Silent Night DVD

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  • Director: Christian Vuissa
  • Producer: Scott Swofford
  • Languages: English
  • Dove Approved: Dove Approved Ages 12+
  • Release Date: 8/24/10
  • Run Time: 95 min
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Subtitles: English
  • Closed Captioning: Yes
  • Region Code: 1
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Silent Night DVD

Silent Night is a heartwarming true story about the popular Christmas carol of the same name. This movie tells the story of Joseph Mohr, the man who wrote the haunting lyrics. His story is a powerful testament to what the song is truly about. He is faced with the decision of whether to give up on his faith entirely, due to the distressing circumstances that he is enduring, or of accepting what the sacred night of the birth of our savior truly meant for his life. This film is full of historical facts, but is dramatized in a way that brings Mohr's story to life in a new and invigorating way. Silent Night is the perfect film for families to enjoy together, and will capture the hearts of all who watch it.


Silent Night opens in 1818, finding Joseph Mohr as a young man. He has been sent to a small town in Austria, called Oberndorf. Here, he is taken on as the new assistant priest for the church there. His mind is extremely active and he is full of ideas. Mohr believes in innovation and desperately wants to change the world for the better. He desires to share his thoughts and ideas with those around him, providing the church with a fresh way of thinking.

However, Father Noestler, his direct superior in the church, is not too happy about this. He is a man who is very set in his ways of thinking and does not like to introduce new ideas and new ways of doing things into the church. This places him in direct conflict with Mohr, who wants to break away from the old traditions and change things. Silent Night watches as the tension between them grows steadily, as they constantly clash on their opinions. Both are very stubborn and vocal about their beliefs, not willing to compromise and find a healthy balance.

Mohr's biggest desire in this church is to bring it closer to the common people. Father Noestler has run this church in a way that only makes it accessible to the rich or well privileged. The everyday people on the streets are not welcomed into the church, giving them the wrong impression of what Jesus is like. Mohr decides to take his passion for new ideas and channel it into bringing the church closer to the common people, but Father Noestler is extremely opposed to this.

Silent Night finds Mohr organizing a church choir that includes common street people as well as local outcasts. He is very willing to love the unlovable and defy all the rules and standards that the church has commonly held. His heart is true and his beliefs are strong, so he continues on with this choir, despite the naysayers. In a bold and daring move, Mohr decides that the choir will sing only in German, the language of the common people. This goes directly against the church's strict use of Latin, which is not known by the lower classes. Father Noestler becomes outraged at this and decides that it is time to do something about Mohr's work in the church.

He threatens to remove Mohr from his position in the church, and promises that he will follow through on the disciplines that he is threatening. However, this does not scare the young assistant priest. He is determined to follow through on his reformation, and is not scared of Noestler can do to him. However, Silent Night finds things growing even more strained between the two as a young woman named Maria decides to join Mohr's choir. Though it has been known as an all-male choir, Mohr decides that he cannot rightly turn her down simply because she is a woman. This is the final straw for Father Noestler and he finally follows through on his threats.

In a sudden turn of events, Mohr finds himself at a total loss. The successes that he had once gained have now turned against him and morphed into failures. All the things that he could claim as victories have completely turned around on him, leaving him with nothing. Those he thought were loyal to him have abandoned him in order to save their own reputations, and he feels completely alone. Silent Night shows just how despondent Mohr has become, even to the point of wondering if the beliefs that he once held so dear are even true. He questions everything that he once knew to be the truth, and doubts begin filling his head. Hope has completely left him, and he decides that he must leave Oberndorf. He can no longer face those around him and decides that he should let Father Noestler run the church the way that he wants to. All his work seems to be for naught, so he makes a plan to leave town.

However, the night before Christmas, Mohr is suddenly overcome by the Holy Spirit. With the celebration of the birth of Christ just around the corner, he cannot help but focus on the sacred events that took place many years ago. His heart is once more filled with faith as he thinks about the Silent Night on which Jesus was born. This drives him to pick up a pen and compose a poem, which became the modern lyrics to the Christmas carol of the same name. As he pens these words, he realizes that they still hold true and that he cannot simply put his beliefs aside.

Filled with a new hope and a new drive, Mohr decides to stay in Oberndorf and continue his work there. Though he is met with great opposition, he does not back down and holds tightly to what he knows to be true. Silent Night is the beautiful true story of Joseph Mohr and the circumstances that led him to write the famous song that is still sung, even today. Families will greatly enjoy this dramatic look into his life, and will be filled with wonder at the amazing events that took place in Mohr's life.

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