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Children's Movies

Children are so important and that is why you will find so much for them in our Children’s Christian Movie section! Good, clean family entertainment that both teaches your children and entertains them with classic DVDs they will share with their children! Whether it’s a life lesson in Veggie Tales, or a story of the imagination in Narnia, you will find it all here!

Children’s Christian movies

Children are an incredibly important part of everything we do and we believe it’s vital that we raise our children up to have an understanding of faith and a belief in God. It’s not enough for us to just focus on ourselves and make sure that we’re growing in our faith. It’s also critical that we focus on teaching our children everything we can about faith too and making sure that they’re raised in a Christian home. It’s important for us to teach our kids a lot of different things. We need to teach them about faith and who God is. But even more importantly, we need to teach them why we believe in God, and what the evidence is for His divinity and creation of the entire world. We also need to be sure we’re teaching our kids godly morals, principles, and values.

All of these things can benefit from having Christian children’s movies in your home. Shows like Veggietales, Torchlighters, Owlegories, and much more can help teach your kids all about Christianity and the importance of belief in God. They can teach your children morality and give them a biblical basis for the importance of morality. There is a lot of media produced by Hollywood and the world today that teaches kids a lot of different things. However, the problem is that most of it is very ungodly and doesn’t give children a biblical basis for beliefs. Instead, it teaches them how to act like the rest of the world. This can be a problem for Christian parents who want to help their kids find good things towatch, but they don’t know where to start. It’s sad that most things available for children to watch today aren’t really appropriate things for them to be taking in and consuming.

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that taking our kids to watch the latest children’s movie is not always a safe option. You can never be quite sure what the movie is going to contain or what agenda it might try to squeeze in there unbeknownst to you or your kids. All of this shows why it’s so encouraging to see a vast amount of Christian children’s media being produced today. Finally, people are beginning to step up and produce Christian media that we can readily show our children without worrying what they may be exposed to or what lessons they’re going to learn that may not conform with what the bible teaches. With the world’s children’s media going increasingly downhill in terms of morality, it’s encouraging to see so much quality Christian media being produced.

And the true joy is – this media is really good! Christians are providing alternatives to popular Christian media that really measure up and provide wholesome entertainment for the whole family to watch together. These shows aren’t cheap or poorly produced; these are quality videos with all sorts of styles ranging from education and knowledgeable to humorous and fun. Shows like Veggietales really paved the way for this new style of Christian movie to become incredibly popular. These films are fun, enjoyable, and are sure to keep your kids interested the entire time.

Rather than preaching the latest agenda from Hollywood, these movies are designed to bring Christian and educational values to your kids that will further God’s message and give kids an understanding for their faith. These movies are designed to help grow your kids faith and teach them that there truly is a reason behind Christianity and godly principles. These children’s movies can be great tools for a variety of purposes. Whether you’re simply looking for fun entertainment for your children, something to show your Sunday school class, or a resource for homeschooling, our collection of Christian children’s movies can help you to teach your kids godly values.

With our collection of over 250 children’s DVDs, you’re sure to never run out of great new content to show your children and help them to build their faith in God. On our website, you will find a variety of Children’s Series including:

Veggietales – This groundbreaking series originally created in the 1990s has spawned dozens and dozens of titles and has easily become known as one of the greatest children’s series of all time, Christian or otherwise. Veggietales has become such a well known franchise, and although it’s changed a lot over the years, its heart is still there – to teach your kids moral and biblical lessons to help them know how they should treat others in the world. Follow classic characters like Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, and Junior the Asparagus as they take you through a world full of talking vegetables to sing, laugh, and teach you about God.

What’s in the Bible – This is another series from Veggietales creator Phil Vischer, which is a 13 part DVD series designed to walk your kids through the entirety of the Bible. This series is designed to walk kids through every book in the Bible, showing them how it all fits together into one incredible story of God’s plan for His people. Follow Buck Denver and friends, a cast of colorful puppets as they walk you through the incredible story of God’s word!

Torchlighters – The Torchlighters series is a fantastic series of animated DVDs, with over a dozen titles in its library. Each animated short features the life of a different character from history. These education and informative DVDs are designed to show the lives of some of the most incredible and sacrificial people in history, spotlighting the lives of people like Corrie ten Boom and even John Wesley.

Iesodo – This unique series features a cast of birds, including Iesodo and his friends. Together, they live on the Sea of Galilee, and although they may have differences between them, they always can find one thing they have in common – their lives have been changed since they met Iesodo! Together, they work to spread the good message that Iesodo brought them to the entire world!

We have a large collection of Christian children’s movies, and we hope you enjoy finding titles to help grow your children in their faith.

VeggieTales: Silly Little Thing Called Love DVD
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Scripture Shorts Vol 1 DVD
Sale price $6.97 Regular price $19.99 Sale
The Miracle Maker: The Story of Jesus DVD
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Kingdom Under the Sea: Return of the King DVD
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Kingdom Under the Sea: The Red Tide DVD
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At Jesus Side DVD
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VeggieTales: Gideon - Tuba Warrior DVD
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The Sugar Creek Gang Episode 3: Race Against Nightfall DVD
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Mrs. Miracle DVD
Sale price $15.50 Regular price $19.99 SaleSold Out
Buck Denver Asks Whats in the Bible? Vol 8: Words To Make Us Wise DVD
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321 Penguins: The Cheating Scales of Bullamanka DVD
Sale price $6.99 Regular price $9.99 SaleSold Out
All About Collection 10 Pack Explorer & Discover
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VeggieTales: Bob Lends A Helping Hand
Sale price $8.99 Regular price $14.99 Sale
Bridge to Terabithia - Widescreen
Sale price $9.99 Regular price $14.99 Sale
Walt Disney Bedknob and Broomsticks Enchanted Musical Edition From the studio that brought you Mary Poppins
Sale price $14.99 Regular price $19.56 Sale
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
Sale price $11.49 Regular price $14.99 Sale
Little Angels: ABCs DVD
Sale price $8.99 Regular price $14.99 SaleSold Out
Little Angels: 123s DVD
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Storyteller Cafe: The Storm DVD
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Storyteller Cafe: The Rebel DVD
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Storyteller Cafe: The Lions Den DVD
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The Story Of The Selfish Giant DVD
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Slug and Ant Show Volume 1: Best Friends: Sharing Gods Love DVD
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Jacobs Ladder: Episodes 8 and 9: Saul DVD
Sale price $11.99 Regular price $14.99 Sale
Jacobs Ladder: Episodes 10 & 11: Saul and David DVD
Sale price $11.99 Regular price $14.99 Sale
Jacobs Ladder: Episodes 5, 6, & 7: Samuel DVD
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The Adventures of Milo and Otis DVD
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The Wizard of Oz DVD
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The Goonies -Steven Spielberg DVD
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Veggietales - The Best Christmas Gift DVD
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Eight Snow Dogs Cuba Gooding JR Disney Fun for the whole family
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Heaven Sent DVD - Little Girl Big Miracles
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