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Sugar Creek Gang Series Complete Set

All Five Exciting Adventures - 2 DVDs

The Sugar Creek Gang Series complete Set is a collection of five different Sugar Creek Gang films. Based on the well-known series of children's books by author Paul Hutchens, the Sugar Creek Gang follows the lives of those living in the small town of Sugar Creek. These films focus on the characters of Poetry, Circus, Bill Collins, Dragonfly, Big Jim, Little Jim, and the other residents of the beloved town. Join the gang as they embark on many adventures, including trying to figure out who poisoned their substitute teacher's prized horse. They also must band together in order to understand what a map, a bank robbery, and a swamp have in common and what this means for the small town of Sugar Creek. Their adventures even involve trying to keep a cave next to the cemetery all to themselves, with unsuccessful results. The Sugar Creek Gang Series Complete Set includes classic adventures found in the books, as well as a host of whole new adventures. This set includes Swamp Robber, The Great Canoe Fish, Race Against Nightfall, Secret Hideout, and Teacher Trouble. These beloved classics are sure to please children and adults alike as they follow the adventures of the Sugar Creek Gang.

The Gang

One thing that makes the Sugar Creek Gang so special and so entertaining is the unique combination of characters. Each of the kids that make up the gang is special and different in their own ways, making these films humorous and heartwarming.

Bill Collins is the narrator of the book series, and is considered the main character. His father is a farmer, and he has a little sister named Charlotte Ann. His best friend is Poetry, and they have many adventures together. He is a devout Christian and believes in following Christ with his whole life.

Leslie Thompson, nicknamed Poetry, is often called the "barrel-shaped member of the gang", because he is very chubby. He often boasts about his amazing detective skills and is proud of how good he is at solving mysteries. He is nicknamed poetry because he has many poems memorized and can recite one at any given moment.

Roy Gilbert, nicknamed Dragonfly, is the skinniest member of the gang and is known for being allergic to most everything. He usually sees things that are not there and is very observant. He is nicknamed Dragonfly because of his large eyes and the way he watches everyone. His mother is very superstitious, which has made him the same way.

Jim Foote, nicknamed Little Jim, is the youngest member of the Sugar Creek Gang. He carries a walking stick that he made himself and carved to look like a candy cane. He believes in following God and is a good Christian boy. He is a very skilled piano player.

Dan Browne, nicknamed Circus, has a large family that includes five sisters. He is named Circus because of his amazing athletic abilities and is often found climbing a tree or hopping a fence. His dad used to drink heavily and was not a Christian. However, early on in the series, his dad became a Christian and stopped drinking.

Big Jim is the leader of the gang, and is several years older than all the other kids. He grew up in another town, where he was an active member of the Boy Scouts. He uses his scout skills to lead the gang and help them accomplish things.

Tom Till is the newest member of the gang. He and Bill look a lot alike and often get mistaken for each other. Before joining the Sugar Creek Gang, he was a part of a very mean gang with his brother, Bob. His father is a very cruel and harsh man, which has had a bad influence on Bob.

Bob Till is not part of the Sugar Creek Gang, but is known for making trouble. He often gets in their way and tries to prevent them from doing good and solving mysteries. He is not a Christian and does not understand how to be kind to other people. His mother is a very sweet woman, which has molded Tom to be the way that he is.

Included in the Complete Set

Swamp Robber: This film finds the Sugar Creek Gang solving a mystery regarding a bank robber, a mysterious swamp, and a map that leads to more than simple treasure. While on a campout, the kids are involved in a terrifying encounter that leaves them wondering if a nearby cabin is really abandoned. Will they be able to piece together all the clues and solve the mystery?

The Great Canoe Fish: This episode follows the gang as they go on a fishing trip to find out for themselves whether the legend of the Great Canoe Fish is really true. Unfortunately, a rival gang finds out what they intend to do and follows them on their trip. They two gangs end up in a competition to see who can prove the existence of the Great Canoe Fish first.

Race Against Nightfall: The third episode in the series finds Sugar Creek celebrating a revival ceremony. However, the Sugar Creek Gang finds out that the celebration may be in great danger. The gang must begin a race against nightfall in order to save the celebration and scour the area for clues.

Secret Hideout: The fourth episode in the series involves the gang going back to the swamp in order to solve another mystery. They race to follow the clues and find themselves in huge trouble when Poetry's lamb gets them all in a messy situation.

Teacher Trouble: The final film in the Sugar Creek Gang Series finds the gang getting into trouble with their new substitute teacher, Mr. Black. They try and redeem themselves in his eyes by figuring out who poisoned his prized horse and who set the schoolhouse on fire. This exciting conclusion is sure to satisfy viewers, adults and children alike.

The Sugar Creek Gang Series complete Set is not rated by the Motion Picture Association of America, but is considered suitable for all audiences. It is always recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children.

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