Loves Christmas Journey DVD

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  • Cast: Natalie Hall, Greg Vaughan, JoBeth Williams, Sean Astin, & Ernest Borgnine
  • Director: David S. Cass, Sr.
  • Producer: Larry Levinson
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 10/29/08
  • Run Time: 172 mins.
  • Subtitles: English, Spanish
  • Region Code: 1
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Love's Christmas Journey

From the creators that brought you the beloved film Love Comes Softly, Hallmark and Michael Landon Jr., comes a holiday inspired film based on the saga by Janet Oke, Love's Christmas Journey.

When Ellie King (Natalie Hall), still mourning the deaths of her beloved husband and daughter, arrives on her brother Aaron Davis' (Greg Vaughan) farm to celebrate the holidays with him and his children, she does her best to be happy. Though struggling to lay aside her sorrow, she even manages to make friends with the warm and welcoming Mrs. Thompson (JoBeth Williams), a shopkeeper in town, and the chivalrous Deputy Strode (Dylan Bruce)-- who clearly admires her. Though still mourning, Ellie settles in to life on her brother's farm, and finds meaning and comfort from the children. When one of her nephews unexpectedly goes missing, however, will Ellie be able to find him and restore this spirit of Christmas, or will the holiday spirit be forever crushed? With a wonderful cast, Love's Christmas Journey is a wonderful holiday film for the entire family.

Film Summary

For tender, loving Ellie King losing her beloved husband and daughter was almost to much. With the courageous pioneer spirit that marked her parents, however, she managed to keep going. Still, the thought of living alone-- especially during the holidays-- was more than she was willing to face, so the young woman of Love's Christmas Journey set off for her brother's house. Warmly welcomed, Ellie fit right in with her brother Aaron Davis, and his three children. She soon forms a special bond with Erik (Bobby Campo)-- a young man who was abandoned by his outlaw father whom Aaron took in and raised as his own. Erik's life, like Ellie's, has been far from easy, and she finds comfort in giving wisdom to another. She even manages to find some happiness in her new found friends-- loving shop keeper Mrs. Thompson, and the charming young deputy Michael. When Aaron must take a short trip to purchase some land, Ellie agrees to watch the children. Thing's quickly go downhill, however, when a mysterious fire threatens the name of a family friend, and Aaron goes missing. Ellie, as viewers will see in Love's Christmas Journey must act quickly to unravel the mystery before it is to late, and finds help from the kindhearted Deputy. Along the way she learns that faith can bring about miracles-- more miracles than she could ever imagine.

A Delightful Holiday Film

Love's Christmas Journey is a wonderful holiday film. Filled with adventure, mystery, and a dash of romance, viewers of all ages will enjoy Ellie's adventures with her family and new found friends. Those who are long time fans of the Love Comes Softly saga, will enjoy the story based on Janet Oke's books, and new viewers will enjoy the entertaining family friendly film. With plenty of Christmas spirit, and wonderful reminders, Love's Christmas Journey will put you in the holiday spirit. It is not a story confined to the month of December, however, and the story and values that make it a charming film around Christmas, make Love's Christmas Journey an enjoyable film during the rest of the year!

Positive Message

Although not expressly a "Christian film," the same Biblical values and message of faith that fill the other films in the Love Comes Softly saga, fill Love's Christmas Journey. The most important lesson, in this film as in all of the saga, is the reminder of the importance of faith. Just as in Love Comes Softly, Love's Long Journey, and the rest of the beloved films, Love's Christmas Journey reminds viewers that faith is what will carry you through life's ups and downs. Not courage, not perseverance, not love, not patience, not blessings (although these certainly help), but faith. Just like Marty, Ellie must be reminded that only God can put a new song in her mouth, and bring peace and joy to her heart once more. Ellie, like Clark, must remember that faith is what has carried her this far, and it is what will carry her once more. Courage is another positive theme reinforced throughout Love's Christmas Journey. As Ellie faces new dangers and problems, she must remember to be courageous and face her difficulties without fear. Kindness is also displayed throughout Love's Christmas Journey. From her brother's family, to the gentle Deputy, to the big hearted Mrs. Thompson, Ellie is showered with kindness. Ultimately, returning this kindness is what gives some purpose to Ellie's life once more. And of course, as in all of the Love Comes Softly films, family is shown as one of life's biggest blessings.


The entertaining story of one woman's journey of faith will be sure to inspire viewers of all ages. Adventure, mystery, action, and a bit of romance will have the entire family laughing and crying. Love's Christmas Journey carries on many of the values of the previous films, making it a family friendly choice for the holiday season-- or any season! Grab some hot chocolate and get ready for another adventure of faith, courage, kindness, and perseverance with one pioneer family on the frontier.

Love's Christmas Journey has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America. As always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but the film Love's Christmas Journey is considered appropriate for most audiences.

If you or your family enjoyed Love's Christmas Journey consider seeing some of the other films from the Love Comes Softly saga, including the first three beloved films Love Comes Softly, Love's Enduring Promise, and Love's Long Journey.

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