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Nine Lives of Christmas

Nine Lives of Christmas is a romantic drama from the Hallmark Channel that follows two young single friends by the names of Zachary Stone and Marilee, both single people determined to stay that way. For them, they have never put much stock in pursuing a relationship or trying to find the perfect match. To them, they've been content to simply live their single lives and enjoy their own companionship. But when the two of them meet and begin spending more time together, will they finally be able to see that they're meant for each other? Or will they both be blinded be themselves and never manage to truly fall in love? Everything changes for this couple when they meet Ambrose, a stray tabby cat who manages to wander into Zach's life and acts as a catalyst for love in Zach and Marilee's relationship. You will be moved by Nine Lives of Christmas, an incredible romantic tale that reminds the viewers of the importance of love and how beneficial it can be in a relationship. If you're ready to be blown away by a timeless story of two people falling in love, you will absolutely adore Hallmark Channel's Nine Lives of Christmas.

About the Actors

Hallmark Channel's Nine Lives of Christmas features two main actors, playing the roles of the main guy and main girl, Brandon Routh and Kimberly Sustad. Kimberly Sustad was born in Canada and has always considered herself to pretty much just be a tomboy. She loved riding horses when she was growing up and was always up for a game of basketball. She hopes to incorporate these skills into her acting at some point later on in her career. She has appeared in other Hallmark Channel Movies, including "A Bride for Christmas", and has appeared in a number of other popular television series. She has also had several appearances on stage, and greatly enjoys participating in comedic theatrical shows. Brandon Routh, playing the role of Zachary Stone in this film, is an Iowan actor who rose to popularity after being cast as Superman himself in Bryan Singer's reboot of the series. Standing tall at 6'3", he's always been athletic and has enjoyed not only swimming and playing soccer, but participating in a number of theatrical productions. He has appeared not only in television shows, but well-known movies. Nine Lives of Christmas features one other lead character, Gregory Harrison, who plays Sam, one of Zachary's friends in this film. Harrison has been working in film for four decades and has a vast collection of talents, ranging from television, to film and even a few theatrical productions. He has been in over 40 television movies, has been a part of over 25 mini0series, and has appeared on many different TV shows and movies in his decades-long career. He has appeared on a couple other Hallmark Channel films as well, including "Undercover Bridesmaid" and "After All These Years". Nine Lives of Christmas contains some of the best performances from these well-known actors, making for an incredible film with a lot of heart, romance, and drama.

The Story of Nine Lives of Christmas

Meet Zachary, a firefighter who doesn't care much for pursuing a relationship or doing much outside of living his own life and working his job as a firefighter. He's content to live the single life and although he receives a lot of prodding from his firefighter friends to put himself out there and try and find a girl, Zachary doesn't much see the point. In Nine Lives of Christmas, Zachary is perfectly content to just live his own life and not deal with anyone else. He's happy on his own, right? Or so he thinks anyway. The firemen inform him that there will come a day when he realizes that he needs a wife in his life and he's going to find "the one".

Now, meet Marilee, a girl busy in her own little world, trying to keep up with her studies and her work life. She has so much to occupy her time that looking for a relationship has also been put on the backburner. In the grand scheme of things, she's chosen to pursue her career over a relationship, and because of this, she has found herself busy, tired, and completely burnt out. Working as a veterinarian, her fellow coworkers encourage her to go out and try and find a man in her life. But Marilee is determined that she's too busy and doesn't have time to go try and pursue a relationship. She likes her job, and she's happy. Right?

As Nine Lives of Christmas continues, Zachary finds himself at home, sitting peacefully on a chair when into his house stumbles an orange tabby cat by the name of Ambrose. Unsure of what to do with a cat, but not quite ready to get rid of it, Zach begins to form an attachment to Ambrose. However, he has no idea how to raise a cat and this is what leads him to meeting Marilee, a veterinarian. And as they begin meeting each other, Zachary begins to take a slight interest. And yet, despite of this, he is determined to not fall in love. He enjoys his single life! However, when Ambrose escapes and Marilee rescues the cat and brings it to Zachary, he says he'll make it up to her by buying her dinner. And thus begins an exciting and romantic relationship!

And so, the relationship continues with the two of them spending more time with each other. But as they get closer, they find themselves unable to fall in love simply because of the barriers they have put up for themselves. Nine Lives of Christmas spotlights their relationship showing how they want to fall in love, but at the same time, they really don't want to, as they want to continue living their single lives. Will they be able to overcome these obstacles and truly find love in each other? Or will their own selfish desires drive them apart forever?

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