A Wind at My Back Christmas DVD

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  • Cast: Kathyrn Greenwood, Dylan Provencher, Tyrone Savage, James Carroll
  • Director: Stefan Scaini
  • Producer: Kevin Sullivan
  • Languages: English
  • Run Time: 91 min
  • Closed Captioning: No
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A Wind at My Back Christmas DVD

In this heartfelt farewell to the Bailey family, we have the opportunity to look in on the Bailey family one more time. After season 5 ended off the show, fans were worried that it would be completely over for the series. However, Sullivan Productions produced this made-for-TV movie, giving us one final peek into Bailey family life. After five successful seasons of this much-loved show featuring a family working together to survive the Great Depression, A Wind at My Back Christmas provides a touching Christmas story to conclude the series. This G-rated family film is perfect for fans of the show and is a wonderful film for families to watch together because of its clean content.

Christmas in New Bedford isn't turning out as planned. Grace and her mother have departed for Europe to recover her husband's belongings when war breaks out in the country and they find themselves trapped there. Meanwhile, in the town of New Bedford, sister-in-law Toppy is stressed out as she is directing this year's Christmas pageant. After looking at the script, she realizes it's a total flop and does her very best to try and salvage it. Hub, who is still planning to pursue his calling to become a priest, returns from home to be with the family for Christmas. But, he also comes home with a big surprise a Jewish refugee who has recently become his girlfriend.

Behind the Scenes

After the startling cancellation of Wind at My Back after season 5, fans were left disappointed with the sudden ending to the show. Wanting more, they were able to produce a made for television 90-minute Christmas special to tie up loose ends and truly finish out the show. Due to the unavailability of some actors, May, Grace, and Pritchard Flett are not present in the show. However, their absence was explained in the context of the show with various telegrams explaining why they couldn't join the family for the holidays.

A Wind at My Back Christmas was produced by Kevin Sullivan, who has become well-known for producing other popular series like Anne of Green Gables or the 7-season television show Road to Avonlea. This show was produced for Canadian television in the 1990s and became a very big success, especially among families and people of faith. With its clean content and high moral values, this show truly became a timeless classic. If you enjoy other similar dramas like Little House on the Prairie, Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, or When Calls the Heart, you will love this incredible adaptation of the books by Max Braithwaite.

The Story

With Christmas 1938 rapidly approaching, much is going on in the lives of the Bailey and Sutton families. New Bedford is still the busy mining town full of interesting and enjoyable characters. Grace Bailey Mainwairing and her mother May are in Europe collecting the remains of Grace's husband Van, who was killed in the war in Spanish. Meanwhile, Hub Bailey returns from seminary at the University of Toronto with a very special surprise as well! A Wind at My Back Christmas is a heartwarming story that helps bring finality to the characters you've grown to know and love over 5 seasons of the show.

In New Bedford, Honey Sutton is following in her son's footsteps by taking classes at the University of Toronto as a student. It has long been a dream for her to return to school and begin taking classes again and now she finally has the opportunity! Taking courses by correspondence starts to become a trial for her though, and she begins to wonder about taking classes in person. Honey's husband Max ends up having to take on more of the household chores in Honey's absence. This becomes a strain on him as well, as he has a desire to continue working on his novel. In addition, he is still working and running the town as its new mayor.

May's daughter-in-law, Toppy Bailey, meanwhile, is busy directing this year's Christmas pageant. However, the problem comes from the author of the Christmas pageant, the school's science teacher Jim Flett. Hub's brother Fat begins to become jealous of Hub and his success at school. He begins to feel like he is living in the shadow of his older brother and that Hub is more perfect than he will ever be. Hub is still busy away at school studying to be a Catholic priest. However, his whole world is turned upside down when he meets and Austrian exchange student, Anna Schiller, a cellist in the music program. When Hub finds out that Anna is a Jewish refugee, he takes her under his wing and takes her back to New Bedford with him for the holiday season. He is also quite taken with her and they eventually start a relationship together.

Meeting in an anti-fascist political group on campus, Hub decides to bring Anna back to New Bedford for the Christmas holidays. This brings a whole new slew of chaos to the house, as Honey and Maisey prepare to deal with this new "threat"ÌÎ_̴Ìà? to their family life. Maisey and Honey quickly decide they don't like him, for different reasons. Maisey takes a disliking to her as she sees Anna as competition for Hub's affection. Honey, meanwhile, doesn't like the change that comes over Hub as a result of Anna's influence in her life. Honey worries that Hub may become distracted from his original intention of becoming a priest. A Wind at My Back Christmas is a season of discovering what lies ahead, with some surprising and amazing results.


Featuring the Bailey family, a cast of characters you've grown to know and love, this wonderful television movie helps bring some closure to this beloved cast of characters. After the sudden ending to Wind at My Back season 5, this Christmas special helps to finish some storylines and tie up loose ends. This is a wonderful Christmas film that could easily become a yearly tradition in your family. Telling the incredible final story of the Bailey family, A Wind at My Back Christmas is a movie to treasure.

Run Time: 92 Minutes

Released: 2001

Genre: Family, Christmas

Rating: G

Languages: English

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