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The incredible television drama that captured the hearts of its viewers returns in its sixth and penultimate season. In the Road to Avonlea Season 6 4-disc DVD collection, join the King family in their continuing drama as they face new challenges and experiences. As the family begins to grow and mature, the subjects of the show likewise take on a more mature tone, featuring new storylines, concepts, and messages. All of your favorite characters return, including Sara Stanley briefly. Continue the ongoing story of your favorite characters from L.M. Montgomery's greatest works as the saga continues. The Road to Avonlea tells timeless and classic stories about all of your favorite characters, and this season is an excellent addition to the previously existing 5 seasons.

In The Road to Avonlea Season 6, follow the emotional rollercoaster as the characters encounter not only incredible hardships but amazingly pleasant surprises as well. Sara Stanley returns to Avonlea with shocking news "ÌÕ she is leaving to study in Paris! As Sara Stanley makes her final appearance on the show, the rest of the cast does their best to give her a proper farewell and reminisce about all the wonderful experiences they had with her over the years.

Meanwhile, Felicity King finally has an answer for Gus's marriage proposal. After waiting and thinking long and hard about the right course of action, she chooses to accept his marriage proposal. However, she soon discovers that he is lost at sea! Will she be able to find him and accept his marriage proposal, or is he really gone forever? The Road to Avonlea Season 6 also contains many other highlights in the season, with many big moments taking place in this incredibly busy and active season. Not only does it feature the return of Gus Pike and his proposal to Felicity, but it also features the first and only appearance of Eliza Pike. Romance begins in other areas as well, as Clive Pettibone and Muriel Stavey begin a romantic relationship. This creates a new series of challenges and experiences.

Season 6 of Road to Avonlea also contains the first appearance of Molly Atkinson, playing the role of Cecily King. Sarah Polley returns as Sara Stanley, only to announce that she is leaving to study abroad in Paris. This is both exciting and sad news, leading to a bittersweet good bye as the people say their last good byes to Sara Stanley. Rachel Lynde encounters a heartbreaking situation when she suffers a debilitating stroke. Meanwhile, Felix and Izzy's friendship turns into something more than a platonic relationship, as they begin to become romantically involved. Clive and Muriel's relationship continues throughout the season, and eventually a marriage proposal and an ensuing wedding occur. Faye Dunaway also makes an appearance this season, guest starring as the Countess Polenska. Another guest star includes Maureen Stapleton, who makes an appearance as Maggie MacPhee. Cecily chooses to return home from the TB Sanitarium in this season, and Felicity has to deal with the realization that Gus has been lost at sea, quite possibly forever.

Special Features

This special set of Road to Avonlea Season 6 features a variety of extra bonus features included in addition to every season 6 episode. Included in the set is a complimentary CD with the Original Avonlea Soundtrack CD composed by John Welsman. This CD features a number of classic and memorable tracks and themes from the show, including the original theme song composition. This included CD features Gus Pike's lamenting theme (based on an Irish tune and the ancient Welsh folk song "All Through the Night"å?) sung by Cedric Smith. It also includes a track sung by the actor who plays Alec King, who lent his voice to a song found in the Season 6 episode "Thursday's Child"å?, the episode where Cecily is found sick with tuberculosis. This CD can only be found with the purchase of the Road to Avonlea Season 6 on

In addition to the CD, there is an included Promo DVD featuring another award-winning series by Kevin Sullivan, Wind at My Back. The promotional DVD contains two episodes of the Wind at My Back series, "The Agony Column"å? and "Radio Waves"å? along with a trailer collection of other productions by Kevin Sullivan.

Finally, Road to Avonlea Season 6 contains a Collector's Souvenir Pack which has a behind-the-scenes look at the composition of classic Avonlea scores. It goes in-depth and explains how these songs helped influence the development of the series. Also included is a collection of six never-before-seen color cast photos from the production of the show. All of these special included bonuses help to make this Road to Avonlea Season 6 4-DVD Set really stand out as a unique and amazing drama series. This set is the definitive collection for Road to Avonlea fans and features a variety of special extras that are sure to delight fans of the show.


This 4 DVD set is the definitive version of the Season 6 collection of the Road to Avonlea. Featuring a variety of unique bonus features and special extras, this collection features several hours of content that is worth watching over and over. The Road to Avonlea has truly become a classic show, and for good reason. Similar in style to popular shows like When Calls the Heart, Little House on the Prairie, and Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, this television show is a perfect adaptation and blending of all of your favorite L.M. Montgomery characters.

Road to Avonlea Season 6 features new characters, new experiences, and new romances. This is a terrific follow-up to past seasons and starts to feature more mature themes and storylines as the show matures and begins to draw to a close. This penultimate season of the show features some of the best episodes and storylines and is sure to draw you into its compelling tales. If you enjoy period television dramas like Love Comes Softly, When Calls the Heart, or Anne of Green Gables, you will love this terrific show, spanning 7 award winning seasons.

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