Louie Giglio: The Twelve Words of Christmas DVD

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Louie Giglio: The Twelve Words Of Christmas

For four hundred years God's people waited hearing only silence. Then one night the silence was forever shattered by one noise-- the cry of a tiny baby, the savior of the world. Louie Giglio passionately shares the message of grace and truth found in the Christmas story in his message The Twelve Words Of Christmas reminding all of us that even in the chaos of our lives God's promises can bring us through.

One Quiet Night

When AM Radio was first invented all it could do was transmit Morse code. For years captains in the middle of the Atlantic could hear the tap, tap of the code as it came through the radio. Tap, tap, that was all they ever heard. Then, on Christmas Eve 1906 everything changed. Reginald Fessenden-- the man who had invented the radio-- spoke. Alone in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean captains of ships heart a voice, and it spoke the words of Luke chapter 2-- the Christmas story-- the first words ever spoken on the radio. Much like the silence broken on that night in 1906, the tiny cry of a baby boy broke the silence-- hundreds of years of silence-- between God and his people. In The Twelve Words Of Christmas Louie Giglio passionately brings to life the story of Christmas-- a story of God breaking through silence, and darkness, with a baby's cry. Yet, for many God's people, waiting for hundreds of years for God to send their savior, the cry of the baby Jesus simply slipped past their ears. They never imagined their Messiah, the one who would save them, would come in the simple frame of a baby. Yet that baby, announced by twelve words, would become the resounding cry of history and God's plan for redemption. Much like the people of Israel, we to can let the powerful meaning of Christmas slip past our ears, and our hearts. In The Twelve Words Of Christmas Louie Giglio seeks to remind viewers of the immeasurable gift of Christmas. The message of Christmas is not that a baby came, it is that God is with us, God is with us full of grace and truth, God is with us and no one is to far for him to reach, God is with us and his love cannot be stopped, God is with us and even in the midst of chaos and seeming silence he is with us full of his promises to bring us through. The Twelve Words Of Christmas is a reminder that God is with us, God came down to us.

Louie Giglio

Louie Giglio is a well known name in the Christian world. He has written numerous books, pastors a church in Georgia, and has delivered many powerful messages, such as The Twelve Words Of Christmas, about the heart and word of God. His heart for the world, and his deep relationship with his creator have inspired many and challenged many more. Louie Giglio attended Georgia State University, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Grace Theological Seminary. After Seminary, Louie and his wife Shelly started a Bible study for college students at Baylor University where Louie was continuing graduate studies. Soon large portions of the student population were attending these weekly meetings, and Louie realized the impact and importance fostering a love of God in the hearts of young adults was, his heart for the "university movement" was born. Starting in 1995 the Passion Movement spread across the nation. Started by Louie, this movement brings together millions of people in events across the country for prayer and worship. These Passion Conferences are a major outreach to college students as well. In 1995 the Giglio's also moved from Waco, Texas to Atlanta, Georgia to care for Louie's dying father. After their move the Giglio's started sixstep records as part of the Passion Movement. This label his home to Christian artists such as Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Kristian Stanfill, and Passion. In 2009 Louie and Shelly founded the Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia along with Chris Tomlin and Matt and Beth Redman. The Passion City Church's motto is "for God, for people, for city, for world" and Louie Giglio lives out this motto as he tirelessly seeks to share the love and hope of God through his many messages and books, such as The Twelve Words Of Christmas.

An Unexpected Message, An Undying Message

Through the film The Twelve Words Of Christmas pastor Louie Giglio seeks to remind viewers that God's although God's message came in unexpected ways it still came. It is a reminder that the unexpected message was also an undying message, the hope, grace, and promises it brought then are still with us now. The Twelve Words Of Christmas is a powerful reminder that God's message of hope is just as applicable in twenty first century today as it was in first century Israel.


Whether the Christmas story is new or old to you, The Twelve Words Of Christmas will passionately remind you of the unimaginable hope that was delivered that silent night. It was a hope that shattered silence in the first century, it was a hope that shattered silence in 1906, and it is a hope that shatters silence today. Louie Giglio's The Twelve Words Of Christmas is a reminder that God is with us, God is working, and God is carrying us through the chaos and confusion of Christmas, and our daily lives.

Louie Giglio: The Twelve Words Of Christmas has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America. As always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but the film Louie Giglio: The Twelve Words Of Christmas-- based on the simple yet powerful story of Christmas--is generally considered appropriate for most audiences.

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