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When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD

Buy Christian Movies on FishFlix.com | When Calls The Heart Trials Of The Heart DVD

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When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
Video Rating
Release Date : May 26, 2015
Cast : Erin Krakow, Daniel Lissing and Lori Laughlin
Director : Anne Wheeler
Producer : Michael Landon Jr.
Languages : English
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Availability: In stock
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Christian Movies: When Calls the Heart: Trials of the Heart DVD

When Calls the Heart: Trials of the Heart      

When Calls the Heart is an incredible Christian Film. Based on the stories by author Janette Oke’s, it is the second in her award winning series to be produced. Part drama and part historical and factual, it takes place on the Canadian frontier. In a rugged way of life, viewers are introduced to the main characters: both named Elizabeth and both with wonderful personalities. The two women are different, but have many of the same traits. They are self empowered, care about others and put their future in their hands. Their journey as shown through this film is quite an incredible story.

An 88-minute film, When Calls the Heart is produced by Word Films. This drama with a hint of romance is approved for ages 12 and up and is worth the watch. It contains the first two episodes of season two. There are lessons and values for people of all ages and it focused around family.


The beginning of episode one introduces new characters as Elizabeth and Jack are becoming closer in Coal Valley. Jack is in the process of teaching Elizabeth how to ride a horse. As time is going on, they are getting to know each other even more. They laugh together and share good times. Afterwards, Jack kisses Elizabeth and tells her how she is the only woman she has ever kissed that was not his mother. He teases her that there have been five women before her, but she plays it off because both of them know that is not true. They spend an ample amount of time just gazing into each other’s eyes. As they are there wondering about what their future together holds, they receive a telegram. It is saying that Elizabeth needs to travel home because her mother has suddenly become very sick. Jack more than willingly accompanies her back to her home and hometown. When Calls the Heart has plot that is based around steadfast characters but continues to move.

When they reach the city of Hamilton, Jack discovers that Elizabeth comes from a very wealthy family. Their home, lifestyle, and estate are in a very good condition. Jack spends his time trying to navigate his place in the family. However, Elizabeth’s father does not think he is good enough. Jack does not come from the same class and society that Elizabeth does. Her father sees Jack as man unworthy of marrying his daughter. He spends a large amount of his time trying to separate the two. He sees a better fit for his daughter in the form of another man named Charles Kensington. Before meeting Jack, Elizabeth and Charles had been in a relationship. As Elizabeth’s father drives Jack and Elizabeth apart, he tries to weld her with Charles instead. When Calls the Heart portrays some struggles that are very realistic in people’s lives. Elizabeth’s choices and journey are unique, but relatable. Her story is not only told, but shines through.

Janette Oke

At 81 years old, Janette has been writing novels for decades. She resides in Alberta, Canada and has paved the way for many authors in the form of inspirational fiction. She is a fan of her books involving pioneerism, strong women, and Christianity. She is woman full of faith that wants to share the joy and love of Jesus in a creative way. One of her greatest forms of communication is through writing. She has an entire collection of books published by Bethany House. Her books are easy to enjoy and read by a wide variety of people. Many of her novels have been well rated and well loved. She is not only the author of When Calls the Heart, but also Love Comes Softly, Love’s Enduring Process, Love’s Long Journey, and other Canadian West and Acadia series. Because her novels have been so well appreciated, a few have been made into Christian movies. This DVD is the second series to have the honor. She also writes books for youth and animal lovers. Her movies are just as loved as her books and her words brought to life can’t help but inspire those who witness them.


There are many analyzations of the characters in this novel to be made. Two of the most prominent characters are the Elizabeths. Both women play very strong, central roles in this movie. When Calls the Heart defies many of the social standards that were present in the time period. The presence of strong women is a very important theme throughout their journey. They do not back down or give up, but instead take matters into their own hands and compassionately forge their way forward. The conflicts they face in relationships and family affairs do not cause them to falter, but instead find a sense of strength. They are grown women who desire to be successful and make their own choices. They were both raised surrounded by money and high class, but chose different courses in life. Their journeys eventually brought them together in the midst of suffering. Their struggles teach them about love and what it really can mean in their lives. Together they overcome challenges not everyone thought they could. They are easy to love and cheer on throughout the entire Christian film.


In everyone’s life and each and every film, there are trials to be faced. This movie is no different. Many relationships and people’s courses take a turn in different ways than expected. Surprises are encountered along each and every step of the way. As times get tricky and difficult, the characters in the film must stand strong in their faith. Trusting God isn’t always easy, but they believe it is what they are called to do. The characters are humans and have flaws, but they do their best to do what they think God would see as right. They teach about family values and the importance of loving one another well. When Calls the Heart is an inspiring film that discovers the enduring power of love even in the hardest of times.

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In When Calls The Heart Trials Of The Heart DVD, Elizabeth Thatcher is a self-determining, strong-willed teacher who has foregone the life of the big city and found a job, a home (a bit of unforeseen romance with a striking Mountie named Jack) in the small town of Coal Valley.

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Latest Reviews for -When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
  1. (View all33 reviews) Write A review
  2. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    Loved it! Review by Deborah

    My husband and I are hooked on the Series and can't wait for the next DVD releases. (Posted on 9/22/15)

  3. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    Great show ! love all the actors Review by chris

    I rate this show 5 plus stars. Daniel & Erin are perfect together! If they are not dating they should be! Oh! how does the phrase go! You had me at hello! Serious though , Lori , You are so great in this series as well. I love the steadfast strong women that you portray . You are like the 1910's version of Dear Abby. A true friend, with class and dignity.Someone I would be honored to have for a friend today.What a wonderful example of living in undo hardships. but yet so much love And strength you all portray. I love the connection that Elizabeth has with her students. The children are so great in this series. Jack and Elizabeth's what she would call their flirty banter. Their teasing of each other! Great writing ! Way too many commercials! I want to see Jack & Elizabeth have little Jacks & Elizabeth's in the future. Without the outside interference of family and friends. I am proud to say that I am truly a heartie as well God bless you all ! (Posted on 9/8/15)

  4. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    5 Stars!!!!!!!!! Review by HeartieDee

    Get ready to fall in love with this Show. You will want to watch one episode right after another, you'll want to know what will happen next! Daniel Lissing, Erin Krakow, Lori Loughlin, and Jack Wagner are fantastic in this show. The writing, production, acting and all aspects of this Series are top notch! The facial expressions, the tone of voice, the looks! Awww the romance, courtship, struggle, community coming together, all come together beautifully and you'll want to be a community member too! Set in 1910, A Canadian Mountie falls in love with the town's Teacher. You'll be routing for Jack and Elizabeth too!! This Series is a wonderful example of Family Friendly TV that you can enjoy with your toddlers up to Grandparents. Great lessons, values, reminders of lost traditions like Courtship! I was hooked immediately and have become a #Hearties (a fan group that embraces the kindness, values and community of the Show) and want to see this Series run for many years, much like the Waltons and LHOTP. Loosely based on Janette Oke's books, this show has the deeper level that only a book can get to. A journey really, a wonderful adventure you won't want to miss! (Posted on 6/24/15)

  5. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    Great Review by Amie A

    I don't think that there is anything bad about this show. It is a wholesome show that My whole family loves including my 6 yr old. Love love love it (Posted on 6/24/15)

  6. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    S2 Opener Hits a Home Run Review by Nicole Wheeler

    In the season 2 premiere, we again see the 1910 community of Coal Valley in the western Canadian frontier gathered together to rise above heartaches and injustices of the past. It certainly did not disappoint!! The writing of this show is absolutely superb, the cast has a dynamic chemistry unlike anything that I have ever seen before, and the content of storytelling is authentically rich! Gather the whole family together and watch this stellar show from the Hallmark Channel. You will be hooked from moment one! (Posted on 6/24/15)

  7. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    Wow Review by Goofybear

    Amazing casting brings to life the story of a young school teacher who set out west to find herself. Leaving behind the riches of her family and learning who she really is inside and what shes made of. Erin Krakow and Daniel Lissing have an amazing chemistry together that is rarely seen on screen. Lori Laughlin plays the towns kind hearted matriarch who gently guides those around her into following their heart. A phenomenal show all the way around and the best part is its clean! No covering your childrens eyes or ears needed when whatching. Very family oriented! (Posted on 6/21/15)

  8. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    Rener Review by Renee

    Loved it ! Thanks! Keep the costs down please. (Posted on 5/26/15)

  9. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    This is a great show! Review by kswiebe

    I love this season! It picks up with a trial. Finally justice is served for the people of Coal Valley! New characters are introduced. A lot of great costumes and edge of your seat story lines! I love that I can watch this show with my children! This is just fantastic! You'll love it! (Posted on 5/22/15)

  10. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    Loving this series! Review by Jane H

    Love this show. It is my favorite at the moment. Can't wait for the next one to come out How wonderful to have a show with Christian faith and values. I recommend it to everyone. (Posted on 5/21/15)

  11. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    New Season - More to Love! Review by Janette Stephens

    This was the Season 2 premiere of the show and it did not disappoint! After suffering the tragedy of Season 1, this season brings hope and new beginnings for many of the citizens of Coal Valley. There is plenty of romance, family, hope, and even humor as the town moves forward.

    When Calls the Heart is a family friendly show that the Hallmark Channel produces at such a high quality! I highly recommend! (Posted on 5/6/15)

  12. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    Extraordinary Review by Terri F.

    I have never been so excited to see a show return as I was this one and the wait was well worth it. As a big fan of the Little House series as a kid and still now, as well as The Waltons and various British Historical dramas, this show falls in between and it is a show that in today's world we sooo need more of on our TV sets. Erin Krakow is perfect as Elizabeth and Daniel Lissing is just perfect as Mountie Jack as well as E's love interest. Together they make a great romantic couple, with amazing onscreen chemistry, and now we get to see them together in Elizabeth's hometown, as well as seeing the trial get underway in this long awaited Season Two. This is the kind of series I love and it is a wonderful drama that the entire family can share. (Posted on 5/5/15)

  13. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    Great show with awesome values!! Review by Cathy Lookabaugh

    After waiting so long for the 2nd season I wasn't disappointed. It was so nice to see the new characters while catching up with the old. I love the diversity of the settings. It's so nice to have great quality shows on TV again. Here's to hoping the networks and people in Hollywood take notice of what fans are craving.
    Every week I'll be looking forward to more from this great series.
    A special thank you to everyone involved in making this great show!! (Posted on 5/5/15)

  14. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    Season 2 Premiere is Superb! Review by Nicole

    If you love the show, "Little House on the Prairie" or the "Love Comes Softly" series of movies, you will for sure be a fan of the TV series "When Calls a The Heart." In the season 2 opener, our favorite schoolteacher, Elizabeth, and Mountie Jack are back in the western Canadian frontier just beginning a budding romantic relationship. The trial of the mining company is set to begin for the widows, and we see Abigail, Florence, and Molly eagerly awaiting the outcome with the assistance of forensic expert, Bill. A new troupe of characters are introduced as well, which add to the comedy, suspense, and excitement. We also travel back east to Hamilton and get to learn more about Elizabeth's wealthy family and upbringing. The Season 2 premiere is brighter, lighter, and more humorous than season 1 in totality was, but the common core beliefs of faith, community, love, and hope are all still there! This is my absolute favorite show, and I think that you'll find it to quickly become yours as well if you give it a try!! (Posted on 5/5/15)

  15. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    Great family fiewing Review by Jane

    The first two episodes broadcast as a 2 hour program was a great start to Season 2 of When Calls the Heart. A lot has changed. New characters, a growing town, a new upscale location, the home of Elizabeth Thatcher, yet the core characters and romance remain the same. A favorite show that you can watch again and again. (Posted on 5/5/15)

  16. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    Still WCTH is the BEST show on TV. Review by Margaret

    This #Hearties so appreciate this wonderful program provided by Hallmark Channel. If you have not watch I highly recommend you do. The great thing is it can be a family night. (Posted on 4/29/15)

  17. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    The Best in Family Friendly TV Review by Lisa VC

    Hallmark Channel is well known for their family friend programming. This show is a perfect way to spend time together as a family. When Calls the Heart offers something for everyone. There is a law enforcing Mountie, a deeply caring school teacher as well as a whole cast of characters from this series' small town coming together with "hope" after a devastating loss. You will find this show is not only entertaining, but inspiring. (Posted on 4/29/15)

  18. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    When Calls the Heart Season 2 Premiere - Practically Perfect in Every Way! Review by Aubriana

    I'm a huge fan of Hallmark Channel's 'When Calls the Heart' series. The wait from the end of season 1 to the start of season two seemed agonizingly long, but l managed to wait patiently (perhaps) along with all the other #Hearties. The wait was well worth it! The season 2 premiere delivered all that was promised plus more, much, much more to avid fans of the show. The writers, producers, directors, cast and crew did an amazing job of bringing our favorite characters to life once more. The story lines were superb, the little surprises (Sam, Clara, sawmill, Hope) added new depth and a plethora of possible story lines for future episodes AND seasons. For those not familiar with the series, it is set in a small mining town in western Canada during the early 1900's. The series is filled with heartwarming stories that bring the citizens of of the town together through faith, hope, love, and community activities. This is one series you won't want to miss! (Posted on 4/29/15)

  19. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    Wonderful show for the whole family! Review by Beckie

    Absolutely wonderful, family friendly show! (Posted on 4/28/15)

  20. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    Excellent Review by Bobbi

    This is simply the best show on tv. I encourage anyone on the fence to watch it: it contains faith, family, friendship, community, and old fashioned romance. The cast and crew are top notch and the writing is great. Give it a try! (Posted on 4/28/15)

  21. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    Superb!! Review by Debi Watson Bailey

    What a way to start off Season 2! Wonderful episode, and to have it as a two hour Season Premiere, was icing on the Hope Valley cake!

    Getting closure on the trial was just what we needed, and seeing all of those familiar faces brought us back home.

    The new characters were great, and meeting Elizabeth's family brought a new appreciation, for me, for her journey to Coal Valley, in Season 1! (Posted on 4/28/15)

  22. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    When Calls the Heart season 2 off to a grand start! Review by Michelle Lunsford

    It's rare to find television of this quality that also features themes and scenarios that the entire family can watch together. For those looking for such programming, When Calls the Heart is a gem. The show was off to a wonderful start in its first season. The premiere of season 2 looks to carry on their high standard of entertaining storytelling and compelling drama. This first episode includes motifs of personal choice, and dealing with the consequences of choices, as well as the struggle of love striving to overcome differences in family of origin. There's also strong nods to family and community in this story, plus the rewards of maintaining integrity and seeking justice. I'm so excited to see what the cast, crew, and creators of When Calls the Heart have in store for us with the remaining season 2 stories. (Posted on 4/28/15)

  23. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    Season 2 , Episode 1 When Calls The Heart Review by Carolyn

    This episode provides a wonderful introduction to the second season of this great family-friendly series, set in circa 1910's western Canada. The country town of Coal Valley and its residents attempt to move forward from the grief and tragedy of a mine disaster. Hope for the future is present in the fresh mountain air, as well as romance and adventures involving many of our favorite characters. The citizens of this community gain some closure to some pressing issues, and at the same time, there are other questions being raised. Constable Jack Thornton accompanies the town's school teacher (and the object of his affections), Elizabeth Thatcher, on a trip to her affluent family's home in a large modern city; upon word that her mother is ill. Elizabeth is enjoying her reunion with family and friends, while Jack deals with a bit of culture shock, class struggles, and a mixed reception from Elizabeth's family. Jack, and Elizabeth's father, businessman William Thatcher, discuss their mutual concern over Elizabeth's future. The audience is introduced to several new characters including Elizabeth's older sister, and an estranged relative of Jack's. To the surprise of no one, café owner Abigail Stanton and forensic investigator Bill Avery have agreed to pursue a relationship. The verdict that was delivered by the judge at the conclusion of the long-awaited trial, was imperative to the future of the coal mine and the widows. Viewers will see how this ruling impacts the entire town. Afterwards, to the surprise of almost everyone, there are a couple of residents of the area who decide to remain, despite the particular direction of the judge's ruling. Their true motives for staying are not yet clear. The series continues to impress viewers with its positive messages of hope, faith and encouragement. The amazing lead actors and their chemistry with one another, provides the skills necessary to keep viewers engaged with the characters and story lines, and help the audience feel they are also a part of this rapidly changing place in history. The writers of this episode take some different but effective steps in making a successful transition between Season One and Season Two. (Posted on 4/28/15)

  24. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    Worth Watching! Review by Patricia Williams

    The long-awaited season 2 finally arrives. The set is a bit brighter and the town buildings have more signage. Costumes are more colorful and it feels like the sleepy isolated Coal Valley is emerging with personality. There are some wonderful twists and turns in this episode, as well as the introduction of a few new characters who and a delightful addition to the cast and the storyline. This is a wonderful ride for the whole family, and you should hop aboard and join the audience. (Posted on 4/27/15)

  25. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    Outstanding TV show to watch every week! Review by Patricia Macek

    Patricia Macek "Trials of the Heart" Season 2 "When Calls The Heart"
    The best Christian Family Television Show!!
    In Coal Valley a trial is underway. Abigail Stanton is accusing Mr. Gowen (President of the Pacific Northwest Mining Company, of causing the mine explosion that killed 48 miners.Abigail Stanton husband, Noah Stanton, is being blamed for the explosion by Mr. Gowen.During the trial, a star witness recants his testimony! He accuses Mr. Noah Stanton of the explosion! A surprise witness comes forth! It is Clare Stanton, Abigail's daughter in law. She had proof that Pacific Northwest Mining Company,had faulty ventilation that caused the explosion.
    The judge ruled in Abigail and the widows favor! He also quietly gave Abigail money to give the widows.
    Elizabeth goes back to Hamilton, her home, with Constable Jack Thornton. Her mother is ill, and Jack meets her very wealthy family.Elizabeth stays home, Constable leaves and goes back to Coal Valley. Coal Valley citizens move forward and feeling hopeful name their town "Hop Valley" Please watch this incredible show. What will happen to all of our beloved people of Hope Valley? (Posted on 4/27/15)

  26. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    I give it a 10 . Great show Review by Michelinda

    I love this show . Its a family friendly show to the kids and young hearties and old #hearties . (Posted on 4/27/15)

  27. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    Watch the best Christian family show on TV! Review by Patti

    A Must See Family Show! When Calls The Heart Season 2 "Trials of the Heart" review by Patricia Macek
    After seeing the first episode, and continuation of my favorite Christian, Family Program, I,I have not been disappointed!! The story begins with our heroine, Elizabeth Thatcher(,Coal Valley's teacher)She receives a message that she must come home. Her mother has taken very ill. Elizabeth is escorted home with Constable Jack Thornton..A important trial is underway(, with the female prosecutor) against Mr Gowen, and The Pacific Northwest Mining Company, in Coal Valley. When it looks as though the outcome is dismal, especially with a star witness, recants his story, in favor of Mr Gowen, and, the Pacific Mining company. Suddenly, a surprise witness, comes forth!! Mrs. Clare Stanton, Abigail's daughter in law, and her son's Peter's wife, has proof that Gowen knew
    of the mines faulty ventilation system, with document that her dead husband kept. It was presented to the judge, and the verdict came of guilty of Mr. Gowen and the mining company. Not Abigail's husband, Noah Stanton. The judge in private gave Mrs. Stanton, money, to supposably distribute
    amongst the widows. !Elizabeth Thatcher introduces Mounty Jack to her very wealthy family. They have very mixed feelings over Elizabeth's relationship with Constable, Mounty, Jack Thornton..Elizabeth stays in Hamilton, and help with her mother's care..Constable Jack(, after a very uncomfortable formal dinner), goes back to Coal Valley. The town is happy over the trials outcome, and the prospect of new business in Coal Valley. . After a vote, the town becomes "Hope Valley".What will happen to Elizabeth and Jack? Will Abigail find happiness? Will the Saw Mill be successful in getting business in town? What does Inspector Bill Avery hiding from his past? As the people move forward, with new hope, what will the twists and turns affect the citizens.??Please watch the most entertaing programon TV. It will only get better!! (Posted on 4/27/15)

  28. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    Wonderful show. Review by Carolyn Anderton

    Absolutely love the show. Everything about it. (Posted on 4/27/15)

  29. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    LOVED IT Review by Heather Kauffold

    If you have not had the opportunity to watch this amazing series on the Hallmark Channel I highly recommend you do. it is a show for the whole family to enjoy. It teaches good values, to have faith, hope, sense of family and community. Reminds me of Little House on the Prairie, Dr Quinn Medicine Women, and Anne if Green Gables. A definite must see and own Series. (Posted on 4/27/15)

  30. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    4 star Review by Renee Hatfield

    I was so excited to see When Calls the Heart Season two Premiere! I love Jack and Elizabeth, Bill and Abigali as well as Elizabeth;s family, Jack';s brother, the judge ,prosecutor, Rosemary, the children and all the storyline and relationships to com. Interesting to see a new job by saw mill in stead of the mines. Then the new town name
    name Coal Valley Hope Valley. The writes made some funny jokes as well as the new characters add more content. I loved everything about it and look forward to seeing how Season Tow comes out! Thank you HALLMARK CHANNEL< BRIAN BIRD< ERIN< DANIEL< LORI< JACK< MARTIN AND ALL the wonderful people who make this my FAVORITE SHOW ! I have never been so excited, addicted Hearties fan as well as the amaxing HALLMARK Channel I watch EVERY DAY! THANK YOU SO MUCH! (Posted on 4/27/15)

  31. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    New Season, New Beginnings Review by Nancy Kelchlin

    When it comes to outstanding, quality FAMILY television, look no further than When Calls the Heart! After an incredible first season (HIGHLY recommend), and a long anticipated wait for a second season airing, this show comes through once again. Well written storylines, lush scenery and set design, and an incredible cast and crew make this series so worthwhile. While it looks like things have progressed some in our favorite mining town, the heart and soul of the show remain intact. In fact, there is much to be said for moving on out of the despair and sadness of the first season and into a new one of hope. New characters and stories are introduced, secrets are about to be uncovered, and through it all, there is still a sense of love and community. Make sure you don't miss out on a series that will truly capture your heart! (Posted on 4/27/15)

  32. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    Great Show for the whole Family Review by Linda S. Haller

    When Calls The Heart is a Great Show for everyone of all ages !! It will keep you wanting more seasons to come !! You will enjoy the story line very much . The Carecters are all very Talented and they are all very loving and you can feel the chemistry of them all as they are interacting with each other and the fans also !! would love to see many more seasons to come . (Posted on 4/27/15)

  33. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    Love This Show! Review by Holly Sparks

    When Calls The Heart is a rare gem among the tv shows on tv today. I appreciate the values and morals this show portrays. Season 2 has started with a bang, and I can't wait to see what's next for Hope Valley! (Posted on 4/27/15)

  34. When Calls The Heart: Trials Of The Heart DVD
    Great fresh start! Review by Emily Johnson

    I loved Season one and have been waiting for a year for season two to start. Well it did not disappoint!

    The show right from the beginning kicks off with a fresh start, with fresher signs, buildings and a brighter look visually. Even with these changes of advancement, I still found the central characters, Jack, Elizabeth, Abigail and Bi;; all very much building off last season.

    The show opened with my favorite couple, Jack and Elizabeth and I felt the excitement and energy from last season. Both Daniel and Erin play these two to perfection, with their flirting and general ease around each other, it's easy to see why they fell in love. Their banter is always my favorite!

    Also Abigail has found a sense of purpose and with the help of Bill, with some new developments, she is able to move forward.

    Because it's two hours alot happens with the miners trial, Elizabeth going back home with Jack and the introduction of lots of new people and characters.

    Elizabeth going home was a new look for her and the show and I liked the difference it was from Coal Valley. I thought the sets and scenery was appropriate and overall, a very good build for another obstacle in the Jack and Elizabeth romance. Nothing that can't be overcome but the social class questions it raises was presented nicely.

    The trial was very well done with a revelation for Abigail. I liked these people and when all said and done, it gives the show a new direction without losing its down to earth feel.

    Overall a great start to this great series. Always enjoyable and has a little bit of everything.

    While not everything is perfect in everyone's lives, they will all be better for it. Looks like this season is going to be full of the same twists and turns with love, hope and romance as always the central themes!

    (Posted on 4/27/15)

"For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast. "---Ephesians 2:8-9