The Mark 2: Redemption DVD

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  • Director: James Chankin
  • Producer: James Chankin
  • Languages: English
  • Dove Approved: Dove Approved Ages 12+
  • Run Time: 94 Minutes
  • Subtitles: English, Spanish
  • Closed Captioning: Yes
  • Region Code: 0
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The Mark: Redemption

The Mark: Redemption (also known as Mark 2: Redemption) is a follow up film to The Mark. This film is a Christian movie about the Tribulation and the possible way that this could come about. Chad Turner, a former Marine, and a flight attendant named Dao are on a plane, and all seems normal. However, something on the flight quickly goes wrong and they find themselves having to parachute from the flight. As they descend, they see that the world beneath them has descended into absolute madness. This marks the beginning of the Tribulation and the world has erupted into panic and sheer chaos. There is no order in the cities and terror is reigning in the hearts of all the citizens. The world has been thrown into complete confusion, and no one is sure what is going on or how to stop it. Houses and entire cities are burning, leading to even more chaos on earth.

Chad and Dao are terrified of what is going on, and are at a loss at how to start setting things right again. However, the Tribulation is the least of their problems as they discover that they are being hunted by a band of mercenaries. Joseph Pike and Phillip Turk are leading this group, and they are intent on one thing. Their mission is to remove the microchip implanted in Chad's body and duplicate it so that they can implant one in all people left on earth. This biometric microchip was discovered in The Mark to be the Mark of the Beast, right after the rapture took place.

The Mark: Redemption finds Chad desperate to protect this microchip from the mercenaries. If they are able to hunt him down and get ahold of it, they will be able to spread the Mark of the Beast to all people, turning the world into a world of darkness and sin, led by the devil. Chad must rely on the skills that he gleaned from being in the Marines in order to escape the mercenaries. His combat skills and his ability to hide will be what saves him, or so he thinks.

However, Chad soon realizes that his own abilities are not what will save him. The only way that he will survive the Tribulation is if he calls upon a higher power and places his faith in the one who is more powerful than him. Chad, on his own, is weak and powerless to stop anything that is happening to him. However, in The Mark he discovered a tentative faith in Christ and must now cling to this in order to survive.

The Mark: Redemption is a fast-paced and thrilling film about the Tribulation and the aftermath of the Rapture. This film is just one idea of what could happen when the end times come, and is completely a work of fiction. However, it is entertaining and thought provoking and will give viewers an insight into what could happen to our world in the future.

The Tribulation and the Rapture

The Mark: Redemption is a fictional Christian film that follows the idea of what the world might be like, post-rapture and entering the Tribulation. The creators of this film researched what the Bible had to say about such an event, and then took their own spin on it.

The Mark, the film preceding this film, focuses largely on the rapture. The character of Chad has been implanted with the biometric microchip. He does not know what this means, until it is revealed that he has just been given the Mark of the Beast. This is a common theme in rapture movies and books. Someone is usually given this mark and then they must figure out whether they should get rid of it forever or protect it, in order to keep it from falling into the wrong hands. The Rapture then occurs, throwing the world into turmoil. Joseph Pike then begins his treacherous search for Chad in order to get his hands on the biometric microchip. He is a very power hungry man who wants to implant this chip into every human being on the planet. A man named Cooper, who owns the company that first created the microchip, is now being hunted by Pike as well because he wants to locate Chad. Eventually, Pike locates him and forces the information from him, using the only thing he knows; violence. These scare tactics that Pike is using are working successfully on the world, and he is slowly gaining dominion over things that should not be his.

As The Mark progresses, Chad begins to develop a relationship with Jesus. He learns to be quiet in his faith and listen to what the Lord is telling him, and continues to develop a relationship with him. He then goes on an airplane, and this is where The Mark 2: Redemption begins. They escape the airplane in order to survive, and this is when the Tribulation begins.

The Tribulation and the Rapture have been portrayed in many different ways throughout the course of films, but are most often shown in Christian films. For instance, the Left Behind movies focus on the rapture as well as the many years of tribulation. These films often strive to portray a Biblically accurate idea of the rapture as well as the years of tribulation, but most tend to take a bit of creative license in order to produce a film that is both entertaining yet plausible.

The Mark 2: Redemption is a fast-paced action film that will cause viewers to think deeply about the future. Where does your salvation lie? If the rapture were to happen, do you know where your final destination will be? These questions are approached in this film and Chad's relationship with the Lord grows over the course of both The Mark and The Mark 2: Redemption. These films are recommended for older children and families as they do contain elements of violence and some intense themes and action sequences.

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