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The Star of Bethlehem DVD

Have you ever wondered what the Star of Bethlehem was all about? Was it just a myth or a legend? Or was it something more than that? Could it be that the Star of Bethlehem was an actual historical event that truly occurred, just as the Bible lays out for us in the early part of the Gospel messages? Many people wonder about this mysterious star. It's something incredibly vague, but in the Bible it gives the message that it hung over Bethlehem and served as a sign or a beacon for people to follow so they could see the king, the Messiah who was born into the world. The star has become commonplace in our nativity scenes and in our Christmas decorations and nativity scenes. All stories recount the tale of the star of Bethlehem that hung over the stable and served as a beacon. But did this start truly exist? Was it something added after the fact to give the story some flair and pizzazz? Or is it possible there's something more to this story? The Star of Bethlehem takes a fascinating look at the star, combining the biblical, historical, and scientific accounts, showing how they align and even combine into one incredible account. Prepare to explore the stars in a way you've never seen before as you go on this journey with Rick Larson, a man who is not a numerologist or an astrologist. And yet, when he began to study these things, the incredible insights he discovered were absolutely overwhelming. Prepare to be amazed as you watch Rick, with an idea and a computer program, explore the stars and unravel a mystery that's too evidential to be a mistake or a coincidence. If you've ever wondered the origin and reality of the star, be prepared to be amazed as you watch The Star of Bethlehem.

Setting the Stage

In Rick Larson's message, he walks you through multiple parts of his studies so you can see just how he learned about all of this and experience his study as he experienced it. In the first part of The Star of Bethlehem, Rick Larson sets the stage for the star, showing what it was like in Bethlehem, what he know from the historical record, and most importantly, lists the qualifications the star must meet in order to be the true Bethlehem star. But there are billions of stars-- how would you find which one was the true Bethlehem star? And was it even a star? Or planets, or suns of planets, etc.? It could truly be any number of things. 9 aspects of the star Larson points out include that the star must symbolize birth, kingship, and the Jews, it must rise in the east, it appeared at a certain time, Herod couldn't know about it, it lasted a considerable amount of time, It went ahead of Mary and Joseph, traveling to Bethlehem from Jerusalem, and, finally, it had to stop. But can a star stop? As you learn in the well-documented The Star of Bethlehem DVD, not only is it possible -- it happened!

The Starry Dance

What we learn in the first part of The Star of Bethlehem is that there was nothing out of the ordinary going on. When the star appeared, it had to have occurred under normal and predictable circumstances. Now as we move on into part two, we find that there were some very predictable, but highly unusual events transpiring in the night sky. Through elimination, Larson is able to eliminate that the star of Bethlehem was anything like a meteor, a comet or a supernova. Whatever it was could have only been a planet, or multiple planets combining together. As you will see in this section of The Star of Bethlehem, the planets come together to form something that looks almost like a simple but moving dance in the skies. You'll be blown away, by the way, this all comes together to form something truly spectacular and out of this world! In this section, you'll also learn what caused the magi, kings, or whatever they might have been to travel west in pursuit of the star. These scholars were well versed in the skies and they spent their nights watching the skies, seeing the incredible effects the stars had on each other. And something about what was happening in the skies caused them to do a double take and then immediately set off for Bethlehem. But what was it that caused them to leave in such a rush? Find out the mysterious events that transpired in the sky in The Star of Bethlehem!

The Day of the Cross

This is when The Star of Bethlehem gets truly spectacular, as it not only helps to bring clarity to when the Messiah was most likely born, it begins to show evidence for when the crucifixion might have occurred as well, something that has dramatic and incredible events in the sky. Because we can pinpoint the day when the star would have stopped, and we can read from the Biblical events when the Crucifixion happened judging by the Passover feasts, they are able to help give an idea of when Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection most likely happened.

This is an evidential and historical presentation that is deeply rooted not only in Biblical truth, but even more looking at the evidence in history and the stars. This isn't a bending of the truth to fit the Biblical account or the other way around. Rather, this is a unique look at both testimonies showing how they perfectly correlate with one another, something that is truly a milestone for people in their faith. The Star of Bethlehem helps show that we can trust the Biblical account. It hasn't been bent or twisted over time and we don't have to be worried about historical or scientific evidence disproving the Bible. As The Star of Bethlehem shows, the more we learn about both of these accounts, the more they perfectly align! If you're looking for an excellent Christmas-related presentation that builds your faith, The Star of Bethlehem is a powerful film for you.

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