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Early Church History

To view all Church History DVDs including movies about the Reformation, Click Here. Knowledge of the early church is all too rare in our current generations. Thanks to these films, this problem doesn't have to be around any longer. These Early Church History films will educate and inspire You in your faith. As you take a look around, you'll discover these films span over several years of valuable church history.

Early Church History Movies/Films on DVD and Blu-Ray

The Christian Church today has become such an interesting thing. With hundreds, if not thousands, of sects and groups, it’s become a gigantic revolution with millions of members across the globe. Today, we don’t think anything of seeing a church on the cornerside. With thousands spanning across the country, we don’t think anything of them. They’ve simply become a basic part of our culture. But what we don’t realize is how very hard fought for the church was. The amazing thing about this revolution is that it started with a small spark -- one man who came to the earth with a message that he only preached for three years. He only spent three years on this earth “promoting” his ministry. But in that time period, he was able to make such a difference that it has influenced the lives of millions to follow him, even now two thousand years later. The church is an incredible thing and it’s something that can often be incredibly overlooked or underappreciated. But the truth is that the church was hard fought for and people were willing to give their very lives just so they could see the church thrive and flourish in our culture today. And because of just a few men’s perseverance, we’re able to enjoy all of the benefits of worshipping God and celebrating the resurrection of Jesus in our own worlds today. We’re thrilled to know that the early church was able to take root and make a difference for the long run, as we completely understand the importance of going to a church and having a place to commune with other believers and worship God together. These Early Church History movies remind us where we came from. 

Whether you realize it or not, the church was hard fought for. When Jesus died on the cross, it appeared that the revolution that Jesus was bringing about would be gone forever. It seemed that it was completely over, practically before it even got started. But little did people realize that the change Jesus was bringing about wasn’t over… It was just beginning! Three days after his death, Jesus did something unprecedented. He came back to life! He rose from the dead and reminded the disciples of his message of eternal life. He had lived out what he’d been teaching by dying and then coming back to life in a new, whole body. And now he showed his disciples the proof they needed and sent the 11 of them off to go change a world. Think about that number for a minute -- 11 people. Think about you and your 10 closest friends. If someone came to you with a message of hope and asked you to spread it to the entire world, could you do it? Would you be able to take a message that incredibly huge and change a world with it? Could you make sure that that message you’d been taught would be talked about by millions thousands of years after your death? Well that was the case for Jesus’ disciples. These 11 men had stood by him for 3 years and now he was giving them the mission to change the world. And they succeeded. They succeeded extraordinarily. They were able to take Jesus’ message, spread out in all directions, form churches, and touch the lives of millions with a message of hope, forgiveness, and salvation. If you are looking for movies, films related to early church then you came to the right place.

We at FishFlix.com have come to understand the utmost importance of understanding the early church. When we begin to experience trials and troubles in our own life, it can be very easy for us to get caught up in our own lives, thinking about how awful our situation is. And it’s even in these moments that we begin to wonder if we should give up. Is there any hope, we ponder as we face the most difficult battles of our entire life. But it’s at times like this that it’s good to watch the stories of the apostles and disciples who came before and fought through incredible battles in order to spread Jesus’ perfect message of love and forgiveness. We want you to be captivated by these amazing stories as well. You’ll be amazed at the stories you’ll find in our collection of Early Church History DVDs. Here you will learn about Peter, Paul, James, John, and many more of the early disciples who worked to bring us all of the incredible blessings we have today in our church. Whether you’re interested in the early church, looking to start your own church, or you’re looking for resources to help your kids learn more about the early church, you’ll find everything you could ever need here in our collection of early church history movies and DVDs. We have over 20 choices for you to choose from, with DVDs designed for both children and adults alike. If you’re looking for a film to show to your children, we recommend you check out the Superbook series, which features two fun-loving kids as they take many incredible adventures through the Bible. And if you’re looking for a series geared toward audiences and whole families, you may want to look into something like A.D. The Bible Continues. This series is the continuation of the epic miniseries entitled The Bible. This series also produced by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett shows the many struggles the disciples had to suffer through to continue spreading the message of Jesus Christ.

Reading up and watching more about the early church can be an incredibly fascinating journey and we know you’ll learn a lot watching these movies. Whether you’re looking for an exciting dramatic reenactment or you’re looking for something like a documentary about early churc with informative information, you’ll find everything you’re looking for here in our collection of DVDs. We have single DVDs, dramas, insightful documentaries, and whole multi-disc DVD collections spanning the different eras of the early church. As you learn about how the Gospel was initially spread, you’ll be amazed to learn about how the Gospel travelled all over the world and how God’s providence is clearly evident in all of it. So begin the journey! Check out our entire collection below!

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Jesus His Life (as featured on the History Channel)
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