War Room DVD Case Quantity 30

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  • Cast: Kimberly Helms Stewart
  • Director: Alex Kendrick
  • Producer: Alex Kendrick
  • Languages: English and Spanish
  • Release Date: 12/21/11
  • Run Time: 120 minutes
  • Subtitles: English, Spanish, Tagalog, French, Vietnamese, Chinese, German, Korean, Russian, Italian and Portuguese
  • Region Code: 1
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War Room DVD Case Quantity 30 | Christian Movies & DVDs

War Room DVD Case Quantity 30, Wholesale Price

For ministry distribution purposes FishFlix.com offers wholesale price on case quantities of War Room DVD for $14.99 each!

War Room DVD Case Quantity 30

War Room is one of the best Christian movies of the year, without a doubt. When Tony and Elizabeth Jordan, who seem to have the perfect life, hit some of the inevitable bumps in the road, Elizabeth hesitantly takes an older woman's challenge to do the fighting on her knees in prayer. Creating her own personal "war room"å? to fight for her family and her marriage, Elizabeth begins to fight back with the only weapon that really counts: prayer. With this special 30-unit case of this fabulous movie you can stock up for your church or other group so that everyone can get inspired to set up their own war room and take the battle to their knees!

The Best Christian Movie In Years

War Room was the number one movie in America for a reason"ÌÒit doesn't just have a message, it's good! With a low budget but a message to tell, War Room surprised critics with its unexpected success as it went on to blow much higher-dollar films out of the water at the box office. Audiences loved this feel-good drama about relationships and the power of prayer. Starring T.C. Stallings (Tony Jordan) and best-selling author Priscilla Shirer (Elizabeth Jordan) and an ensemble cast, War Room stunned critics with an outspoken following who loved the real-life struggles of this middle-aged African-American couple.

Audiences loved the film, enjoying the cathartic effect of seeing a couple struggling to overcome very real-to-life trials and troubles and awarding it a rare CinemaScore of A+.

This Isn't Your Parents' Christian Movie

For years Christian movies have been known for being too pretty, too clean, and sterilized of the real-life events that challenge even the most devoted Christians. Christian movie makers were too afraid of the response they'd get if they presented anything controversial, so they made message movies that seemed devoid of real-life challenges.

War Room isn't that movie.

Tony and Elizabeth seem like they have everything they could want; they look like the perfect family. But even the "perfect"å? family has underlying issues, and we see the Jordan family's hidden flaws when Tony's attitudes began to go downhill and he and Elizabeth start to clash. Just beneath the idealistic surface lies a marriage on the rocks, success built on lies, and Tony's increasing temptations to give up on his family.

Tony's dissatisfaction takes him to the very edge of an affair, and all that stands in between him and self-destructing his family is a thin line that Elizabeth can draw in the sand of prayer. Will she fight the battle on her knees, as Clara wants her to? Will Tony let his temptations convince him to make life-altering decisions?

War Room isn't a pristine, goodie-goodie Christian movie; it tackles real issues. You'll have to watch, however, to find out how it works out.

Learning from Another Generation

Tony and Elizabeth Jordan act like they have it all worked out. They are the successful modern couple. But their problems, and their solution, isn't new"ÌÒit's as old as prayer itself. War Room shows the ongoing power of prayer, and it takes one seasoned warrior, Clara, to teach the next generation how to do her fighting: in the privacy of a closet remade into a "war room."å?

With her marriage beginning to crumble around her, Elizabeth meets outspoken Clara, first a client and then a friend who decides to speak truth into Elizabeth's life"_whether she likes it or not! While looking at Clara's house as her realtor, Elizabeth finds Clara's "war room"å?"ÌÒher private sanctuary for prayer, where she'd been fighting her life's battles for decades. Elizabeth doesn't think much of it at first, but Clara knows she's needed in this younger woman's life, and she aggressively offers the wisdom her own life's hardships have given her.

Elizabeth isn't sure how to handle this outspoken older woman at first. While she gives lip service to her faith, she's not what one may call a fanatical Christian. She certainly doesn't know how to pray like Clara. However, she finds out she can learn.

Elizabeth begins to handle her problems, often humorously at first, in her "war room"å?"ÌÒa closet she empties out for the purpose of serving as a place of private prayer. As she starts taking her problems to God, Elizabeth begins to see changes"ÌÒfirst in herself, but then in her family. But will they be enough? With Clara to show her the way, Elizabeth is going to give it her best try, on her knees.

Talk It Over

War Room features some more honest, gritty reality than some Christian movies that don't seem to paint people as having real-life problems. Though not crude or graphic, it deals with a husband tempted to infidelity, parents arguing, and other content that may be good to discuss as a family and may not be suitable for very young viewers.

Consider taking some time to talk about Tony's actions in the film. What is he doing that is inappropriate? Is how he handles his impatience, anger, and frustration how we should handle our negative feelings? What was underneath the surface of Tony's behavior? Did his actions at work have an impact on his family?

How was the way Elizabeth handling her faith impacting her family? Did she seem really devoted to her faith at the beginning of the movie? Why or why not? How did meeting Miss Clara impact her personal beliefs and actions?

Miss Clara interjects a lot into Elizabeth's life, boldly challenging her to change her behavior

DVD Bonus Features:
"å¢ Bloopers and Outtakes
"å¢ Deleted Scenes
"å¢ Commentary with the Kendricks
"å¢ Featurettes:
o "The Making of WAR ROOM"å?
o "WAR ROOM in 60 Seconds"å?
o "The Heart of War Room"å?
o "The Church On Its Knees"å?
o "Investing In the Next Generation"å?
o "The Art of Jumping Rope"å?
o "From Auditioning to Acting"å?
o "Modern Day Miss Clara"å?
o "Behind the Scenes: Color Grading"å?
o "A Pastor's Call to Prayer"å?
"å¢ 'Warrior' music video by Steven Curtis Chapman

Exclusive Features on products available only to the Christian Retail DVD:
"å¢ Stephen Kendrick Devotion
"å¢ Alex Kendrick Devotion
"å¢ Featurettes:
o "Wall of Remembrance"å?
"å¢ "Redemption For the Mitchell Home"å?

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