Holiday Triple Feature: The Most Wonderful Time Of Year/ Moonlight & Mistletoe/ The Christmas Choir DVD

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Holiday Triple Feature: The Most Wonderful Time Of Year/ Moonlight & Mistletoe/ The Christmas Choir DVD Synopsis

Get ready for the definitive collection of incredible Christian Christmas movies! This special Holiday Triple Feature is specially designed to bring three of the greatest Christmas specials together on one excellent DVD. Experience the magic of these three films, The Most Wonderful Time of Year, Moonlight & Mistletoe, and The Christmas Choir in this excellent collection of films. If you're looking for some films to get you in the proper Christmas spirit this season, then prepare to be amazed by this Holiday Triple Feature! This DVD contains three different Christmas movies, each one bringing new lessons of love, hope, and the Christmas spirit. If you love movies that embrace the Christmas season, then prepare to be amazed by this DVD, which would make an excellent addition to your collection!

The Most Wonderful Time of Year

Meet Jennifer Cullen, a mom to her six-year-old son and single, working mother. Jen is often known as the "Scrooge" of Christmas as she's never quite able to get into the spirit of the season. Maybe it's the fact that she's alone, or just the fact that she's so busy with work she doesn't have time to notice, but this Christmas might just prove to be completely different for the Cullen family. Jen and her six year old Brian are getting ready for Christmas. Their Uncle Ralph comes into town for a visit and he brings a surprise guest home with him. As it turns out, Uncle Ralph sat next to a man named Morgan on the plane, who was preparing to continue flying on to Denver for Christmas. Unfortunately, Morgan's plans are ruined when he finds out that Denver is covered in snow and he's not going to be able to make it there in time for Christmas. So, Uncle Ralph, being the kindhearted man that he is, invites Morgan to spend Christmas with him and his family. The Most Wonderful Time of Year follows this family as they prepare for the Christmas season and have to overcome their own obstacles and inhibitions in order to truly enjoy this Christmas. Will Morgan learn to like Jen and the family? And more importantly, will they learn to like him?

Jen is very unsure about this stranger in her house and doesn't appreciate the fact that her uncle brought him into their home. She begins to wonder if he is really what he says he is. But after spending time with him, they begin to really like each other, something Jen's boyfriend takes notice of and does not approve of. Morgan begins to think he might truly like Jen in The Most Wonderful Time of Year, but if Jen won't stop making Christmas all about business and caring only for other things, Morgan will move on, leaving Jen behind. Will they learn to make each other a priority this Christmas, or will their short-lived relationship slowly slip away?

Moonlight & Mistletoe

In this second film on the Holiday Triple Feature collection, we travel to Chester, Vermont, learning about their year-round Christmas traditions. It seems like it's always Christmas in Santaville, as people in the town try year round to keep the holiday appeal alive. However, the appeal of the year-round Christmas village slowly begins to die out and now the head and owner of Santaville, Nick Crosby begins to find himself and his business on the verge of bankruptcy. Nick, the owner of the town and also head Santa continues living out his dream in Santaville, smiling at visitors, and carrying on as if the town was fine. But as the bills begin to stack up and the town begins to slowly die, Nick is faced with the very real possibility that his year-round Christmas village might fall into bankruptcy!

In Moonlight & Mistletoe, Nick's daughter and number one elf Holly returns home for the Christmas season, but is shocked when she finds out about the situation her dad is in. Determined to save the village, she recruits another one of Nick's employees, Peter to help save the village before it's too late. Together they work determined to save Santa's village. Using Holly's smarts and Nick's abilities as a master wood craftsman, they devise a stupendous solution that will hopefully help them save the village before it's too late!

The Christmas Choir

One more film is contained on the incredible 3 pack Holiday Triple Feature. In The Christmas Choir, Peter Brockman is an accountant who is wealthy and successful, but deep down he feels spiritually empty. He lives his life day by day but he never really feels full or satisfied. He's tried to find his place in life, but everything he does only makes him feel more down and depressed. Determined to pull himself out of his funk this Christmas, he decides to begin volunteering at a homeless shelter, a situation that he hopes will help improve his mood. He reasons that giving back to the community will help him feel better about himself, knowing he's doing good to others. While he's there, Peter begins to realize how many of them are very musically talented and inclined. These homeless people all have talents for singing, and Peter quickly realizes this is something he can help them with. Determined to help these people get their lives back, he starts a choir made up of members of the homeless community. And together, they begin singing in public venues, achieving acclaim and helping these people get back on their feet -- all through the power of music! The Christmas Choir is based on the true story of a man who volunteered at a homeless shelter and saw a way he could help the people in the homeless community. He helped many of them form a choir so they could once again have financial security and get back on their feet.

All three of these films are powerful and enjoyable stories full of heartwarming messages and encouraging stories. The Holiday Triple Feature would make an excellent addition to your Christmas collection this holiday season.

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