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Holiday Baggage Synopsis

Pete and Sarah have been estranged for years. After getting married, having kids, and being together for years and years, they eventually gave up and went their separate ways. Having had a rough time with his family and unsure of what he can do to proceed, Pete simply runs away from his family, not sure how to be with them or what he can do at this point. Unfortunately, this ruins his relationship with his daughters and fractures any kind of relationship they could have had. Pete begins missing events, birthdays, graduations, and even a wedding. His kids have all but forgotten about their father. He's moved onto his life, and they've moved onto theirs. However, things began to change for Pete and once he decides to get remarried, he realizes he needs to go back and see his family again. But how can he go back? What can he say? How can he restore these relationships that have been broken for years and years? Pete has a near heartattack when he learns that he is about to become a grandfather. Moving back in with his family temporarily to recover from his sickness, he begins to try to restore his relationships with his daughters. And while he's there he falls in love with them all over again, but an unintended consequence is he again begins falling in love with someone else -- his old wife Sarah! Will Pete cut the ties and move on with his new wife or will he realize he belongs at home with his family? Will he restore his relationships? Or move on with his life? Find out in this heartwarming Christmas family film, Holiday Baggage! Starring Cheryl Ladd and Barry Bostwick, this is an exciting Christmas film that is sure to inspire and uplift you and your family this Christmas season. If you're looking for a new film to watch with your family this Christmas season, Holiday Baggage is the perfect option! It's a film full of family, faith, and heart, and it will surely keep you hooked to the very end as characters must make important life-changing decisions, and relationships hang in the balance.


The Importance of Restoring Relationships

Holiday Baggage is a fascinating film and it has a wonderful message for everyone this Christmas season. It's an important reminder that we need to restore relationships whenever we possibly can. It's easy for us when there's conflict to hide away from everyone. We want to simply move on with our lives and never see certain people again. It's the easier solution, we determine, to just move on and forget about the people from that time in our life. But that's not always the right solution. Sometimes what we need to do is restore. In the case of Holiday Baggage, Pete knew he'd hurt his family. He'd made some serious mistakes and he began to realize that it wasn't right for him to leave and simply cut off all ties with his family and old life. And so, in Holiday Baggage, Pete begins restoring his relationships, not only with his daughters but with his wife as well. The Bible calls us to live at peace with people, as far as it depends on us. It stresses the importance of staying together as a couple and how important it is for a father to always be there for his kids. These may not have been lessons that Pete wanted to learn. He most certainly didn't want to admit he was even a little at fault. But as time went on, he began to realize how much he missed his family, and he wanted them back. And he then began to realize the only way that was going to happen was if he asked forgiveness and admitted he was wrong. If you as a couple are struggling with a relationship right now, this can be a powerful film to show the importance of working through issues and staying together. If you're going through a difficult time right now and need an encouraging Christmas drama that supports the idea of rebuilding relationships and sticking together through thick and thin, this is the movie for you.


The Story of Holiday Baggage

Pete is ready for the next stage of life. He's readying himself for retirement and he's planning to move on with his life. He's getting remarried and he's headed off to start a new life of relaxation with his beautiful new wife. But before he gets married, he decides that it's important to tell his family, the family he abandoned years ago and the wife that he basically divorced (although it was never official). When he goes back to them, he is startled to learn that one of his daughters is pregnant, and is about to have a baby. This makes Pete realize -- he's about to become a grandfather! This causes him to panic, and not in a comedic way. He has a small heart attack and almost loses his life right then and there! When he comes to again, it is decided he'll temporarily move in with his family and they'll take care of him while he gets better and recovers from his heart attack. Sarah, his estranged wife is willing to take him in, but this causes a lot of tension between his family, especially his daughters. They're still angry with him for leaving them. They've had to learn to live life without him, with him missing graduations and even a wedding! Holiday Baggage is an aptly named film -- they're getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday. But will they be able to work through all their baggage in time or will they simply be driven apart by conflicts, pent up aggression and anger? Holiday Baggage is a wonderful and moving Family Christmas film. If you're looking for a film about love and restored relationships that would be perfect for the Thanksgiving/Christmas season, then this is the movie for you. This film has great lessons for the whole family and it would make for a stellar film to show to your family this Christmas season.

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