Gods Not Dead 5 DVD Set

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  • Cast: Kevin Sorbo, Shane Harper, David A.R. White and Dean Cain
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 8/4/10

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God's Not Dead 5 DVD Pack | Christian Movies


Get a 5-pack of one of the greatest outreach tools available!



God's Not Dead: 5 DVD Set is a wonderful collection for any fans of the film. Five DVD copies are included in this set, which can be purchased and used as a powerful outreach tool. God's Not Dead is a moving and inspiring film that contains a compelling call to action. Faced with adversity, Josh Wheaton must defend his faith and prove that God is not dead, but is active and alive. Though the odds are against him, he is able to use powerful logical arguments, personal testimonies, and hours of research to prove that God is alive. Along the way, Josh is able to share his faith with those who need Jesus the most. This dramatic and inspiring film will leave viewers wanting to proclaim to the world that God's Not Dead.




God's Not Dead begins in a college classroom, where Josh Wheaton is listening to his professor, Jeffrey Radisson, teach a lesson about how God is ancient and is dead. He asks each of his students to sign a declaration that says "God is dead"å?. Josh, however, refuses to comply with his atheist professor's wishes, which causes Radisson to single him out. He challenges Josh to a debate and says that the class will judge for themselves who is the winner.


Deep in thought, Josh shares the challenge with his girlfriend Kara. She encourages him to either sign the statement, or drop Radisson's class all together. He does not wish to do this, as his beliefs have been challenged and he feels strongly about defending them. Kara informs him that he is jeopardizing their academic future and breaks up with him, leaving him questioning if he is making the right decision.


After choosing to accept Radisson's challenge, Josh is given twenty minutes at the end of the next three classes in order to prove his point that God is alive. In the first class, Josh presents evidence for intelligent design and a creator, using science and the origins of the world. In the second class, he discusses macroevolution and slowly erodes the theory of evolution. However, for both of these lectures, Radisson has a counter argument that seems every bit as strong as Josh's.


The day of the third class arrives, and tension between Radisson and Josh is higher than ever. Josh presents his final argument that God is alive, to which Radisson responds with an equally convincing argument. After they both complete their lectures, things boil over. Josh calmly asks his professor why he hates God. After repeating the question twice more, Radisson finally explodes and says that he hates God for the death of his mother.


Josh realizes what has just been said and asks how Radisson can hate someone who does not exist. The entire class is silent, until Martin, a student from China, stands up and says three important words; "God's Not Dead"å?. Almost the entire class follows suit, and the professor leaves the room, angry and defeated.


Throughout the rest of this film, other characters start appearing, and their lives start intersecting in incredible and miraculous ways. Radisson starts dating a woman named Mina, who has faith in God. When he is eating dinner with his academic colleagues one night, he berates her and disses her in front of them. This greatly hurts her feelings, and her relationship with Radisson is strained.


Mina's brother, Mark, comes to town, but refuses to visit their ailing mother. She suffers from dementia, but Mark does not know how to interact with her and decides not to visit at all. Mark is dating a woman named Amy, who is a successful blogger. She often writes critical articles regarding the people who appear on Duck Dynasty. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she is diagnosed with cancer. When she tells Mark, he overreacts and breaks up with her, unsure how to deal with this information.


Another character named Ayisha is a Muslim student at the same college that Josh attends. Her family is deeply steeped in Muslim culture and beliefs, and her recent conversion to Christianity outrages her father. He is full of fury and rage, and disowns her from his family. Each of these stories shows the spiritual battles going on in the lives of these characters, and the affect that faith has on them and the people around them.


After the final debate in Radisson's classroom, Josh become closer with Martin. He comes from a family in China that is very opposed to Christianity, so his involvement with Josh is frowned upon by his family back home. Josh invites him to go to a Newsboys concert, in order to hear more about God and worship him. Martin agrees and the two head to the concert together.


Meanwhile, Amy is struggling with the news that she has cancer. She is full of anger and decides to write a flaming expository piece on the Newsboys. Barging in on their dressing room, she tries to confront them about their faith. However, after talking with them, they end up praying for her and she becomes a Christian.


Radisson, dealing with the fallout from his argument with Josh and Mina, decides to read a letter from his mother. This letter is full of grace and forgiveness, so he decides to reconcile with Mina. However, on his way to visit her and make things right, he is struck by a car and fatally injured. The man who rushes to find him is actually a reverend, and he talks Radisson through believing in God. Radisson confesses his sins and becomes a Christian as he lays dying.


God's Not Dead contains a powerful message about faith and defending one's beliefs. Though Josh could have taken the easy way out and simply left things with Radisson alone, he chose to stand up for what was right. Each of the characters in this film has their own powerful and moving story, and they intersect in a complicated and beautiful manner. God's Not Dead: 5 DVD Set is a priceless resource for anyone wanting to distribute this film to their family and friends.

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