Davey and Goliath Volumes 7-12 DVD set

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Davey and Goliath: Volumes 7-12

Six 30-minute specials highlight this 50th anniversary collection of six DVDs. Along with specials for summer, Easter, New Year's, Halloween, Christmas, and back to school, this set contains 29 other classic episodes of the popular TV series produced by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Four previously lost episodes also are featured, including "Louder Please," in which a deaf neighbor teaches Davey to appreciate all the sounds in the world around him, and "The Watchdogs," in which Davey learns the real meaning of the golden rule after he witnesses a robbery.

Join Davey Hansen and his talking dog, Goliath, as they learn the importance of responsibility ("Six-Seven-Six-Three," "Who Me?"), consequences ("Kookaburra," "The Caretakers"), safety ("Chicken," "The Hard Way), diversity ("Blind Man's Bluff," "Come, Come to the Fair"), and more. Each DVD is also available separately.

Episode List:

Volume 7
"A Dillar, a Dollar," "Jeep in the Deep," "Rags and Buttons"
"Who Me?," "The Stopped Clock," "To the Rescue" (30-minute special)

Volume 8
"If at First You Don't Succeed," "Kookaburra,""Finders Keepers"
"The Caretakers," "The Hard Way," "Halloween Who-Dun-It" (30-minute special)

Volume 9
"Blind Man's Bluff," "The Greatest," "Rickety-Rackety"
"Boy in Trouble," "Help!," "Christmas Lost and Found" (30-minute special)

Volume 10
"Louder Please," "The Zillion Dollar Combo," "Upside Down and Backwards"
"Six-Seven-Six-Three," "Who's George?," "New Year Promise" (30-minute special)

Volume 11
"What's His Name," "Chicken," "Kum Ba Yah"
"Ready or Not," "Pieces of Eight," "Happy Easter" (30-minute special)

Volume 12
"The Watchdogs," "Come, Come to the Fair," "The Doghouse Dream House"
"The Good Bad Luck," "School...Who Needs It?" (30-minute special)

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