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Reconciliation DVD

Reconciliation is a groundbreaking and extremely powerful Christian film. This movie is provocative and unique, causing viewers all around the world to think deeply about their heart and their relationships. When a man named Grant learns that he is going to be a father, it causes his mind to run wild with thoughts about the father that he disowned. For many years, he has been estranged from his father and has had no desire to seek reconciliation. Now, however, his father may be dying, and Grant must reevaluate the grudge that he has held for so many years and see if it possible to still find restoration. Reconciliation is an intense and emotional film that deals with some extremely heavy issues that are not easy to deal with. This film is recommended for ages twelve and up as it does deal with some intense themes and certain content that parents may not want their younger children viewing.


Reconciliation is a film that follows the relationship between Grant and his father, Jeff. The two men have not spoken in over twenty-four years, and now must learn how to overcome the immense consequences of their past.

Grant Taylor and his wife Sara have just received some very exciting news; they are going to have a child! At first, Grant is extremely excited at the prospect of being a father. He desires to have a good relationship with his son and is excited for what the future will bring. However, he is soon haunted by memories of his own father from the past. He questions whether he would make a suitable father as he never had a good relationship with his dad. The memories and questions keep flooding his mind and his heart, and he is weighed down by guilt and grief. Reconciliation shows the many different emotions that Grant is struggling to process. He feels guilty for the way that he pushed his father away and disowned him. However, he is still filled with a bitter rage that threatens to consume him. He cannot seem to find it in his heart to forgive his father for the past and move forward.

All this comes to a screeching halt when Sara delivers some devastating news to Grant. Jeff is terminally ill and does not have long to live. His one request is to see his son, as he wants to seek reconciliation and make peace. Grant remembers the events that took place on his tenth birthday, when he decided to push his father away. That day, many years ago, Grant came to find out that Jeff identified as gay, and this made his world come crashing down on him. Grant knew that what his father did was wrong and a great sin, so he shoved him away and disowned him. Reconciliation shows the dire effect that twenty-four years of silence has on the relationship between the father and the son.

Grant knows that it is the right thing to do to go see his dying father in the hospital, but this is not an easy choice for him. The last person he wants to see is the man who has filled him with so much rage and anger and hurt over the past years. He does not wish to seek forgiveness, but wishes to move on. However, he cannot fully move on until he finds Reconciliation.

Knowing that he must make the right decision in order to fully move forward and be the kind of father that he needs to be, Grant goes to the hospital to see Jeff. As he arrives, there is great tension in the air. Neither Jeff nor Grant knows what to say or how to start the conversation. Emotions run high as they both figure out how to apologize for the past. Their differences seem too great to overcome because Jeff is gay and Grant is a Christian. Homosexuality goes directly against everything that Grant believes in, but he struggles to find the balance between hating the sin and hating his father. Reconciliation does a beautiful job handling this extremely delicate topic, as it shows Grant's battle to decide how he will respond to his father.

As the two start getting reacquainted with one another and reveal their hearts, they find something very unexpected. They find that they are willing to forgive each other for the past and maybe find love again. Grant apologizes for the harsh way that he responded to his father so many years ago, and Jeff forgives him for this. Jeff apologizes for putting Grant in an awkward position, and he is given an answer straight from the Bible. Grant knows that we must hate the sin and love the sinner, but this is a concept that is much easier to say than to live. Reconciliation shows how this concept challenges Grant in a way that he never expected, as he must figure out how to strike a delicate balance between accepting the sin or accepting the sinner. This film deals with these delicate topics in a beautiful way that comes straight from the Bible. This issue is complicated and not easy to tackle, but the creators of this film have done it in a way that is tactful and Biblical.

Before Jeff dies, he and Grant are able to make their peace, despite their immense differences. Grant promises to always love his father, despite what has happened between them. Jeff forgives his son for the past and apologizes for all of his wrongdoing. Their relationships is restored in a way that neither of them ever imagined it could be, and their reunion is beautiful. Because they were able to move on from the past, Grant is able to step into the future and be the kind of father for his child that he has always wanted to be. Reconciliation is a film that teaches viewers many lessons, including love and forgiveness, as well as the most important lessons of all-- grace and redemption.

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