Christmas Angel (Sun World) DVD

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  • Cast: KC Clyde, Kari Hawker, Bruce Davison
  • Director: Brian Brough
  • Producer: Brian Brough, Brittany Wiscombe
  • Dove Approved: Dove Family Approved
  • Run Time: 93 minutes
  • Subtitles: English, Spanish
  • Region Code: 1
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Christmas Angel Synopsis

This fantastic Christmas film, produced by Sun World, entitled Christmas Angel is a wonderful film with the great message of love and giving selflessly to others. In Christmas Angel we follow Ashley, a girl who has been used to being on her own her entire life. She's learned how to grow up on her own and has never quite cared much for other people or their feelings. As far she's concerned, her life is centered around her and she lives her life accordingly. But, as the years go by, she begins to find herself increasingly lonely, without someone to live and enjoy life with. And after losing her job, she searches around aimlessly for a new job, with no one to help support her or guide her. Her days go from bad to worse, especially after she lands a job interview, and gets delayed after dropping her phone on the way to the interview. When she arrives, she finds that her job has been given away to somebody else. This puts Ashley back to square one with looking for a job. Eventually she encounters her neighbor Nick, who is a crotchety older gentleman who she's never paid much mind to. However, as she spends more time with him, she begins to see another side of him and he informs her that he can provide her with a job, if she's willing to take it. However, there are a few requirements. He needs to be kept anonymous and no one can know that she works for him.

Her job exactly? To be as giving as possible this Christmas by finding people who are in need this Christmas and secretly doing good to them. In Christmas Angel, Ashley essentially becomes a secret santa, using Nick's funds to surprise people anonymously with gifts and special deeds this Christmas season. This is a job that doesn't come easily for Ashley as she's used to living her own life and has never paid much attention to Christmas or giving to others. However, she finds she really does need a job, and so she accepts Nick's offer. Along the way, she runs across will, a reporter for a magazine, who eventually discovers just what exactly Ashley is up to. As Will gets drawn into the mission as well, he finds himself caught between a girl he is interested in and a unique opportunity to give, and a fantastic article that could skyrocket his career as a reporter.

An Uplifting Message for the Christmas Season

Christmas Angel is a wonderful Christmas movie with a great message, encouraging people to give freely this year, as that is really at the heart of what Christmas is. Jesus was giving to us and he is the reason that Christmas even exists. Jesus gave freely to us, even paying the ultimate price by paying his life so that we could all be saved. In Christmas Angel, Ashley isn't too excited about the idea of giving to help other people. She'd rather get a real job where she can work hard and focus on herself and her own happiness. But as she spends more time giving to others and learning the value of being a "secret santa" of sorts, she begins to see that there is incredible value in giving to others. She even discovers that giving gives her even greater joy than receiving, a concept that she has heard before but never quite believed until she experienced it for herself.

This is a perfect family film and if your family could benefit from a film that talks about the importance of giving and learning to love others this Christmas season, Christmas Angel would be a wonderful choice. It would make a great addition to your collection of Christmas movies and it could easily become a tradition as a film that your family watches every year together. With its uplifting message and encouraging spirit to give to others, not only in the Christmas season but year round, your family will be inspired to do good.

The Story

Ashley is essentially a loner, a girl who has learned to do everything on her own. With few friends and few people in her life to really care about, she's learned to take pride in her work and to simply put her nose to the grindstone. Her life is shaken up, though, when she is fired from her job and has to seek other employment. Christmas Angel begins showing Ashley getting ready for her new job interview. She is given an unwelcome greeting by an alarm clock and her barking dog Dash. But as she storms out the door, ready to make it to her interview, she loses her phone along the way, meeting a handsome young business journal reporter by the name of Will. When she arrives at the job interview, she is greeted with the unwelcome news that the job has just been filled, and Ashley is no longer needed to apply for the job. This devastates Ashley as she's not sure where to go from here. Where will she find employment?

It's shortly after this in Christmas Angel, that Ashley ends up talking with her neighbor Nick. Nick is a crotchety and hermit-like old man who's had some rough experiences in the past that have dramatically affected the way he views life now. But much to Ashley's amazement, she learns that Nick is rich -- "filthy rich" as he describes it. Because of this, he offers Ashley a job working for him. He asks Ashley to go and find people who need a little cheer or help this Christmas season. Then Nick provides Ashley with the funds to go and help them. Ashley basically acts as a secret Santa for Nick, finding people who need help and helping them. All seems to be going well until Will figures out just what Ashley is up to -- and learns that Nick is involved. Will prepares for the biggest story of his career by exposing the generous acts of Nick, but he has a sudden conflict of interest. When he begins to fall in love with Ashley!

Christmas Angel is a beautiful and enjoyable Christmas film that is sure to inspire you this Christmas season. It's a wonderful film for the whole family and will surely make for a wonderful addition to your Christmas collection.

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