Love Comes Softly 10th Anniversary Collection DVD

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Love Comes Softly 10th Anniversary Collection DVD

This Set includes the following ten movies:

Love Comes Softly: Marty Claridge (played by Katherine Heigl) joins in a platonic marriage with Clark Davis - which becomes true love. 86 min.

Love's Enduring Promise: Marty's girl Missie (played by January Jones) is ripped between the heir of a railroad fortune and a stranger with a mystery. 87 min.

Love's Long Journey: Life is forever changed when Missie (played by Erin Corttrell) learns she is pregnant after Willie and her have left the prairie. 85 min.

Love's Abiding Joy: A tragedy in the family interrupts the reunion of Missie with her father. 87 min. PG

Love's Unending Legacy: Missie - widowed with son, return to the home of her childhood where she meets and adopts a difficult teen - Belinda and finds love. 84 min.

Love's Unfolding Dream: As Belinda follows her dream of being a doctor, she meets resistance within the male-run medical field and even from her man! 88 min.

Love Takes Wing: Dr. Belinda Simpson (played by Sarah Jones) has her faith tested by a pandemic that hits the Missouri town she calls home. Locals believe the illness started at an orphanage. 88 min.

Love Finds a Home: Belinda's friend Annie (played by Haylie Duff) is pregnant and her meddlesome mother in law named Mary comes to visit. It causes Belinda to reevaluate everything. 88 min

Love Begins: Ellen Barlow is caused by a "a turn of events" with Clark Davis to begin a legacy of faith and love together in this moving drama. 88 min.

Love's Everlasting Courage: when a beloved wife passes unexpectedly, a young father has to search to find the courage and strength to deal with the loss. 89 min.

The beloved Love Comes Softly saga returns in this tenth anniversary collection, which includes of eighteen hours of enjoyable family friendly entertainment!

Detailed synopsizes of some of the films contained below:

When strangers Marty and Clark started out in a marriage of convenience they did not expect it to last past spring. But love had a different story in mind, and now they watch as their children and grandchildren journey and grow into men and women that carry on their story of love and faith on the prairie.

Based on the beloved books by Janette Oke, the Love Comes Softly 10th Anniversary Collection stars a wonderful cast including Katherine Heigl, Erin Cottrell, Dale Midkiff, January Jones, Cheryl Ladd and many more!

Love Comes Softly

The first film in the beloved story, Love Comes Softly, tells the story of two strangers, Marty (Katherine Heigl) and Clark (Dale Midkiff), and their unexpected journey of love. When Marty's husband unexpectedly dies, leaving Marty stranded in a covered wagon with winter fast approaching, kind hearted Clark Davis offers to marry and protect her for the winter, promising she can leave in the spring. Clark's daughter, Missy (Skye McCole Bartusiak), however, is not to keen on the idea and makes it her goal to make Marty's life awe-full. As fall turns into winter, and winter into spring, however, the Love Comes Softly characters learn valuable lessons about family, faith, and courage, and discover that sometimes love just comes softly.

Love's Long Journey

The third film in the Love Comes Softly saga, Love's Long Journey tells the story of Missy. Now grown, and married to a wonderful man, Willie LaHaye (Logan Bartholomew), the two have headed further west to begin a ranch. Her surprise pregnancy, a lonely young boy, and a band of outlaws make their new place a difficult land to begin a home, but with courage, faith, love--and a bit of help from their kind hearted ranch hands and unexpected neighbors-- the two find a way to make love's promise continue in Love's Long Journey.

Love's Unending Legacy

In the fifth film-- Love's Unending Legacy-- viewers find Missy, alone after an unexpected bar fight suddenly killed her beloved Willie, and struggling to believe in love's promises. When she moves her family back east to live near her parents she finds herself a teaching position to provide, but it takes a chance encounter with a lonely orphan named Belinda Marshall (Holliston Coleman), to remind her the importance of faith-- in God and in herself. As she reaches out and adopts Belinda she finds herself encountering the towns sheriff Zach Tyler (Victor Browne) who's tragic losses mirror her own. Will she be able to learn the importance of hope and joy, in Love's Unending Legacy or will the story her parents began finish here?

Love Begins & Love's Everlasting Courage

The two prequels to the Love Comes Softly saga tells the story before Marty and Clark's fateful meeting. In Love Begins the young Clark Davis (Wes Brown) is full of big dreams of adventure and traveling the world are smashed when he gets in a fight that damages the local cafe. In a deal between the sherrif and the cafe owner, Clark is allowed to work off his sentence by serving as a farmhand for Ellen (Julie Mond) and Cassie (Abigail Mavity)-- two young orphaned sisters in need of a hand. Clark and Ellen soon fall in love, but can Clark give up his dreams of adventure to start a home?

Fast forward several years in the future in Love's Everlasting Courage, and you will discover the same Clark struggling to provide for his wife (Ellen) and their young daughter Missie (Morgan Lily) as drought ravages their farm. Hoping to provide some income, Ellen applies for a job as a seamstress in the town, but soon becomes ill with scarlet fever. When his beloved wife dies, Clark and Missy wonder if they will ever be able to love again, or if they will live heartbroken forever.

The two prequels for the Love Comes Softly Story set the stage for the wonderful hope, love, faith, and courage found in the other films.


The stories in the Love Comes Softly series will delight young and old alike. Their messages of love, hope, courage, and most importantly faith, in times of blessing and times of difficulty will encourage and inspire viewers of all ages. With plenty of romance, family, outlaws, deadly diseases, and cowboys, the whole family will enjoy the ten stories in the Love Comes Softly series together while being reminded that God stands firm and loving throughout the most difficult of times. Valuable lessons, and wonderful stories are woven together in a delightful story spanning many generations full of love.

All films in the Love Comes Softly Series were rated PG by the Motion Picture Association of America, excepting Love's Enduring Promise, Love's Long Journey, and Love's Unending Legacy which were not rated. In addition, all films received the "family approved" award for all ages from the Dove Foundation, excepting Love's Long Journey, Love's Unending Legacy, Love's Abiding Joy, and even Love Begins which received a the same award for ages twelve and up. As always it is recommend that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but these films are considered acceptable for most audiences.

All films are approximately an hour and half each not including bonus features.

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