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  • Director: Brian Barkley
  • Languages: English
  • Run Time: 106
  • Region Code: 1
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Life After Abortion DVD

Life After Abortion is a film that presents the untold stories of abortion survivors as well as those who have had abortions in their past. This film deals with the hurt, grief, anxiety, and immense pain that surrounds abortion. Touching and heart wrenching, Life After Abortion is a film that seeks to eliminate the stigma surrounding the topic of unplanned pregnancies. Journey beyond the political debates and ideas about abortion and take a long, hard look at what really happens when a woman has an abortion. This film provides honest insight into the immense impact that abortion has on so many people.

The Victims

Abortion is a touchy subject that no one wants to talk about. In today's society, it has been accepted as something normal and is presented as no big deal. The world takes the truth of abortion and twists it into a lie that says it is not harmful. They try to present it as the pregnant woman's choice to do what is best for her. However, almost no one considers the consequences that come after the choice has been made. What kind of impact does this have on the child as well as the woman who chose to have the procedure?

Life After Abortion investigates the victims of abortion, and presents their stories. These victims range from abortion survivors to women who chose to abort their child. Help for these victims is rare, and the emotional damage they experience is greater than can be imagined.

What happens when a child survives an abortion? What kind of physical toll does that take on them, not to mention the emotional damage it causes? Children who survive abortions deal with the great pain of rejection and often have deep-seated anxiety and insecurity. The very person who was supposed to bring them into the world and give them life was the one who chose to take that away from them. This messes greatly with a child's psyche and causes extreme emotional issues later in life.

Many people do not stop to consider what happens to the women who choose to abort their babies. It is assumed that abortion is no big deal and that life can be continued as normal. However, this is not true. Abortion is the act of killing an unborn child and physically removing it from the mother's body. This loss of life is intense and heartbreaking, as well as physically taxing on the pregnant woman. Women who choose to abort their babies are forced to face the reality of their actions and are often left with deep emotional scars. Guilt plagues them and weighs them down heavily. Life After Abortion tells the stories of these women as well. This film is powerful and moving, as it seeks to spread awareness of the effect of abortion on everyone involved in the process.

Melissa Ohden

Melissa Ohden is a famous public speaker and activist, most known for her work in the pro-life movement. She was born during an attempted saline abortion that ultimately failed. Her story begins with a single 19 year old college student. This woman, her mother, became pregnant with Ohden. The pregnancy was unplanned and unwanted, so she headed to an abortion clinic to get rid of the child.

There, the doctors believed her to only be 18 weeks into her pregnancy, within the legal limit for an abortion to be performed. The abortion was believed to have been successful, and the supposedly dead body of Ohden was set aside on a table until it could be discarded. However, a nurse soon noticed movements and cries coming from the child, and she was revealed to have survived the abortion. This nurse took pity on her and immediately sought medical help. There, an APGAR test was administered and Ohden was discovered to actually be at 31 weeks gestation. She weighed only two pounds and fourteen ounces at birth.

Ohden was taken to a special ICU and was treated for having seizures along with liver and respiratory complications. Eventually, she overcame these medical barriers and was adopted by a family. Growing up, she knew that she was adopted. However, at age fourteen, she found out that she was the survivor of a failed abortion attempt. This news devastated her and left her questioning whether she should be alive. Her mind and heart were broken by this information, but her adoptive parents thought that it was best that she knew her beginnings.

Instead of being weighed down by this information for the rest of her life, Ohden eventually found healing through Christianity. She felt that God was calling her to speak out on the subject of abortion and use her amazing and unique story to reach others. After careful thought, Ohden decided to make her story public and weigh in on the abortion debate.

Her story is mind-boggling and heartbreaking, but it has fueled her and made her the person that she is today. Ohden has been involved not only with pro-life activism but has also been involved in social work. She has a degree in social work and seeks to help children coming from intense situations. She helps abuse and sexual assault victims find life and hope again, and provides them with the love of Christ. Ohden uses her story to touch others and prove the faithfulness of God.

Life After Abortion is a touching and gripping documentary that exposes the lies surrounding the subject of abortion. Abortion is not an easy topic to discuss, but it must be talked about. Women and children are left with emotional and physical scars too great to simply walk away from. This film is expository and provocative, tackling a difficult subject with grace and finesse.

Life After Abortion is not rated by the Motion Picture Association of America. However, it contains intense themes and heavy content. It is strongly recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their family to watch.

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