Lee Strobels Case For Christ DVD

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  • Cast: Lee Strobel
  • Run Time: 71 minutes
  • Subtitles: English
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Lee Strobel's Case For Christ DVD

Like the successful page-turner of the same name, an experienced columnist pursues the most momentous story of all time.

In this intriguing documentary Lee Strobel's Case For Christ, he mentions the characteristics of his spiritual journey and inquires hard questions to a large span of specialists. Could the New Testament be considered as a dependable reference? Did Jesus really live among us? Was he in fact the Son of God?

The Main Goal of Lee Strobel's Case For Christ DVD

Strobel's goal in Case For Christ DVD was to establish if there was real proof that the Son of God was really Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Lee Strobel studied in Yale Law School in Connecticut, and became an award-winning juridical editor with preparation in atheism for the Chicago Tribune. In terms of the experts that share their insights, there is a group of professors and scholars with educations from Princeton University in New Jersey, Cambridge in the United Kingdom, Brandeis in Massachusetts and other high rated colleges who have different studies on Jesus. Strobel recalls on his spiritual exploration and asks pointed questions to these experts like, how dependable is the New Testament? Is there any evidence outside of the Bible that declares Jesus' story to be true? Was the resurrection of Jesus a true historical event? It's a captivating trek to discover the truth about one of the most impactful figures in history.

The man behind The Case For Christ

Lee Strobel is a former rewarded juridical editor for the Chicago Tribune and chart-topping author for his successful books. The Case For Christ, a favorite among readers, explains his transformation to Christianity from atheism. For many years now his calling has been to talk about the proof that sustains the accuracy and application of Christianity. Also to supply people to talk about their belief in their communities and loved ones.

Lee from The Case For Christ DVD obtained his bachelor's degree from the University of Missouri where he studied Journalism. Later on his master's degree in Law was obtained in Yale Law School. He became a journalist for the Chicago Tribune for fourteen years. He also contributed to other newspapers and columns. Still in Illinois, he won the top honor for government employment journalism from the United Press International. Also won that same award when he led an investigative group in Illinois.

He travels across the U.S. and the world speaking at conferences, and big events about his testimony and the Case For Christ, bringing hope and support to current believers and confront the doubters.

The Case For Christ book

Lee Strobel wrote the book in 1998. His wife, Leslie, reassured him to write his experience about his spiritual trek from being an atheist to being a man of faith. Also to write about the proof that assured him that Jesus was indeed the only Son of God. He retraced his steps and dove into the depth of his experiences while interviewing different experts and professors on different topics from accuracy and authenticity of the Gospels and the resurrection of Jesus. He was somewhat doubtful if the book what something someone would publish. In the 90's, books about proof of faith and apologetics were not sought-after. Zondervan Publishing made the book possible and all were amazed at the feedback. To this day more than five million people have read the book including young people who have shown the interest of discovering the book that inspired The Case For Christ DVD.

Strobel says that since writing The Case For Christ, his faith has become more profound and strong. That the proof of Jesus' existence and accuracy of the Bible is even more compelling and convincing than ever.

The new version of the Case For Christ written by Lee is quite different from the original. He added a Q&A section, helping others to answer analysts, to talk about the impact of the book and how it was put together. There is updated material like the written proof for the Bible and archaeological uncoverings. Basically, information that wasn't available when the book was first written and published. There's also a section of recommended books and references in general. When the book was originally published there weren't many books with the material needed so he added the name of some books and resources that would help the reader in their journey.

The most challenging question Strobel asked while writing The Case For Christ was if Jesus did really come back from the dead and claim to be the Son of God. Originally being a skeptic, Strobel was stunned that there was so much evidence of the resurrection that indeed made it true. Whether it was through reports or ancient antecedents, it made Lee genuinely amazed by the abundance and descriptions that confirmed the true existence of Jesus. So for him to see the image of Jesus is like being in a river whose current is quickly moving. And to deny Jesus is like swimming contrary to the movement of the river. It becomes something that is not logical. For Lee Strobel what makes sense, based on all the firmness of the evidence of Jesus' existence, is to go in the same way that the proof is leading you. And that way it establishes your confidence in Jesus as your commander. That sometimes there will be some confusing areas but the real proof of Jesus and Christianity makes all the doubt go away. To him being a follower of Jesus has been comforting and encouraging.

Lee Strobel's Case For Christ DVD Features

The Case For Christ DVD runs approximately 71 minutes. The DVD contains bonus material that includes different featurettes like "The Uniqueness of Jesus" and "Prophecies of the Passion". In the documentary, there are appearances of different experts in the matter like Michael Rydelnik, a professor of Jewish Studies from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Ben Witherington III, a professor of New Testament Interpretation in Asbury Seminary in Kentucky.

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