VeggieTales: All the Shows Vol 2 - 10 Show Collectors Set

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VeggieTales: All the Shows Vol 2 - 10 Show Collectors Set

As a follow up to the successful first collection of VeggieTales episodes, Big Idea has released the next installment in the series, creating VeggieTales: All the Shows Vol 2: 10 Show Collectors Set. This series continues where the last episode left off, starting in 2000 and containing every single VeggieTales episodes all the way until the year 2005. This collection of 10 different VeggieTales episodes is found at a never before seen low price and it contains some of the most memorable episodes of the VeggieTales series in the entire catalog. In a lot of ways, these were the years where Veggietales really hit their stride, producing some of the very best episodes in the entire VeggieTales franchise. VeggieTales: All the Shows Vol 2: 10 Show Collectors Set contains such memorable episodes as King George and the Ducky, Esther: The Girl Who Became Queen, An Easter Carol, Sumo of the Opera, and the very first Minnesota Cuke episode: The Search for Samson's Hairbrush.

Below you will find a description of each of the ten episodes contained in VeggieTales: All the Shows Vol 2: 10 Show Collectors Set:

King George and the Ducky: In this first installment in the Veggietales: All the Shows Vol 2: 10 Show Collectors Set, meet King George (played by Larry the Cucumber), a king that is completely obsessed with one thing; his collection of rubber duckies. While he has the biggest collection in the entire kingdom, that doesn't stop him from wanting more. And so, when he sees a poor young boy who only has one ducky, King George is determined to steal that one from the young boy. George learns an important lesson about being content and not envying what other people have.

Esther: The Girl Who Became Queen: Relive the incredible biblical story of Esther, as you meet a girl who became queen. While this may sound like a wonderful rags to riches story, it is actually a deeply moving story of a girl who had the courage to stand up for her people, who were being oppressed by the evil Haman (played by Mr. Lunt). This story teaches your children the importance of courage and standing up for what's right, even when it may spell trouble.

Lyle: The Kindly Viking: Learn an important and valuable lesson about sharing in this installment on the Veggietales: All the Shows Vol 2: 10 Show Collectors Set. The Vikings are known for being greedy, selfish, and mischievous. But when a young boy named Lyle is caught trying to give away some of the viking's spoils to monks who are in need, the Vikings revolt against Lyle, trying to stop him from giving away their loot. But in the process, they learn an important lesson about sharing and not being greedy.

The Star of Christmas: The second seasonal VeggieTales video, after The Toy That Saved Christmas follows Cavis and Milward, two bumbling playwrights who are trying to create the biggest possible show: one so big that it will teach London how to love this Christmas. But when they burn down a theater, attempt to steal a valuable artifact, and land themselves in jail, they begin to wonder if they're really going about love in the right way.

The Ballad of Little Joe: Oh, little Joe! In this episode of the VeggieTales: All the Shows Vol 2: 10 Show Collectors Set You will learn about the biblical story of Joseph, and how he was able to turn a horrible situation into an incredible one. This DVD will teach your children the value of working hard and serving God even in the trying times.

An Easter Carol: Basically a sequel to the other seasonal film The Star of Christmas, this fun Easter film continues the story of Cavis and Milward as they are forced to work in Milward's uncle's factory to pay off their debt for burning down his theater. Along the way, they have an incredible experience that transforms their knowledge about Easter and what it's truly about.

A Snoodle's Tale: Do you ever feel worthless? Do you ever feel like you don't have any value or no one truly cares about you and your talents? If your children struggle with self-worth, A Snoodle's Tale is a moving reminder that they are important in God's eyes and what they do truly matters.

Sumo of the Opera: Prepare for an exciting sumo adventure in this story of a boy who is determined to overcome his fears and inabilities and become the best sumo wrestler there ever was! After an accident, he is determined to take on the greatest sumo wrestler and win the jaguar bike for his friend. This episode also features the story of St Patrick as told by Lutfi and his fanciful flannelgraph.

Duke and the Great Pie War: Experience the biblical story of Ruth in this exciting VeggieTales adventure. This episode of the VeggieTales: All the Shows Vol 2: 10 Show Collectors Set  follows Petunia Rhubarb, a girl who is mistreated by the fellow veggies simply because she's different and not like the people around her. Because of this, she is mistreated and hated, that is until the Duke accepts a challenge from Otis the Elevated and works to become one of the greatest jousters and take back his kingdom!

Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson's Hairbrush: The collection ends with Minnesota Cuke, an Indiana Jones-inspired character as he travels all over the world, coming into contact with his worst enemy Wicker as he goes on a great quest to discover one of the greatest artifacts of all time, Samson's hairbrush! This hairbrush is said to have magical powers, and because of this, many foes are hot on Minnesota's trail to make sure that they beat him to it! Will Minnesota Cuke escape with both his life and the hairbrush? Find out in this exciting episode!

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