Christmas Wish DVD

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  • Director: Craig Clyde
  • Producer: Bryce Filmore
  • Languages: English
  • Run Time: 97 min
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Subtitles: English
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A Christmas Wish Movie

If you're looking for a heartwarming Christmas tale to inspire and encourage you this Christmas season, look no further than A Christmas Wish. This powerful and exciting Christmas movie follows the story of Martha Evans, a mother of two young girls and step-mother to one boy, who faces tragedy right before Christmas. Much to her shock and sadness, her husband chooses to leave her a week before Christmas, taking her money and leaving her with the three kids and no money with which to support them. Martha has no idea how she'll be able to afford to feed her children and she struggles with what to do next. She wishes not only that she could provide presents for her children this Christmas, she would just be happy if she could feed them their next meal. Unable to find employment, and unsure of what she is to do, she wanders into a new town, three children in tow. Hoping to find comfort and safety in the care of these new strangers, she enters this new town, looking for employment and hopefully even a few friends. While the film starts out melancholy and full of heartbreaking tragedy, we begin to see some incredible things happening that could completely change the future for the Evans! Follow this journey of romance, love, and care in A Christmas Wish, a new Hallmark Channel film perfect for the Christmas season.

More About A Christmas Wish

Originally titled "A Root Beer Christmas", this film is an inspiring tale perfect for ringing in the Christmas season. It asks the hard question - what do you do when everything goes wrong right before Christmas? How are you able to recover from that, especially when you have no money and three little ones looking to you for hope for the future? This is the situation that Martha Evans finds herself in. Watch as A Christmas Wish introduces us to a colorful cast of characters who are full of heart, kindness, and the Christmas spirit. If you've been a fan of other Hallmark Channel Christmas specials, you are sure to love A Christmas Wish as well. This is a film that will inspire you this Christmas season as you watch others triumph through difficult times. Hallmark Channel has a fantastic collection of Christmas specials and films with more made for television films being produced every Christmas season. Their lineup is always fantastic with amazing Christmas films being produced all the time that inspire others to live out the Christmas spirit. These stories of romance, wonder, and fantasy will uplift and encourage you this Christmas season.

The Story of A Christmas Wish

Meet Martha Evans (played by Kristy Swanson), a mother of 3 kids who finds herself down on her luck after a horrific turn of events just one week before Christmas. With only 7 days to Christmas, she wakes up to find her husband has left her, and not only has he left her (most likely never to return), but he has left with all three kids and no money. Having found out she is left to provide for the kids, she has no money, and can hardly afford to feed her kids their next meal, Martha breaks down, out of options and unsure of how she can even go on with life. With nothing left to lose, she packs the kids up and takes off for a new town with new people where she can hopefully find a new life, a job, and a place to successfully raise her kids. It's difficult for Martha at first, and she seeks around desperately for a job. Eventually, she winds up at a small diner where she meets Trudy (played by Tess Harper), the owner of the small and quiet diner. She begs her for a job, and after convincing her that she can work for minimum wage plus tips, she gets the job at least until Christmas. The next week finds Martha living her life one day at a time, trying to make enough to survive and feed her kids their next meal. But as the bills pile up, her car breaks down, and Christmas gets closer and closer, Martha begins to realize that it's going to be impossible for her to make it on her own.

Despite all of these setbacks, A Christmas Wish depicts a small town with a bright and happy environment and a cheerful array of kind characters in this lovely town. As Martha meets more of the locals, she gets more and more built up and excited about the future ahead. She begins to see the value in people and her faith begins to be restored. That all changes, however, when her ex-husband Cal returns into her life. He shows up with one purpose -- to take on the last thing from Martha before they part ways: his son. Martha is extremely hurt when her son realizes he would rather be with his dad, knowing he can provide for him better and that it would seem to be the better offer. And so, Martha is disconnected from her step-son and now she is left to fend for herself with her two daughters. Martha once again begins to feel hopeless -- until the townspeople surround her with love in order to help her have the best Christmas ever. A Christmas Wish is ultimately a story of hope, depicting a beautiful small town with people who are willing to help and support each other. Martha and her daughters begin to grow closer and they know that despite all of the loss, despite all of the loneliness and stress, they are in for what might be the greatest Christmas ever! A Christmas Wish is a beautiful and heartwarming Christmas tale, and makes for a perfect film to ring in the season. If you're looking for a new tradition this holiday, or you're ready to start making room for new Christmas classics on your DVD shelf, it wouldn't be complete without A Christmas Wish.

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