Letters To God DVD

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  • Director: David Nixon
  • Languages: English
  • Run Time: 113 Minutes
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Closed Captioning: Yes
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Letters to God DVD

Letters to God is an inspirational and touching film. Based on a true story, this movie focuses on the life of a young boy named Tyler Doherty. He is stricken with cancer and deals with this illness by writing letters to God. These letters eventually find their way into the hands of a man named Brady McDaniels. Brady is touched by the letters and inspired to change his ways and start making something of his life. This film is perfect for the entire family and contains lessons for all viewers to benefit from.


Letters to God follows the life of an eight-year-old boy. This boy, Tyler Doherty, is suffering from cancer and is extremely ill. This illness takes a great toll on him emotionally, and he deals with this by writing numerous letters. These letters are addressed to God, and he puts them in the mailbox. These are usually picked up by the mailman, Walter Finley. He always takes them to his office and puts them aside. He does not know what to do with them, and his boss finally instructs him to keep them and do as he sees fit.

When Walter goes on a very long vacation, his job is taken over by the replacement mailman: Brady McDaniels. This is only temporary, but it has a greater impact on the lives of those around him than either of them could ever have imagined. Brady is an alcoholic and is struggling to get his life back on track. He has no motivation to do what is right and reclaim his life, so he just keeps squandering his time. Letters to God shows him resuming Walter's usual route, which involves the Doherty house. Here, Brady finds Tyler's letters and is befuddled by why a young boy would write numerous Letters to God. In his mind, it is pointless because God cannot receive these letters and will never respond. He is puzzled, to say the least, but he takes the letters and keeps them with him anyway.

The Doherty family has been through many hardships, the most recent being Tyler's battle with cancer. Before this happened, Patrick, Tyler's father, died. This left the family without a provider and without a leader. However, they remained strong because of their faith in Christ. Life has not been easy for their family and Tyler's cancer causes a great emotional burden on everyone. After two months of enduring radiation and other treatments for his cancer, Tyler is finally able to return to school. Letters to God shows just how weak he is because of the treatment, and how this impairs his everyday living.

Almost as soon as he walks through the doors of his school for the first time in months, Tyler is confronted by a boy named Alex. Tyler is bald and very frail because of the recent treatments, and this is what Alex decides to make fun of. He laughs at him for not having any hair or any eyebrows, and this causes Tyler great emotional pain. He knows that he is not like the other kids, and was just hoping for a chance to blend in. Samantha, a close friend of Tyler's, becomes very angry with Alex for making fun of his illness, and takes action by shoving his face into a plate of mashed potatoes. This causes both her and Alex to be sent to the principal's office for unruly behavior. Letters to God shows the sweet heart in Samantha that caused her to defend her friend, although she did it in the wrong manner.

Meanwhile, Tyler keeps sending his Letters to God. He pours out his heartbreak and his frustrations, especially concerning school. He is angry because of his cancer and devastated because he cannot live life the way that the other children are able to. Brady continues to receive these letters, and decides to take them to a church. Here, he talks to a pastor who then advises him to keep the letters. The pastor says that these letters may do Brady some good, though he does not know how yet. As he continues to read these letters, his heart is touched by Tyler's earnest spirit and attitude of hope. Despite his circumstances, the young boy is trying to make the best of a terrible situation, and this inspires Brady to change something about the way he is living. He is in perfect health, and yet he squanders away his hours by drinking and suffers because he cannot overcome this addiction.

As time goes on, Brady becomes very close to the Doherty family, especially Mrs. Doherty. They change each other for the better, and he continues to change his lifestyle. His heart is renewed and he begins a relationship with Christ, seeking the peace and the trust that Tyler has with God. Mrs. Doherty reads some of the letters from Tyler, as well as some from her other son, Ben. This causes her to realize how Ben is feeling about the whole situation, and she vows to become a better mother to both of them. Letters to God shows new relationships being formed between all the characters and the beauty that is found in healing.

As time goes on, Tyler keeps getting better and is eventually released and is done with chemotherapy. He is still in poor physical condition, and the nurse warns Mrs. Doherty to keep him from getting overtired. However, Tyler just wants to live like a normal boy and does not heed this warning. Dave, Tyler's soccer coach asks him to play a game, and Brady encourages him. He wants Tyler to feel like he can live a normal life, and does not want to keep him from dreaming. Unfortunately, at the end of the game, Tyler faints and is immediately taken to the hospital. Letters to God shows Mrs. Doherty angry and casting the blame on Brady for encouraging her son to play soccer. This causes a strain on their relationship, as he feels guilty for Tyler's illness.

Eventually, Tyler succumbs to sickness and passes away. This leaves the Doherty family and Brady with much grief and guilt, but they are comforted because they know that Tyler is in heaven with God. Mrs. Doherty asks Brady for his forgiveness, and the pair finds healing amongst the brokenness. Letters to God is moving and powerful, as it shows the effect that one little boy had on those around him.

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