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The Christmas Card DVD

The Christmas Card is a beautiful film that shows the immense power of love. This movie is a delightful gem amongst many Christmas films, and will appeal to the entire family. It contains elements that leaves everyone with something to take away, not just a select audience. This movie is full of heartwarming moments, as well as heartbreaking ones. While the war in Afghanistan rages, Sergeant Cody Cullen receives a Christmas card from a woman named Faith. This card warms his heart and brings him hope during the war. This sweet card leads him on a journey filled with love, determined to find Faith. The Christmas Card is touching and inspiring, filled with a unique and powerful message about what it means to truly find love.


The Christmas Card begins with Sergeant Cody Cullen right in the middle of the war raging on in Afghanistan. He struggles to find hope on the battlefield and has seen more than his fair share of violence and bloodshed. As Christmas time draws near, a fellow soldier gives him a card that he received in his hometown of Nevada City in California. This card was written by a woman named Faith Spelman, and it contains a beautiful photo of picturesque Nevada City. The words on the card are sweet and true, giving Cody a sense of peace and hope. He keeps this card by his side as he continues fighting in the war, and it takes on a meaning to him that he never imagined it would.

Cody has been alone most of his life, as he has no remaining family. His father was killed during the Vietnam War, and he has no living relatives to return to anymore. He does not know where he will go or what he will do when the war is over, and the card from Faith is one of the only things that keeps him going. However, when the soldier that first gave him the card is killed in an explosion, Cody becomes deeply depressed. He is so greatly affected by this death that someone suggests he take a leave of absence in order to recover from the emotional trauma.

The Christmas Card finds Cody traveling to Nevada City in order to give the last of the soldier who gave him the card's belongings to his widow. Here, he accidentally runs into Faith, the woman who wrote the card. She is a beautiful young woman who instantly captures Cody's heart. He knows that she is the woman who wrote the card, and he can't help but feel a connection to her, though she does not know who he is.

Just as he is leaving Nevada City, saddened by the fact that he does not know how to see Faith again, he saves a man from being hit by a speeding car. This man just so happens to be Faith's father, and takes an instant liking to Cody. He convinces him to stay on and help him with his logging company while he is on leave, and this brings joy to Cody's heart. He hopes that he can get a chance to get to know Faith better.

However, his hopes for a possible future with her are dashed when he is introduced to Faith's longtime boyfriend, Paul. The Christmas Card paints a stark contrast between the two men, as one is willing to sacrifice anything just to get to be with Faith while the other does not seem to appreciate the wonderful woman that he has. Paul travels a good portion of the time and is very removed from Nevada City. Faith, on the other hand, wishes to stay here her entire life and be close to her family. Paul does not seem to care a bit about what Faith wants when it comes to this, and she does not voice her opinion.

As Cody spends more time around Faith, he cannot help but develop feelings for her. Despite his attempts to guard his heart, Cody finds himself falling in love with her. Further complicating matters, Faith seems to return his affections as the two share a sweet kiss in the snow. Paul does not know of this growing attraction and decides to secure his relationship with Faith by proposing to her. She is very caught off guard and says yes without giving it much thought. The Christmas Card shows this all start to unravel even further on Christmas Eve, as Cody and Paul meet up with one another. Cody admits to Paul that he is in love with faith, but is resigned to the fact that she is going to marry Paul. He wishes them the best and begs Paul to take good care of her and love her for all the right reasons.

At the Christmas Eve church service, Faith cannot focus on the message that the pastor is delivering. Her heart is with Cody, and she keeps searching for him in the church building. Paul notices this and becomes very angry at the way she is acting. When the pastor asks for prayers for all the soldiers fighting in the military, Faith starts to cry as she thinks about Cody. Leaving church, she stands with Paul on the front steps and informs him that she cannot marry him, for her heart lies with another.

The Christmas Card finds Cody in his workshop finishing a beautiful, hand carved wooden bench for Faith and her family, and he leaves them a note leading to this bench. Faith finds this note and then goes to the bench, where a Christmas card is waiting for her. In this card, Cody tells her that he is in love with her but has left so that she can marry Paul. Frantic that he has left town, Faith searches all around for Cody so that she can tell him that she loves him too. She eventually does find him and the two share a beautiful Christmas kiss.

The Christmas Card is a beautiful and heartwarming film that focuses on the power of true love and the beautiful journey that accompanies this. This DVD is fun for the entire family and will please all ages of children and adults alike.

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