Martin! God Loves You DVD

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Martin! God Loves You DVD

Martin! God Loves You is a dramatic retelling of the life of Martin Luther designed especially to appeal to young children. Chronicling the incredible life that Martin Luther led, this unique illustrated documentary features eye-catching pictures and sound blended beautifully and artistically to create not only an educational but an entertaining look at the life of Martin Luther. Luther's story is an incredible one filled with adventure, drama, and excitement, and it's the perfect story to capture kids' attention. Published by Vision Video, this is an insightful look at the character of Martin Luther as it shows who he was and what he was able to do to change the course of history.

Full of beautiful illustrations and booming, powerful narration, this story documenting the Reformation and Martin Luther will appeal to all ages, but especially children ranging from ages 7-12. If you want your children to have a deeper understanding of faith and of Martin Luther and the Reformation, this is the perfect opportunity to present them with his story in a light and enjoyable way that they can really latch onto. With colorful and bright illustrations, the art and aesthetics are sure to appeal to all children.

Children's Movies

One thing parents struggle with is what to show their kids. Most of the content being produced for children today comes from a very worldly point of view and may not be suitable for all ages. This can be a struggle for parents as they simply don't know what they can show their kids without having to worry about what their children are being exposed to. That's why it's so wonderful to see so many new children's movies being produced now. With the revolution of shows like VeggieTales, Iesodo, Theo, and other wonderful children's shows, there is now a vast variety of clean and Christian content perfect for showing to your kids. Martin! God Loves You is another exciting and enjoyable show you can show your kids without having to worry about what they're being exposed to.

In addition to not only being clean and Christian, it also teaches Christian values, and even history through the life of Martin Luther. While he did incredible things during his life, many children today simply haven't heard of him or don't know who he is or what he did. Martin! God Loves You aims to fix that by telling his story in a fun and enjoyable manner. It's engaging and fast-paced, but also extremely educational and historical, making it a perfect option for showing to your kids. Whether you're a homeschooler looking to study Martin Luther more in-depth or you simply want to expose your kids to more Christian history, Martin Luther is a fantastic story and this educational DVD is the perfect way for your family to learn more.

The Story of Martin Luther

Martin! God Loves You tells the story of the 16th century professor, priest, and monk, Martin Luther. He became famous for posting his 95 theses, a series of documents that contained 95 of his beliefs about God and religion. During his time, people believed they could buy freedom from their sins through indulgences, which was basically a contribution of money to the church. The idea was that if they gave the church enough money, God would forgive them of their sins and they could continue to go on with their life, free and clear.

Luther, however, strongly disagreed with this idea, and thought that freedom through God was not something that could be bought. His belief was that Christ already paid for our sins -- nothing we could do could pay for that. He believed that forgiveness from sins was a free gift that God gives to us. in the historic year of 1517, he proposed his 95 Theses, with his beliefs about what God had intended for religion, and even fighting back against the idea that indulgences worked, and that they should be used at all.

Luther was bold in his beliefs, and he held fast to them, even when he was urged by the Pope and several others to retract his beliefs. Despite pressure from all sides, he continued to believe in his theses and continually stood by them. Because of his failure to stand down, he was excommunicated from the church and even condemned as a basic criminal, all because of his willingness to stand up for his beliefs.

After this Luther didn't give up or lose faith, instead choosing to continue believing his theses and growing as a Christian man. He spent the rest of his life studying more theology and sharing his views with others, with many of his views not being accepted or appreciated until long after his death. After many years of standing up for his beliefs, Luther finally breathed his last on February 18th, 1546. Having struggled with health issues for over a decade, Luther finally died, leaving an incredible and historic legacy behind him. Whether he witnessed it in his lifetime or not, he became a well-known and much loved theologian and is still respected today, five centuries after his death. Martin Luther is a true inspiration of a man that stood up for what he believed and never backed down, no matter the consequences. His story will be an inspiration to your child, as they learn more about Luther and his willingness to unashamedly hold to the truth.


Martin! God Loves You is an exciting foray into teaching Christian history to young children, and it's an incredibly successful endeavor. Rather than trying to entertain children with mindless humor and worthless fun, this film hopes to inspire them by giving them an education on one of the greatest reformers to ever live. This film aims to make your teaching time purposeful and enjoyable for both you and your children. Truly, Martin Luther was a difference maker in our world and his famous 95 theses event forever changed the course of history. Martin! God Loves You is a powerful and enjoyable retelling of his life.

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