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Apologetics & Creation

Apologetics and Creation- You’ll find DVDs here that will challenge your ideas and your faith! These are great products for home school and Christian schools to teach your children on God's marvelous creation. You’ll also find thought provoking movies on creation and intelligent design! Something for every intellect!

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There are series of Apologetics and Creation movies.We all know Intelligent Design is very important for home schooling process. If you have Apologetics Question or looking for top 10 Christian Apologists, and Apologetics Movies, you got to the right place. Welcome to the Apologetics & Creation section of FishFlix.com! This is the place on our website where you will find insightful DVDs that will give you new perspectives on theology, apologetics, and the ever-present Creation vs Evolution debate. Featuring DVDs with incredible speakers and teachers, you are sure to have your mind blown by some of the things you’re about to learn. Through these documentaries and studies, you will learn more than your ever imagined about all things related to faith. While you may have faith, how much do you know about the evidence behind your faith? If you were asked to explain why you believed what you believed, do you think you could give a definite answer? That’s what these incredible DVDs and Christian movies are specifically designed to help you with. If you maybe don’t know how to handle someone who disagrees with your point of views or you’re unsure how to defend your beliefs, this is the section for you. Faith is an incredible thing and it’s wonderful that we’ve received the gift of hope and faith through Jesus Christ. However, we can occasionally get stumped when someone asks us a difficult question. We don’t always know why we believe certain things, and even though we believe the Bible and may even have a solid understanding of it, we simply may not know how to handle some of the tough questions. This world is a big place and it can be hard to defend against every single attack and line of reasoning. That’s why these DVDs are absolutely vital to our faith. Through these many different studies and Christian movies, we can find compelling and understandable evidence for everything we believe. We don’t simply believe in something magical and invisible. There is serious and compelling evidence for everything we believe in. We don’t believe without reason and therefore our hope isn’t in vain! Everything we believe can be proven and shown to have scientific evidence. Many atheists can contend that they have science on their side, that science is in direct violation of God and everything we believe in our faith. But as you can see through these films, there is significant evidence for the creation testimony, for Jesus’ death and resurrection and even God himself. Through these DVDs, you will be asked difficult questions, such as “Is there evidence for God?” Or “Is science really in direct violation with the Bible?” And through these DVDs, your faith will become monumentally deeper and solidified. If you want to know the evidence for God and for faith, this is a must-see collection of DVDs. We have worked hard to provide you with a varied range of DVDs, all from credible and passionate speakers. And to top it all off, we work as hard as we can to bring you the lowest prices on all of these Christian movies. We want you to be able to stand up for what you believe in and give you solid apologetics and reasoning so you can defend your faith easily. It’s a wonderful thing to have faith, it’s even better to know the evidence for our faith! As you watch these DVDs by well-known speakers like Lee Strobel and Louie Giglio, you will see the compelling evidence for everything you’ve always believed. The incredible thing God did with our world is He left evidence for Himself in everything He created. By his nature, everything He created points back to Him in some way. Similar to an artist with a unique style or a musician in a certain genre or style of music, God’s fingerprint and style is very clear if we’ll simply take the time to examine it. If we believe that God created the whole earth, that would mean that everything in nature was created by the same designer. Therefore, we should see similarities throughout the work and see how it was all created by the same person, akin to determining what artist painted a certain painting. And if we look at the evidence and examine the similarities, it becomes incredibly clear that God indeed created everything in the world. He’s left a very specific mark, and the end result is an absolutely beautiful world. These Christian movies, in addition to being great resources for home use and church use, are also well-suited for homeschooling. If you’re a homeschooling parent looking to complement your school programming with secondary resources, some of these apologetics DVDs provide terrific studies for you to go through with your children. We at FishFlix.com believe it’s incredibly important to instill Christian principles in the next generation and to give them solid evidence for what we believe. Rather than simply telling them about God and faith, we can give them the evidence for our faith. We can lay the clear evidence out and show them exactly what we believe and the evidence for why we believe it. We believe that giving our children the evidence themselves can help them to make up their own minds, rather than feeling led to simply follow what their parents say. Many of these Christian movies in this category focus on the debate between Creation and Evolution. This can be a difficult argument and it’s one that has been raging on for a very long time. This isn’t a new argument, it’s one that has been going on for decades and will most likely continue to do so for a long time. Many of these DVDs can help give you a clear understanding for the evidence behind the Creation message. It begins to show many of the problems with the long-accepted evolutionary theory. While this is a theory that is widely held by the scientific community, it’s vital to remember that the evolutionary theory is exactly that – a theory. It’s still not something that has been proven and to this day, there still isn’t supporting evidence. These films show that the evidence clearly points to an intelligent designer behind the whole process – God. We hope that you will find these inspirational DVDs to be a benefit to your faith and Christian walk.
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