Steve Nash: Fundamentals of Basketball DVD

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  • Run Time: 120 minutes
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Steve Nash: Fundamentals of Basketball DVD


Steve Nash: Fundamentals of Basketball is a film that any basketball fan will greatly enjoy. This film, made by Steve, is one that targets athletes of any kind, not just basketball. He was a professional basketball player and MVP. In this film, he breaks down the different skills required to become a truly good athlete. Not only does he focus on the mental preparation that it requires to become such an athlete, he also focuses on the physical skills that basketball requires you to hone. For instance, Steve goes into detail about how to perfect movement on the court and how to greatly improve shot accuracy. Steve Nash: Fundamentals of Basketball is the perfect DVD for any basketball lover who wants to improve their game and learn a few tips from Steve. Not only is this film greatly informative and packed with lessons, it also includes a training schedule and a practice guide that shows viewers how to do it just like Steve. His schedule is rigorous and intense, but is perfect for any athlete who wants to truly commit themselves to their sport.

Steve Nash


Steve Nash: Fundamentals of Basketball focuses on what happened after he became a professional athlete, but how did he get there? His story begins like this. Stephen John Nash was born on February 7th, 1974, in Johannesburg, South Africa. From there, his family moved to Saskatchewan and finally decided to call Victoria, British Columbia their home. Before they settled down in Canada, his father was a professional soccer player who played in many different parts of the world. Steve grew up with a love of sports, but basketball was something that he decided he wanted to do. As a child he often played soccer and ice hockey, but did not develop any real passion for them. However, when he was eight years old, he told his mother that someday he was going to play in the NBA and be the best basketball player that he could. From here, his passion for basketball grew as he continued to get older and his family supported his dream of playing professional basketball.

Steve started out high school by attending Mount Douglas Secondary School, but unfortunately, his grades were failing and he was not applying himself. He seemed to have no passion for his schoolwork and his parents did not know how to fix this. They decided to move him to St. Michael's University School, which was a private boarding school. Here, his grades started improving greatly as this school had a basketball program and he found something that he could be passionate about. He was the star in basketball, soccer, and rugby at this school. Steve Nash: Fundamentals of Basketball shows how a kid who was failing in school found his passion and chased his dreams, and went on to become a very successful basketball player.

Steve's high school coach started filming the young athlete during games and practices, in order to have footage and highlights to send to universities. Though Steve was an amazing young player, none of the American universities responded. His coach sent this footage to over thirty universities, but no one responded and invited Steve to come join their team. This was extremely discouraging but Steve and his coach did not give up. Finally, a coach from Santa Clara requested footage of Steve. As he watched it, he came to several realizations. He realized that Steve had extreme talent and that this could not be denied. He also realized that Steve got extremely nervous whenever anyone was watching him, and this often threw off his game. The final realization that he had was that Steve was the worst defensive player that he had ever seen. Steve Nash: Fundamentals of Basketball is a testament to the fact that he overcame these things and went on to be a star in the basketball world. His pure determination and willingness to learn from those who wanted to teach him things made him a truly great player.

Santa Clara University decided to accept Nash as a player and he was awarded a scholarship. Their team, the Broncos, had not been to the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament in over five years. However, all that changed when they recruited Steve as a player. He brought them to victory that year, scoring six straight free throws in the final thirty seconds of that game. This caused him to start being noticed by the NBA, and they kept their eye on him for the next few years. The Broncos did not have a good next season, but Steve brought them back to victory the year after that. He was named Conference Player of the Year that season, which caused the media to start recognizing him.

Steve decided to take a year off before joining the NBA, because he knew that he was not ready. He spent this year training under former NBA players and learning their secrets, determined to be the best that he could be. He spent this year honing his skills and becoming a solid player. Then, he decided that he was ready for the NBA, and he was picked in the first round of the NBA draft by the Phoenix Suns. He later went on to play for the Dallas Mavericks, but returned to the Suns in 2004, where he played with them for another eight years. His basketball skills continued to grow and he was recruited by the Lakers in 2012, where he played for three years. Unfortunately, during this final season he started dealing with extrema back pain that led to his eventual retirement. He said that he was retiring in order to focus on his long-term health.

Steve Nash: Fundamentals of Basketball is a testament to what hard work can do. Steve started out as a good basketball player, but with great determination and lots of hard work, he became MVP in the NBA. This film is a guide to young athletes and basketball players that will help them learn how to apply themselves so that they too can achieve greatness.

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