The Bible Collection 6 DVD SET

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The Bible Collection 6 DVD SET

In this 6 DVD set you'll find the stories of our great spiritual foundational fathers all in one place. From this collection, you'll be able to go back to the beginning with Abraham, who first heard the call to go to a land that God was preparing for Israel. Then follow the stories of Moses, leading Israel out of Egypt, and watch the lives of Joseph and Jacob as the nation of Israel slowly grows. Relate with David as he rises to power and struggles with surrounding nations, temptations, and inner family conflict. Lastly, watch the book of Judges come to life as the lives of Samson and Delilah play out before you. Never has such a compilation of great works been brought together for the public.

Bible Collection Set

In this set, a dynamic team of actors fantastically bring the Old Testament stories to life, actors and actresses like Richard Harris, Dennis Hopper, Elizabeth Hurley, Jonathon Pryce, Barbara Hershey, Leonard Nimoy and Ben Kingsley. A word on the acting in this; Christian film has, unfortunately, a curse about it, and what I mean is that, maybe directors, writers opt to tell a story, rather than show it. Maybe this comes from our culture of preaching things outright. It's classic wisdom that in storytelling you show, not tell. No such lackluster here. A super combination of setting, stellar acting, and writing has made this set of stories one of the best, if not the best available in one set. The writers' willingness to "go there" and include the gritty and graphic (in appropriate measure) is needed and laudable. I understand that some films are filtered and geared for certain audiences, but until we show and see just how depraved and in need of saving the characters of the Old Testament were, we can't come close to understanding the love of the Father, and how he without relent pursued his beloved nation of Jews, and later, sent his son to die for the world. With eyes wide open, we'll be able to watch the Bible come alive in our rooms, classrooms or wherever you chose to view this.

It's no easy task to make a series of films like this. The issue of authenticity is important. We don't like it when filmmakers exploit, or exaggerate out of proportion the stories of the Bible, further confusing the minds of the public, whose minds are already a little mottled as to what exactly the Bible is about. The task of the writers is to fill in the gaps in stories, that may be decades of unaccounted for time, with drama that is informed by context, to make a fluid story and fill the two to three hours of each film. This is where the film series shines. They are historically accurate with stories with gaps that are filled in with very probable content. It's important to note, that this is art, an entertainment form, not a systematic theology. There are details and dates that we'll never be able to be certain of, so the creators of this series are forced to do their best with what we have, and a splendid job they have done indeed.

In this gift set you'll receive 6 DVD's, all a part of the Bible Collection series, and as good Christian films, will prove to be a valuable addition to your library.

Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Jacob, David and Samson and Delilah.

All these films are quite exceptional in their ability to convey the messages of the Bible, but not all 6 were created equal.

Jacob, the strongest of the set, was cast perfectly and really does a great job at drawing you into the drama played out.

Abraham, a character claimed by three of the worlds biggest religions (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam), as their father. It is one of the more poorly told stories of movies made about him. This one does a great job.

Joseph, the film really deals with the gritty content that is involved within his story: the rape of Dinah, the attack on Shechem, the affair of Reuben and his concubine as well as the story of Tamar and her father-in-law Judah. Through fantastic acting and script, his story is well told.

Moses, it's interesting that through the OT, many times God chooses to identify himself as the God who brought the Israelites out of Egypt. He chose to use a man who was doubtful in his ability to be used, and a poor speaker, but ended up being a great leader, leading the nation of Israel out of slavery.

David, a man who lived out many dark days, in sin, but still remained a man who was after God's heart. As a boy he was a mere shepherd but was enraged with holy anger when he heard a Philistine named Goliath shout insults at the Israelites, and sought to fight him. Through God's help he defeated him, and the fame of his name spread through the nation, and he ended up being king. Though he fell into sexual sin, and murdered an innocent man, was a poor general to his army, his constant focus on his relationship with God, and pursuing His ways, is what set him apart, even to be named one of the greatest kings of Israel.

Samson and Delilah, a story about a man willing to make himself a thorn in the foot of the people ruling over the Israelites, the Philistines. He makes havoc on their land and city. In an attempt to get rid of him, the Philistines decide to get a woman to seduce him and get the secrets of his strength from him. After disclosing his secret, and being captured he is imprisoned. Later, as his strength is regained, he is brought into the temple for entertainment, as a "tame"ÌÎ_̴Ìà? Samson who they have now in captivity. In his last moments, he is able to bring down the temple upon all who present inside, including the king and his son, the prince.

The Bible Collection 6 DVD Set was compiled by Warner Alliance in 2005, with the films in the set being directed and produced at the different times throughout the mid-1990's. gives them a full 5 out of 5 doves. All six films rated either 6 stars or 7 stars out of 10 on IMDb. recommends a viewing "caution" with children, as most topics are mature. Parental guidance is recommended.

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