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With a star-studded, award-winning cast, Smitty tells the incredible story of a young mischievous boy and his journey to learning how to grow up and how to find redemption in his life. Young Ben is a thirteen-year-old boy, and despite his young age, he's already getting into terrible trouble and having a very hard time coping with life. The son of a single mom, he has had no father figure or really any friends to help get him through the tough times. Because of this, Ben has found himself beginning to hang out with the wrong crowd, and the situation comes to a head when Ben finds himself in the middle of a horrible vandalism and robbery. In Smitty, Ben learns important life lessons about friendship, forgiveness, and responsibility for his actions. Watch as Ben begins to learn the importance of growing up and facing the realities of life in this incredible and fun family film.

The Story of Smitty

In Smitty, we learn about Ben Barrett, played by new actor Brandon Tyler Russell. This story follows Ben as he tries to make his way through life. Unfortunately, he is the son of a single mother, and he and his mom often find themselves butting heads and not getting along in the slightest. This causes a lot of friction between the two of them and as their relationship continues to deteriorate, they begin to wonder how they can ever recover from this horrible situation. Benjamin doesn't have many friends at school and often finds himself alone and unable to make friends. Because of this, he ends up falling into the wrong crowd and spending time with friends who aren't good for him in the slightest. His friends encourage him to go out with them on a fun adventure. Ben, just excited that somebody is giving him the time of day, agrees and goes with his friends. It's only after it's too late that Ben learns that they have taken him out to vandalize a restaurant and break in so they can rob the place. Ben quickly realizes that this is the very restaurant where his mom works. Not wanting to do the wrong thing, but also not wanting to hurt his friends or appear uncool, he decides to go along with his friends. Unfortunately, this doesn't work out well for him and he and his friends are caught by the police.

The story of Smitty continues as we find Ben and his mom appearing before a judge in court. This is the moment when Ben realizes that this is a very serious matter. He begins to realize that this isn't just a joke. He could end up in very serious trouble. The judge informs him that he could very well spend 3 to 5 years in jail because of this little mishap. This scared Ben and he begins to wonder how he'll get out of the situation. An alternative arises and he finds that he can actually spend 3 months (the summer) in Iowa with his grandfather where he can hopefully be trained to become a good son. Ben, realizing that 3 months is a much shorter period than 3 years, chooses the time in Iowa. Although he knows that this will hopefully help improve him and his relationship with his mom, he is determined to be resistant to the change.

And so his mom takes him to Iowa and drops him off where he is to spend the next 3 months with his grandpa. Ben makes a fool of himself in trying to appear cool and decides to be as cold and rude toward his grandfather as is humanly possible. One thing Ben hadn't accounted for in this plan though, was that his grandfather was going to put him to work. He experiences a rude awakening when his grandpa forces him to work, doing tough manual labor day in and day out. He learns that his mother used to do this kind of work as well, except she didn't complain about it, states his grandfather. It is out here on the farm with his grandfather that he meets his new friend, Smitty.

Smitty is a dog that was abandoned by his owners and was left without a home and without friends. Ben instantly forms a bond with this dog and ends up making Smitty his own dog. However, his grandpa informs him that because of this, he must take good care of Smitty, as he is now Ben's responsibility.

While Ben is very resistant to change and does everything he can to keep from changing, he begins to loosen once he spends more time with Smitty. He begins to see the importance and value of family and begins to see that his mom has been in the right and that he hasn't treated her with the necessary respect that he owes her. He eventually begins to loosen up and when his mom returns, she begins to find that he is indeed a changed son. While before, he demanded that he get stuff and that everyone does what he says, he has now become a respectful and hard-working young man. Similar in style to movies like The Ultimate Gift which shows a man who initially had no respect for anyone, but eventually became a respectful and decent person, the film is an enjoyable and charming ride full of misadventures, and funny and heartfelt moments.


If you're looking for a fun family film to watch together, Smitty makes for a great Christian movie. It has great messages of helping children understand the importance of family and it makes for a wonderful film to watch together. If you're looking for a film to watch for a family movie night, or you want a fun wholesome film you can share with your church or small group, Smitty makes for a great choice. Featuring the adorable dog Smitty and the incredible young actor Brandon Tyler Russell, along with a number of award-winning actors, Smitty makes for a powerful Christian film.

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