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Saving God: One Soul at a Time - DVD

Armstrong Cane, an ex convict who renovated his life, comes back to his neighborhood to become the pastor of the church that belonged to his father. Although the neighborhood he has come back to is filled with gangs and drugs. Some people decide to leave to find more thriving regions and follow a clever preacher. Even though Armstrong and his congregation are being threatened by the gang leader, they maintain strong. Armstrong continues to preach God’s Word to every person who is willing to listen, like Norris, a young man in the verge of being a part of a life filled with bad decisions. Both Armstrong and Norris form a connection and decide to change. Will repercussions of their past sins come back to haunt them? Find more Christian Movies at  home page. 


The story of Saving God: One Soul at a Time - DVD

The story of Saving God: One Soul at a Time DVD is concentrated on Armstrong Cane (Ving Rhames) who has been let out of federal jail after fifteen years for taking the life of his best friend after an outburst of extreme anger. Armstrong is a pastor’s son and desires to follow his father’s footsteps. His intention is to repair the last fragments of the church’s decaying congregation. In the broken-down neighborhood people remember Armstrong Cane’s past, very few people want to believe that he’s changed and less forgive him for his missteps. He meets, mentors and becomes friends with a disturbed teenager called Norris Johns (Dwain Murphy) who is selling drugs near the church. The teen wants to leave that kind of lifestyle but his efforts to change are obstructed by Blaze, the drug lord. Armstrong Cane has to make a few substantial decisions that may put some lives in the balance. For all of your Christian Movies needs visit


The message that Saving God: One Soul at a Time DVD conveys is one that is very important to be reminded of and can be applied to a Christian or a non-believer. It tells us about the importance of forgiveness, the levity of our choices and how we can overcome any obstacle that comes our way. It demonstrates that people at some point in their past could’ve done something they regretted but since God’s grace overpowers everything, they are forgiven. That people are capable of chance and become better with the help from God. has thousands of Christian Movies for your enjoyment. 


The actors of Saving God: One Soul at a Time DVD

For Ving Rhames, playing the role of preacher Armstrong Cane in Saving God: One Soul at a Time DVD was somewhat different from what he’s accustomed to. Fans mostly know his work of playing action roles like a bodyguard or a policeman. Growing up in Harlem, New York, Rhames had an idea of what kind of neighborhood Cane had to come across in the movie. Ving Rhames also was an executive producer in Saving God: One Soul at a Time DVD. The talented actor has been in the industry for many years, being in films like “Mission Impossible”, “Pulp Fiction”, “Kojak” and has lent his voice to an animated character in the notorious Disney movie “Lilo & Stitch”. Rhames has won a Golden Globe Award and has been nominated for a Time for Peace Actor Award for his powerful role of Armstrong Cane.

In Saving God: One Soul at a Time DVD Ricardo Chavira plays an ostentatious Television preacher. This actor is mostly known for his portrayal of Carlos Solis in the recognized ABC series “Desperate Housewives”. Chavira has been a part of other TV shows and series like 24, the George Lopez show, Monk and NYPD Blue. Since his mother’s death due to cancer, Chavira has been a part of several charities that help women with breast and ovarian cancer. He is a Susan G. Komen for the Cure representative.


Dean McDermott in Saving God: One Soul at a Time DVD plays the role of dangerous gang leader, Blaze. McDermott has been known for his range of films including Kojak, Open Range, Without a Trace also his appearance in the reality show Tori & Dean: Inn Love which he shares with his wife Tori Spelling. He has also done several projects with the Hallmark Channel through the years.


In the case of Dwain Murphy, in Saving God: One Soul at a Time DVD he plays juvenile drug dealer Norris Johns. He is confronted with the choice of staying in the streets or giving his life to Christ. Actor Dwain Murphy is most recognized for his role in the youthful TV series Degrassi: The Next Generation. Besides appearing on television and other projects, Murphy has been a part of several movies like How She Move, The Line and Poor Boy’s Game. Other than acting, playing basketball is one of his favorite things to do.


Genelle Williams, Norris John’s partner in Saving God: One Soul at a Time DVD, is very talented in her craft. In the movie, she is troubled due to her pregnancy and doesn’t find the right time to tell Norris about it. Williams has been a part of several films as well like The Orphan, It’s a Boy Girl Thing and many more. She was nominated in 2007 for the Gemini Award for Best Performance in a Leading Role because of her role as Monica in the TV series Doomstown. 

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Saving God: One Soul at a Time Movie Info

Saving God: One Soul at a Time DVD was released in 2008 and its duration is of 1 hour and 41 minutes. Distributing the film is Cloud Ten, who have distributed other important Christian movies like Waterproof (2000) and Left Behind (2000). Directing the film is Duane Crichton. Starring in Saving God is Ving Rhames (Mission: Impossible II), Dean McDermott (Open Range), Ricardo Chavira (Desperate Housewives) and Dwain Murphy (How She Move).  


Saving God: One Soul at a Time DVD was nominated for a Time for Peace Film Award in 2009. The film has also received 5 doves given by the Dove Foundation.




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