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Biblical Movies

Welcome to our Bible Movies & Films selection! The selection all about the heart and soul of the Christian faith, where you will find videos on all of the characters of the Bible! From Abraham, to the Apostle Paul, from the birth of Christ, to the death of Christ, you’ll find the DVD that you are looking for! Biblical Movies is the very core of what we do what we promote. we promote movies that will teach us the Bible, that will bring Biblical Characters and stories to life. These are the Christian Movies why FishFlix is so passionate.

Biblical Movies and Dramas to help bring Bible stories to life

Welcome to our collection of Biblical based movies on FishFlix.com. Choose from over 150 titles on our website all of which are based on different Bible stories. If you’re looking to see the Bible come to life, look no further than this special collection of DVDs. We believe that the Bible is God’s word and is 100% accurate. God gave us an incredible gift in giving us His word and because of this, we can come to understand Him and know His character even better. What’s even more, the Holy Bible explains the story of Jesus Christ and shows how He came down to earth and was able to create a way for salvation through his death on the cross.

Biblical movies are an incredible genre and they’ve been around for a very long time. Dating all the way back to classic films like The Greatest Story Ever Told or The Ten Commandments, we can see that these movies have had a serious impact on the world and on our culture as a whole. For many people who struggle to grasp the Bible stories or to read the difficult vocabulary found in scripture, these movies can be an excellent way for people to witness the stories and be able to truly grasp what’s going on.

We absolutely love Bible stories and we’re excited to see more and more Christian movies being made that attempt to show Bible stories and give them big or small budget portrayals. This is a neat outreach tool as well, as it helps Christian to invite people to these movies and encourage them to watch these stories together. It’s amazing to see the authenticity of these films and you can even watch them and realize that everything being shown in these movies really happened. Minus the occasional creative liberty, these movies are doing their very best to bring you accurate depictions of what actually happened in scripture.

It's encouraging to see movies being made for all age demographics. There are the more adult-centered films that attempt to bring realistic version of the Bible stories to the big screen. There’s also kid-friendly cartoons and videos designed to give kids an understanding of what the Bible is all about and what really happened. These films help to communicate to kids that these adventures aren’t merely stories – they’re incredible events that actually happened in the Bible and they’re truly real.

This category also features a few different series, including the popular What’s in the Bible series. This is a series created by Phil Vischer, who also created the well-known series Veggietales. He put together an incredible series of videos, featuring 13 DVDs about the Bible. Through this series, you will walk through the entirety of the Bible in a kid-friendly format, as kids learn all about studying the Bible and how they can build a closer relationship with God. This series does a fantastic job of bringing the Bible to life to kids while also explaining the chronology and how everything fits together into the bigger picture. As kids learn about Genesis, David, the story of Jesus, and the early church, they’ll begin to see how it all fits together and they’ll begin to grasp a true understanding of what is being taught in this series.

This section also features the epic miniseries put on by the History Channel from a few years ago, The Bible. This incredible series of television shows attempts to chronicle the entire bible in an epic dramatic format. As you explore God’s creation, the appearance of Jesus, and his eventual death and resurrection, you will see how the whole story fits together and the incredible events that led up to Jesus’ death. This series, produced by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, does a magnificent job of chronicling the entire story of the bible in a brief and engaging manner.

The series was also followed up a couple years after with A.D. The Bible Continues. This series focuses on the events that happened after Jesus rose from the grave and ascended to Heaven. Although Jesus was gone, his message was not. The disciples quickly began to scatter and preach the word of God to the world around them. However, they quickly faced backlash from the rest of the world as people tried to silence their new message. A.D. The Bible Continues chronicles these incredible events in a series also produced by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey.

As you experience these DVDs, you will begin to learn about the many different events that transpired throughout the Bible. Many people claim that the Bible is a boring old book full of rules and regulations about how to live your life. The truth of the matter is, however, that there is some engaging and incredible stories about the providence of God. Filled with action, heartbreak, love, and redemption, you will see how these individual stories teach different life lessons. In addition to being a collection of mini stories and lessons, you will also see how all of the stories fit together into one big great story—the story of us as a people. We were originally born into a perfect world, and because of the story of Adam and Eve, our world fell and we were forced to live with the consequences of sin. Now we are on a journey back to God. And thanks to Jesus Christ and his sacrifice, we are closer than ever to unending redemption.

Biblical dramas are an incredible genre and we have some of the most incredible DVDs here in our collection. We encourage you to shop around and find some DVDs that will help you to grow in your faith. Biblical Christian movies can be a great way to learn more about the story of God and you can hopefully find life lessons to apply to your own life in these movies. We at FishFlix.com hope that this can be a fantastic resource for you and that you can truly grow in your faith as you watch these incredible biblical dramas.

10 Commandments With Adrian Snell DVD
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Buck Denver Asks Whats in the Bible? Vol 8: Words To Make Us Wise DVD
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Ben Hur & The Ten Commandments Double Feature Bluray
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Jacobs Ladder: Episodes 12 & 13: David DVD
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Mary: Mother of Jesus DVD
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The Bible Stories Collection 12 Movies
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Joshua DVD
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Storyteller Cafe: The Lions Den DVD
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The Ten Commandments DVD
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Discovering the Bible  with PDF Curriculum DVD
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TBN Presents: Paul the Emissary DVD
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"He says, "It is too small a thing that you should be My Servant. To Raise up the tribes of Jacob, and to restore the preserved ones of Israel; I will also make you a light of the nations so that My salvation may reach the end of the earth.” - Isaiah 49:6