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  • Run Time: 600 min

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Get ready for another incredible season of drama, excitement and adventure as you experience season 3 of the popular Canadian television show Road to Avonlea. In the Road to Avonlea Season 3 DVD you will follow the misadventures and Sara and the various life events of the King family. As the characters begin to grow older, the show begins to take on a different tone, as more of your favorite characters begin to fall in love and experience romance, love, and even heartbreak. Season 3 features touching moments of romance and joy, but also has its share of heartbreaking tragedies and life-changing discoveries.

Road to Avonlea Season 3 is brought to you on 4 discs, along with a variety of exciting bonus features to add another layer of depth to the world of Avonlea. This is truly a world worth experiencing, as each season helps add more depth and character to these charming people that L.M. Montgomery helped to inspire. Similar in style to other television dramas like When Calls the Heart or Little House on the Prairie, this drama takes you into the lives of the people of Avonlea and gives you time to experience and get to know everyone in the town. It's a beautiful and heartwarming show, and there's always something familiar about going back to see these classic characters.

With a new season comes new characters, new events, and new drama. Road to Avonlea Season 3 begins with a major event "ÌÎÌ_? Olivia's wedding! However, her simple plans for a simple, straightforward wedding are quickly ruined once Hetty begins to take over and "help out"í«? with wedding arrangements. This simple wedding they had planned turns into a massive controversy, and in the process of making arrangements, Hetty manages to alienate everyone in the family. Hetty also has trouble with young Sara, who ends up trading places with a waif on the streets. This girl ends up passing as Sara's double and they switch places for a time, causing mischief and trouble all over the quaint town of Avonlea. However, Sara ends up landing in serious trouble after this when she chooses to leave town and run off with Gus Pike.

This season also contains numerous new guest stars, including the fantastic Christopher Lloyd, who played the new and energetic school teacher, Alistair Dimple. Lloyd did such a magnificent job in his role in this season that he managed to win an Emmy for his guest appearance. Christopher Reeve also makes an appearance in Road to Avonlea Season 3 playing the character of a dastardly villain, who was seemingly plucked right from the pages of an intriguing mystery novel. This series ends on a bittersweet note, as we witness the passing of Marilla Cuthbert, a character who appeared not only in Road to Avonlea, but also as a main character in Anne of Green Gables. This event helps tie the two series together, both as L.M. Montgomery-based works. Season 3 has a number of events and highlights throughout, from Jasper and Olivia getting married to Felix's horse Blackie dying. Besides guest stars Christopher Lloyd and Christopher Reeve, other guests include Sarah Polley as Jo Pitts, Kate Nelligan as Sydney Carver, and Ned Beatty as Wally Higgins.

Bonus Features

This special 4 DVD collection of Road to Avonlea Season 3 also contains a variety of bonus features to help flesh out the collection and expand upon the charming world of Avonlea. This DVD collection includes 4 special bonus documentaries. There is a special Sullivan Cast tribute with interviews of various members of the cast. Another documentary, Back to the Past, features a special interview with Christopher Lloyd, talking about his guest role on the show and how it led him to winning and Emmy. There is also a special tribute documentary to Christopher Reeve, who guest starred on the show in Season 3. Finally, there is a promo for Olivia's Wedding featuring a closer look at certain choreography stunts that were performed in the episode. In addition to these documentaries, the DVDs feature beautiful interactive menus, English and French language tracks, and Cast bios for the main characters of the show. The four DVDs have a collective run-time of 600 minutes, providing for a lengthy and enjoyable visit to the town of Avonlea.

The Show Continues for Season 3

By this point, the Road to Avonlea television series was experiencing great success, airing not only in Canada but on various channels, including the Disney Channel down in the United States. Because of the success of Sullivan's production, the show was renewed for another season, and so they began to work on Season 3 of the show. The show would continue to be quite the success, finally having 7 seasons and a movie by the end of its run in the 1990s. As the character of Sara began to grow up, we can begin to see a transition, particularly in season 3 of the show focusing more on the King family than on Sara, with Sara eventually leaving the show entirely. Season 3 features an incredible variety of stories and events, some good, and some heartbreaking. If you are looking for a family friendly show to watch together as a family without fear of what they might see or be exposed to, Road to Avonlea is the perfect G-rated show that your family can watch together.


If you've seen seasons 1 and 2 of Road to Avonlea already, or have been a fan of other classic television dramas like Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman or Little House on the Prairie, this is the perfect series to add to your collection. This series has a lengthy 7-season run that will keep you entertained and occupied for dozens of hours, and it's even perfectly clean to watch together with your whole family. The Road to Avonlea Season 3 DVD set features 4 DVDs of entertainment, excitement, and experiences. This a fantastic classic television series that now looks better than ever in DVD format. This is a show you will not want to miss out on!

Special Features:

Four New Documentaries:

1. Sullivan Cast Tribute

2. Back to the Past: Interview With Christopher Lloyd

3. A Tribute to Christopher Reeve

4. Olivia's Wedding Promo (Choreographing Stunts)

Closed Captioning
Cast Bios
Beautiful Interactive Menus
English & French language tracks

Run Time: 600 minutes

Released: 2010

Genre: Family

Rating: G

Languages: English, French


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