The End of the Spear 3 DVD Box set

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The End of the Spear 3 DVD Box set

When five American missionaries to Ecuador were brutally speared to death in 1956 by a savage tribe of Natives known as the Aucas, everyone thought the story was finished. They expected the families to return in grief, the Aucas to be hated for all eternity, and that chapter of history to be closed forever. They could not have been more wrong. Now, discover the story that came after the tragic deaths of Nate Saint, Jim Elliot, and the other brave men who risked their lives for the sake of the gospel. It is a story of redemption, forgiveness, and the life changing power of God's love. Journey with multiple generations of the Saint family through the powerful, award-winning films Beyond the Gates of Splendor,̴Ì_End of The Spear, and The Grandfathers.

Beyond The Gates of Splendor

Death by spear was common amongst the Auca tribes of the Amazon basin, yet it was not common enough to let the brutal spearing of five American missionaries go unnoticed. And for the world outside the Amazon, it was an event that rocked the world. Yet, two years after the unforgettable murders the wife and sister of two murdered missionaries walked into the Amazon jungle to reach the same people that had killed their beloved husband and brother. What happened after is a story of redemption only God could have written. Beyond The Gates of Splendor is the documentary and story of the changed Auca (Waodani) people. Combining interviews, storytelling, photos, and more Beyond The Gates of Splendor takes the viewer on a journey across continents, time, and language barriers to hear a story of grace and forgiveness like never before. An unforgettable story of the transformative power of love and grace brought to life. A story of unconditional love, faith in the darkest moments, and forgiveness in the face of pain Beyond The Gates of Splendor will introduce viewers to the lives and legacies of five selfless men and their families that would not turn back.

End of the Spear

When the savage Waodani tribesman Micayani kills Nate Saint he never expected to become family to that man's son. A series of events unfold, Rachel Saint and Elizabeth Elliot return. Return to the tribe that killed their brother and husband. And then, Steve Saint gains a chance to visit the tribe that killed his father. A world of unanswered questions travels with the young man deep into the Amazon jungle, but the biggest among them is "Who killed my father?" As Steve, Mincayani, and the Woadani tribe grapple with the grief of the past a quiet force is working amongst them, ready to change the lives of the tribe and those who work amongst them; the gospel. A powerful film that continues the story of the Wodani tribe and the Saint family, woven together with life changing themes of compassion, love, and forgiveness the award winning film End of The Spear will remind you of the power of forgiveness and the strength of the gospel.

The Grandfathers

Decades after his grandfather Nate was speared to death by the Waodani Indians of Ecuador, Jesse Saint still does not understand his part of the story. His grandfather died a martyr trying to reach an unreached tribe. His father spent most of his childhood with the same tribe, helping the Waodani end the violent cycle of spear killing that had claimed his father's life. Now, over two decades after his grandfather's death, Jesse has spent his entire life trying to dodge the immense pressure to live up to his father and grandfather's story. As he makes the trek deep into the Amazon rainforest to meet the Waodani, Jesse is searching to understand his family's past, and discover what his own future might hold. The documentary style film The Grandfathers tells the Saint family story through new eyes. Viewed through flashbacks and pieces of his family history, comes Jesse's own story of misadventures in the Amazon jungle as he comes to know the tribe who killed his grandfather years before. As he steps out of his grandfather and father's shadows, he comes to realize the fear, hope, and joy of finding his own purpose in life. As he comes to befriend the men who killed his grandfather, he comes to realize that there might be room in the Saint family legacy for him as well. A moving documentary about hope and a purpose, The Grandfathers continues the story of redemption through the quest of a young man.


It is a story of forgiveness. It is a story of redemption. It is a story of unconditional love meeting unconditional hatred. It is a story of God's light and grace shining in the darkest recesses of the jungle. It is a story that will rock your world, refresh your soul, encourage your heart, and challenge your faith. It is a true story. Told from different perspectives and in different ways, the story that fills the films Beyond the Gates of Splendor, End of The Spear, and The Grandfathers is truly one story. It is God's story of a love that conquers all hatred, a grace that covers all sins, and a forgiveness that changes all lives.

End of The Spear has been rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America Rated for intense sequences of violence.

Beyond The Gates of Splendor has been rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America for some violent content and thematic elements.

The Grandfathers was rated PG by the Motion Picture Association of America for thematic material and violent content.

All films received the "Family Approved" award for ages twelve and up from the Dove Foundation, and End of The Spear received a four and a half out of five review from Focus on the Family's Plugged In. As always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but the film End of The Spear is generally considered appropriate for most older audiences.

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