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Love's Long Journey DVD

They have started off together across the vast and unforgiving prairie. Expectant, filled with hope and love Willie and Missy LeHaye are ready to begin a new life in a new place. Little do they know, however, what lies in store for them at their journey's end. Based on the books by Janette Oke and the third film in the beloved Love Comes Softly saga comes a story of hope, love, and courage: Love's Long Journey. Starring Erin Cottrell, Logan Bartholomew, William Morgan Shepherd, James Tupper, Frank McRae, and Graham Phillips.

The Story

When strangers Marty and Clark (Love Comes Softly) started out in a marriage of convenience they did not expect it to last past spring. But love had a different story in mind, and now their legacy is continuing forward further into the prairie with their daughter Missy. A troublemaker, a handful, a tomboy with some spunk thrown in, Missy (played by Erin Cottrell) has grown into a beautiful, strong young woman. A strong young woman who has in turn fallen in love with a courageous, strong, humble young man: Willie LaHaye (played by Logan Bartholomew). Now married, Missy and Willie have just set off on their journey further west to begin a cattle ranch (Love's Enduring Promise). Their journey is not quite what they expected, however. Missy's surprise pregnancy, a lonely young boy, and a band of outlaws and trouble on the ranch make their new ranch a difficult land to begin a home, but with courage, faith, love--and a bit of help from their kind hearted ranch hands and unexpected neighbors-- the two find a way to make love's promise continue in Love's Long Journey. Join Missy and Willie in the film Love's Long Journey and see what adventure's lie in store!


Although not expressly a "Christian film," wonderful Biblical values and lessons fill the film Love's Long Journey like all the films in the Love Comes Softly saga. One of the wonderful values found in the film Love's Long Journey is courage. As Missy and Willie set off to make a new life, they will need courage for their journey. They may, however, need even more courage once they reach their destination. Love's Long Journey is a wonderful reminder to viewers of all ages that courage can conquer some of life's fiercest challenges.


In the most difficult times and places love can seem far off. Whether it be God's love or the love of those around us trials and difficulties can distract us from the love of those around us. Love's Long Journey is a wonderful reminder that love carries us through the difficult times, and most importantly that God's love for us is what sustains us and carries us and our relationships through trying times and places. This film is a wonderful reminder of God's unconditional never wavering love.

God's Protection

The film Love's Long Journey features another wonderful reminder for viewers of all ages. As Missy and Willie set off into hostile, hard, and dangerous territory they must be reminded that it is God who will protect them from the dangers of life. Be it Indians, ranch issues, or dangerous criminals only God can be trusted to carry them through life's difficulties. The film Love's Long Journey will encourage young and old alike with the reminder that God is faithful and that his protection goes with us as we journey through difficulties and dangers in our lives.

Faith In The Journey

The most important lesson, in this film as in all of the saga, is the reminder of the importance of faith. Just as in Love Comes Softly, and the rest of the beloved films, Love's Long Journey reminds viewers that faith is what will carry you through life's ups and downs. Not courage, not perseverance, not love, not patience, not blessings (although these certainly help), but faith. Just like Marty, Missy must be reminded that only God knows what lies at the end of the journey. Only God fully protect, guide, and sustain us as we travel the journey he has laid out for us. Missy and Willie must be reminded that faith is what has carried them this far, and it is what will carry them once more until they reach the end of the journey.


With plenty of romance, family, outlaws, danger, adventure, and cowboys, the whole family will enjoy the film Love's Long Journey together, while being reminded that God stands firm and loving throughout the most difficult of times, that courage and perseverance are valuable traits, and that though we may not know where our journey leads we can rest assured that we will travel it under God's protection and with his love. Love's Long Journey will delight young and old alike with a message of love, hope, courage, and most importantly faith, in times of blessing and times of difficulty that will encourage and inspire viewers of all ages. Join Missy and Willie as they embark on a journey of adventure, danger, love, and valuable lessons, in a delightful story filled with family friendly enjoyable entertainment!

Love's Long Journey has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America and may include topics, issues, and scenes not suitable for younger viewers. This film received the "Family Approved" award for ages twelve and up from the Dove. As always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but the film Love's Long Journey is generally considered appropriate for most older audiences.

If you enjoyed this heartwarming film about life on the prairie you might enjoy some of the other films in the series. Love Comes Softly, the first film in the series, tells the story of Marty and Clark, two widowers alone in a wild land. Love's Enduring Promise finishes the story of Marty and Clark and begins Missy and Willie's story of hope. Love's Abiding Joy is the sequel to Love's Long Journey.

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