Bamboo in Winter DVD

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  • Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, German
  • Run Time: 58 minutes

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Bamboo in Winter DVD

She was just back from the university. With memories of Tiananmen Square still fresh in her mind, she now faced a new kind of revolution. A revolution of the soul. The Preacher has come to the village, bringing the Bible's life-changing message. As she listens, she is edged closer to an eternal decision. But in this atheistic communist society, the consequences of such a decision can be devastating. Bamboo In Winter is based on actual events now happening to the suffering house church in China, this thrilling 58-minute drama will move viewers into a new sense of the power of faith in the face of oppression

"Christians are Like Bamboo, When You Cut Us Down, We Grow Back Taller and Stronger."

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