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VeggieTales: The Toy That Saved Christmas

Get ready for a sled-full of fun as you dive into the very first VeggieTales Christmas special! VeggieTales: The Toy That Saved Christmas is a movie you'll never forget as it combines humor and fun with an incredibly important lesson about the importance of giving and the true meaning of Christmas. It seems that the kids of Dinkletown are in a gigantic load of trouble this Christmas as they're all running rampant, dying to get as many toys as they possibly can this Christmas. When they see a TV ad for the new toy Buzz Saw Louie, they all immediately break down in tears, knowing they have to get this specific toy for Christmas! To the kids of Dinkletown, all they care about this Christmas is getting more toys than all of the other kids. And it seems like this horrible idea of what Christmas is all about may possibly ruin the festivities this Christmas. When one of the Buzz Saw Louie dolls suddenly comes to life and goes rogue, escaping the factory, he realizes it's up to him and his friends Bob, Larry, and Junior to discover what Christmas is really all about and save the town! But will they be able to communicate the true message of Christmas? Or will the whole town go into an absolute panic?

VeggieTales: The Toy That Saved Christmas is a wonderful adventure for you and your family this Christmas as it features wholesome messages about the importance of giving this Christmas. If your kids love the VeggieTales series, they'll love this incredible adventure with the whole Veggie gang that teaches the important lesson -- Christmas isn't about getting. It's about giving!

The First VeggieTales Christmas Special

VeggieTales: The Toy That Saved Christmas is a fantastic film and a milestone for the VeggieTales series as it's the very first full-length VeggieTales Christmas episode. Several others have been made since this time, including VeggieTales: The Star of Christmas and VeggieTales: The Story of St. Nicholas. But VeggieTales: The Toy That Saved Christmas is the first Christmas special and it even was featured on television as an extended Television special the year it was released.

VeggieTales: The Toy That Saved Christmas also features the original Silly Song with Larry, "Oh, Santa!" which tells the story of Larry and his anxious anticipation of the arrival of Santa Claus. Before Santa Claus can arrive, though, Larry is greeted by several visitors, including a bank robber, a savage viking, and worst of all -- an IRS agent! In this exciting Silly Song, Larry learns the important lesson that things don't always go as planned, but in the face of adversity, he is able to show kindness to the people trying to steal things from him by offering them a simple token of a Christmas cookie.

The Story of The Toy That Saved Christmas

In this thrilling VeggieTales adventure, the kids of Dinkletown watch a TV commercial and learn a lesson that shows them that Christmas is a time for getting. The important thing this Christmas is to get as many toys as possible. This throws the kids of Dinkletown into a panic as they all begin to think they need to get as many toys as possible. This TV commercial throws them off by showing them that they need this toy and "Billy has more toys than they have"ÌÎ_̴Ìà?. While the parents try to calm their children down, their efforts are fruitless as all the kids want this Christmas is more toys. Meanwhile, in the toy factory, a toy in the production line develops a defect of sorts, and pretty soon, one of the Buzz Saw Louie toys comes to life! When he begins hearing the messages coming out of his speaker, about how Christmas is when you get stuff, he realizes he doesn't like the messages coming out of him. But what he also realizes is he has no idea what Christmas is about! And so, this sets Louie off on an important adventure in The Toy That Saved Christmas, looking for the answer, "What is Christmas really about?"

Along the way, he bumps into some sledding buddies, Bob, Larry, and Junior. After Louie is able to convince them that Christmas isn't about getting stuff, they all head off to see a smart person, the mail deliverer! And so, he sits them down and tells them the story of Christmas, how Jesus came down and was born into this world on Christmas Day, so he could grow up and die for our sins. He points out that Jesus gave us the greatest gift of all, and so Christmas was a great time to show our love for others, by giving back to them. This sets the stage for the final showdown in The Toy That Saved Christmas. Louie gets an incredible idea. How can they get out this message to everyone? The same way Mr. Nezzer got out the bad message in the first place -- the TV studio! And so, the boys take off to find the TV studio in Mr. Nezzer's toy factory, and set the record straight that Christmas is about giving.

They're able to slowly sneak their way into the studio, carefully avoiding the penguin guards that guard every area of the toy factory. And once they're in, they spread the message to all the TVs in Dinkletown that Christmas isn't about getting, it's about giving! When Mr. Nezzer learns about this, though, he gets incredibly angry and quickly pulls the plug on the TV studio, cutting off their broadcast! Under the capture of Mr. Nezzer, will Buzz Saw Louie, Junior, Bob, and Larry be able to get out from Mr. Nezzer's captivity and save the town, or will he send them off the Puggslyville bridge for good? Find out in the incredibly exciting The Toy That Saved Christmas.

This VeggieTales film is perfect for kids of all ages and would make a great addition to your Christmas collection this holiday season.

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