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Warriors of Honor

Less than one hundred years after the uniting of thirteen independent colonies, the then new nation of the United States found itself torn apart in a conflict between North and South. The conflict was one of the most destructive the nation had ever seen or would ever see, yet even in the midst of sorrow and suffering light shone. The documentary style film Warriors Of Honor offers the viewer insight into the cultural context of the Civil war and the faith and legacies of two of the Civil War's greatest men"ÌÒRobert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. Narrated by Richard Fatherley, Richard Doyle, Paul McKinney, and Suzanne Pirret Warriors of Honor is an educational and inspiring documentary of the men and movements that shaped the Civil War.

A War Of Culture

The Civil War was not a war driven by the compass points of North and South. I was not simply a war against slavery. It was not only a war between brother and brother, father and son. The American Civil was a war between two different cultures, two different ways of seeing the world. It was a war of Federal versus State rights. It was a war of industry versus agriculture. It was a war of export versus import. It was not simply a war of right versus wrong, because in many ways both sides had a sliver of right and a sliver of wrong. The documentary Warriors of Honor gives an overarching lesson on the history, culture, and people which brought the U.S. to the brink of war, and then carried this nation over the edge. In the midst of this birds eye view, the film Warriors of Honor also takes a deep look into the lives and faith of two great men.

Robert E. Lee

Born in 1807 at Stratford Hall Plantation in Virginia to a Revolutionary War Officer, Robert E. Lee was, as it seemed, destined to become a great military man. These family connections, as it turned out, were destined to change Robert E. Lee's life, when Robert was seventeen a family friend wrote to the Secretary of War advising that Robert be given an appointment to West Point mainly because his father was such a war hero. Although Robert may have gotten into West Point on his father's coat tails, he certainly earned his keep, graduating 1829 second in his class. The man who features prominently in Warriors of Honor was only just beginning his career. Lee would serve as an exceptional officer and engineer in the United States Army for many years, distinguishing himself in the Mexican-American War. When Virginia seceded in 1861, Lee chose to go with his home state, even though he desperately supported a continuing nation and was offered a position in the Union Army. Lee served as a military adviser to Confederate President Jefferson Davis, and by the end of the war would be commanding the entire Confederate Army. After his surrender to Ulysses S. Grant in 1865, Lee worked tirelessly for reconciliation between the states, and was admired both in the North and the South for his bravery, faith, and compassion. Viewers of all ages will learn much of his life, legacy, and faith in the documentary Warriors of Honor.

Stonewall Jackson

Born in 1824 to a poor Southern family Thomas "Stonewall"å? Jackson's path to West Point was more difficult than his respected friend Robert E. Lee. But with hard work and determination, which would mark much of his life, Jackson not only made it to West Point but graduated among the top of his class. After serving at several posts and in the Mexican-American War, Jackson taught at a military school in Virginia. When the Civil War broke out, he was among the top Confederate generals, and the South's most gifted tactical commander. He was respected by the Southern troops who gave him the nickname "Stonewall"å? after his fierce stand at the First Battle of Bull Run. When he was accidental killed by a Confederate picket in May of 1863, the Southern Army was severely wounded by its loss. His faith and compassion for the southern slaves established a lasting legacy viewers can all learn from in Warriors of Honor.

Educational Opportunity

The documentary Warriors of Honor will introduce viewers of all ages to little know issues that added to the many causes of the Civil War. Whether studying the Civil War for school or personal interest the documentary Warriors of Honor will add fascinating background information and faith based perspective to the war that tore apart the states. Perfect for study on American History, faith in the United States, or military history Warriors of Honor will provide opportunities for dialogue with viewers of all ages on topics ranging from slavery and faith to cannonballs and hard tack! With a narrative focused on the lives of both Stonewall Jackson and Ulysses S. Grant Warriors of Honor will help viewers better understand the role religion and faith had in the battles and issues of both the North and the South. An opportunity to understand the heart and thoughts of the Southern States through the words of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, Warriors of Honor offers a unique perspective into study of the Civil War. A story of facts through the eyes of faith, the documentary Warriors of Honor will open viewer's eyes to another side of the Civil War and the men who were at its helm.


A story of two opposing sides and two great men, Warriors of Honor tells the story of opposing, battling enemies through the eyes of one great faith. Placing the Civil War in a historical and cultural context, Warriors of Honor is a wonderful way to introduce viewers old and young alike to the issues and history of the Civil War while coming to know the lives of two great men of faith. Though they fought for the South Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson were brilliant generals, respected men, and faithful Christians. This faith guided these two "warriors of honor"å? on and off the battlefield creating legacies that continue even today.

Warriors of Honor has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America and may include topics and issues not suitable for young viewers. As always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but the film Warriors of Honor is generally considered appropriate for most audiences.

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