredible moments from the Bible and The Bible Stories: Moses is a wonderful entry in the series. This film helps bring the Biblical story to life and is sure to be an entertaining hit in your home.

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