A Cookie Cutter Christmas DVD

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  • Cast: Erin Krakow, David Haydn-Jones, Miranda Frigon, Alan Thicke
  • Director: Christie Will
  • Languages: English
  • Run Time: 86 minutes
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Region Code: 1
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A Cookie Cutter Christmas | Christian Movie, Film & DVD

Christie is a wonderful elementary school teacher with a bit of a competitive streak-- especially when it comes to her childhood rival Penny who also happens to be a teacher at the same school. When Christie enters the school baking competition to win a prize for her class there is one big problem-- two problems actually. The first is that Christie is possibly the worst baker on the planet, the second is that Penny (who also happens to be one of the best) is also in the contest. When one of Christie's students puts her in touch with her single dad for some help in the kitchen sparks fly, but Christie's old rival is right there too. Will Christie's holiday season and budding romance be ruined, and will she lose her friend along the way as well? From Hallmark comes a heartwarming holiday film Cookie Cutter Christmas. Starring Erin Krakow (When Calls The Heart), David Haydn-Jones, Genea Charpentier (Signed, Sealed, Delivered), and Miranda Frigon Cookie Cutter Christmas is filled with plenty of Christmas cookies, a sprinkle of fun, and a dash of romance.

Cookies, Christmas Lights, And Competition

Christie Reynolds (Erin Krakow) is a beautiful, friendly elementary school teacher who happens to love everything about her life. Everything that is, besides Penny Miller (Miranda Frigon). Penny, who also happens to teach at the same school, has been Christie's rival for most of her life. The two (who used to be best friends) have been arch-rivals since a fight over a coveted Christmas solo way back in elementary school-- when they were in elementary school as kids that is. Now that they both work in their old war zone, the competition is as fierce as ever, and with the Christmas season fast approaching the competition is heating up. In the past the two rivals from Cookie Cutter Christmas have been content with a high intensity battle over who can decorate their house better for the holidays, but this year a new element has been added. The annual school fundraising festival will feature a Teacher Christmas Cookie Bake Off, judged by a notable five star chef. Both Christie and Penny are determined to beat the other, and while things look good for the fearless and talented baker Penny, the opposite is true for Christie who happens to be completely helpless in the kitchen. The desperate star of Cookie Cutter Christmas seeks out help from her mom and friends, but the baking lessons do not seem to be helping her horrible baking skills-- if anything they are getting worse. Enter James and Lily. Lily, a sweet new girl in Christie's class, is struggling to adjust to life in a new town, and Christie starts tutoring the girl outside of school. When James-- Lily's attractive, charming, and very single dad who also happens to be a terrific cook-- finds out Christie's baking predicament he offers to give her cooking lessons. Penny, however, is not about to be beaten in the game of men, however, and yet another competition ensues. While James and Christie's relationship starts to deepen, however, they soon find themselves caught in the battle between women, and Christie must learn that sometimes the best things in life do not come with a prize.

Positive Values

Besides being a fun film Cookie Cutter Christmas is a film the entire family can watch together. The clean movie is also filled with positive values and lessons viewers of all ages can learn from. The biggest lesson viewers of Cookie Cutter Christmas can learn is obviously how competition and can ruin relationships. Christie and Penny used to be happy childhood friends until one act of jealousy and unforgiveness tore their lives apart. Now their constant competition and bickering has destroyed not only their friendship, but their lives in general. Neither woman can be happy with her achievements, her blessings, her talents, or her life because she is constantly comparing it to someone else's instead of counting her blessings. In short, the endless competition has instilled a heart of ingratitude in Christie and Penny. The film Cookie Cutter Christmas is a good example, however, of how one act of selflessness and one act of forgiveness can repair even the most broken of relationships. Cookie Cutter Christmas will remind viewers of all ages to count their blessings and be thankful for what God has given them instead of constantly trying to one up those around them.


Filled with tender compassion, moments of comedy, sprinkles of laughter, and a dash of good old fashioned romance Cookie Cutter Christmas is a film viewers of all ages can laugh along with together. Not only that, but viewers will be reminded of the great blessings God has already given them, and to joyfully love those around them-- no matter how great your differences. Grab a plate of warm cookies, a glass of milk, and settle down for a film full of Christmas light battles, cookie catastrophes, and a little bit of love.

A Cookie Cutter Christmas has been rated G by the Motion Picture Association of America. This film received the "Family Approved" award for all ages from the Dove Foundation. As always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but the film A Cookie Cutter Christmas is generally considered appropriate for most audiences.

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When Calls the Heart


"He says, "It is too small a thing that you should be My Servant. To Raise up the tribes of Jacob, and to restore the preserved ones of Israel; I will also make you a light of the nations so that My salvation may reach the end of the earth.” - Isaiah 49:6