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  • Cast: Madeleine Stowe, James Remar, Ian Ziering
  • Run Time: 86 min
  • Closed Captioning: No
  • Region Code: 1

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The Christmas Hope

Christmas Hope is the third film in a movie series adapted from the books by Donna VanLiere. Similar in style to the previous two entries, Christmas Shoes and Christmas Blessing, this film continues the sage, bringing the trilogy to an end in a thrilling and satisfying way. Christmas Hope follows the story of husband and wife Mark and Patricia Addison. After losing their son, they find themselves distraught and wrecked. Together they try to begin life again, restoring their relationship and learning how to live without their son. However, they quickly find out how difficult it is for them to be together now that their son has passed away. Any conversation they have turns into an argument and they find themselves unable to continue living life together. They soon find their marriage on the rocks and their relationship splintered because of the loss of their son Sean.

Hoping to cope with her son's death, Patricia Addison begins helping young children in need find homes and places for them to stay. Hoping to do something productive and useful with her life, she finds this a wonderful way to find restoration and renewal in her broken life. One day she meets a 9 year old girl by the name of Emily. Through a series of events, she ends up bringing her into their home for the Christmas season. While initially reluctant, they begin to form a special bond with Emily and begin to wonder if she should stay with them longer than just the Christmas season.

Emily is broken and upset after losing her mother in a car wreck. Because of her grief, and the grief of Patricia and Mark, they begin to form a special relationship through their common losses. Mark and Patricia begin to find their relationship restored and they begin to see a light out of their grief and suffering. Together they must help Emily who is dealing with the tragedy that her mom will never come back. In Christmas Hope, Emily is thoroughly convinced that her mom is coming back for her, and the Addisons must delicately handle the situation, telling Emily the truth that her mom is really and truly gone.

Meanwhile, Mark helps one of his son's friends and Dr. Nathan Andrews, a central character from the previous two films attempts to find the parents of a boy who died years ago in the ER. Dr. Andrews hopes to meet these parents, as their son who passed away as the very first patient he ever lost. All of these stories come together to tell a beautiful, tearjerking story of love, loss, and hope. Christmas Hope is an inspirational Christmas movie that helps bring hope to some really dark issues and moments of loss and heartbreak.

Christmas Hope does an excellent job at continuing the series, featuring old faces like Dr. Nathan Andrews (a central part of all three films), but also introducing a fresh cast of characters. After the success of the movie and song "The Christmas Shoes," this series continues on into a terrific third film.

The Book Series by Donna VanLiere

Christmas Hope was originally adapted from a book series by Donna VanLiere. The book series features seven books and is referred to by the name "The Christmas Hope Series." 5 of the books have so far been turned into films and they have been well received. Many of the books in the series have been New York Times Bestsellers and have had a very successful run.

The Christmas Shoes (2002)

The first film in the Christmas Hope series, The Christmas Shoes precedes Christmas Hope chronologically and contains several intertwining plots. It is based on both the book and the song of the same name and stars Rob Lowe and Kimberly Williams. Released in 2002, it tells the story of a young boy trying to get a pair of Christmas shoes for his terminally ill mother. He knows he doesn't have long, but he is determined to get these shoes for her in time for Christmas. Meanwhile, a workaholic lawyer named Robert struggles to find a balance between his work life. With the Christmas season fast approaching, he must restore his relationship with his wife and daughter. The young boy in this film goes by the name of Nathan Andrews, who also appears in the Christmas Hope as the doctor determined to find the parents of a former young patient.

The Christmas Blessing

The Christmas Blessing, the second film in the series, and also preceding Christmas Hope, focuses on Nathan, now grown up and working as a doctor. Catastrophe strikes when he loses his very first patient. After dealing with this emotional death and feeling like he failed as a doctor, he gives up and decides being a doctor is not for him. Calling it quits, he takes a vacation to his hometown to stay with his father. Here he meets a young boy by the name of Charlie. While here, Nathan remembers the Christmas shoes that he gave to his mother when she died over a decade ago and decides to try and find them again. He discovers that Charlie is now in possession of these. Charlie, Nathan soon discovers has an irregular heart defect, and soon Nathan forms a friendship with him. The Christmas Blessing is another touching film in the story and a perfect leadup to Christmas Hope.


If you enjoyed the popular movie Christmas Shoes or like Hallmark Christmas specials and movies, you are sure to enjoy Christmas Hope. Continuing the story of Christmas Shoes while simultaneously introducing new characters and plotlines, this is an excellent addition to the series. The cast of characters is enjoyable and heartfelt and this emotional film is sure to not leave a dry eye in the room. This movie talks about the tragedy and grief of death and loss, but it also manages to focus on the hope that follows afterward. This film is more than just a drama or story, it is a powerful story of hope for all.

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