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A Royal Christmas Christian Movie

A Royal Christmas is the touching story of a man and woman who fall in love and then begin to find out some shocking things about each other. This delightful Hallmark Channel christmas original drama tells the story of young Emily Corrigan and her boyfriend Leo. Emily is the sole daughter of a masterful and well-known tailor in Philadelphia. She's kindhearted and a devoted young woman who doesn't shun her blue-collar background but accepts it as her life and her heritage. She loves life, loves her family and her job, and is excited to spend her very first Christmas with her loving and affectionate boyfriend Leo. Although they have known each other for the better part of a year, there is still a lot that remains a mystery to Emily about Leo. So when it comes Christmastime, Leo drops a bombshell announcement on poor Emily. As far as she has understood, Leo grew up in Europe and that's all there was to it. However, a startling revelation is made that informs Emily that he is much more than a simple man from Europe. Find out the story in the Hallmark Channel original film A Royal Christmas!

Leo's Secret History

It all starts on one Christmas evening as Leo takes Emily out on a romantic evening just the two of them. They go to a fancy restaurant and have a wonderful time together. However, everything changes when Leo drops a monumental announcement into the conversation. He tells Emily that he hasn't been completely honest with her and he needs to tell her the truth about who he is and what his background really is. He isn't just your typical European man -- he is an actual Prince! Much to Emily's amazement and shock, Leo confesses that he is actually Prince Leopold, the heir to the throne of a small country called Cordinia. Emily is shocked about this turn of events. On the one hand, she's frustrated and even angry that he didn't tell her about this until now. But on the other hand, she begins to wonder what life would be like as royalty. If he were to marry her, that would someday make her Queen! Is she ready for that? Leo invites Emily to take a tour of Cordinia with him and after some hesitation, she decides that she will embrace the country and try and learn as much as she can about it. She realizes that she truly loves Leo and will love him no matter the case; rich or poor, royalty or not royalty. And so the two of them journey off to Cordinia to be together and to see his home country. This is what sets them off on an exciting adventure as they together partake in A Royal Christmas!

The Journey to Cordinia

In A Royal Christmas, the two of them set off for Cordinia to see the country where Leo grew up and the place where he will someday govern and lead. Cordinia, a fictitious country loosely based on the European Monaco, is a small sovereign country and when Emily and Leo arrive, they meet Leo's mother, the Queen of Cordinia (played by Jane Seymour). Unfortunately, the Queen is incredibly reluctant and hesitant of Emily. She not only dislikes the idea of Leo marrying a commoner, especially one from America, she doesn't like how he is choosing to marry her without even her consent or blessing. And so, the Queen decides then and there that she will do whatever she can to break up this relationship. All along, she has wanted Leo to marry Duchess Natasha (who Leo once dated but decided not to marry). And so as Emily spends more time in Cordinia, the Queen works as hard as she can to make sure that Emily feels especially unwelcome there. This begins to really get to Emily as she is unsure how to proceed or if she should simply leave. Meanwhile, she begins to experience life as royalty and must learn how to act the part and be proper and royal. However, she finds that she fits in much better with the servants and maids than with the stuffy royal people. She also, meanwhile, meets a young orphan girl who goes by the name of Poppy. She then meets Galina, who is Newbury's baroness and a former commoner just like Emily. As she begins to meet more people, she begins to fit in better with the culture and find a place there. But with the Queen's constant attacks on their relationship, Emily finds herself drifting farther and farther apart from Leo. She wants to work hard at the relationship, though, and even designs a royal dress for herself and makes a grand entrance after taking proper etiquette lessons. Her excitement is heightened when Leo proposes marriage. The two of them realize they are truly in love, but Emily has doubts about their relationship ever working because of his mother and the fact that she is indeed a commoner. While Leo tries to reassure her, Emily refuses his offer and returns home to America, ruining her chances at A Royal Christmas.

The Queen begins to remember how she once loved her husband Victor, who was also once a commoner and begins to have second thoughts about the entire situation. Maybe she shouldn't have turned away Emily. Maybe she let herself get too carried away by the fact that she wasn't royalty. Will the Queen choose to be supportive in Leo and Emily's marriage? And will they even be able to get back together? Will Emily return to Cordinia? A Royal Christmas is a romantic drama with a lot of heart that answers these gripping questions. If you're ready to ring in the holiday season, this romantic Hallmark feature is a spectacular way to do so.


If you're looking to get yourself in the Holiday mood before Christmas, A Royal Christmas is a great way to have a fun and romantic time together with this enjoyable drama. Similar in style to other great Hallmark original features, this film is sure to make you laugh and cry with its heartfelt moments and story of love.

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