Prayer Never Fails DVD

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  • Cast: Eric Roberts, Corbin Bernsen
  • Director: Wes Miller
  • Producer: Leonard Ohaebosim
  • Languages: English
  • Run Time: 99 minutes
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Prayer Never Fails shows the love from one coach to a student.

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Prayer Never Fails is a film written and directed by Wes Miller that tells the story of a successful high school basketball coach who is on his way to winning a record number of games. At the top of his game and peaking in his career, it seems that nothing can stop him and his team from success. However, after praying with his team before a game he is fired and stopped from ever coaching the team again. The coach chooses to fight back for prayer in schools and eventually hires an attorney to help resolve this matter with the school. The attorney, however, is not a Christian and isn't perfectly suited to the case. But as the trial continues and the attorney gets more and more involved, he ends up finding redemption and grace through the experience. Starring Nick Lashaway, Clifton Davis, and Corbin Bernsen, this film tells a powerful story of the impact of prayer and its ability to affect every life.

Prayer Never Fails is a project that was originally launched on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding site. Wes Miller, writer and director of the film, hoped to raise money for this film by placing his idea on the web. Using the popular crowdfunding site, Miller was able to raise some funds for the film and simultaneously garner support for the film and its production. This film was shot in Madison, Florida, and was even able to draw in bigger name actors, like Corbin Bernsen (Psych).

This film is designed to help spark a discussion about schools today and what separation of church and state truly means. Wes Miller's hope for this film is that it can encourage people to think and hopefully stand up for things like allowing prayer in schools. Prayer Never Fails helps to create dialogue about important issues in today's society like, "What is separation of church and state?"å? and even "What does religious freedom actually mean?"å?

Wes Miller, writer and director of Prayer Never Fails, was formerly a trial attorney, but eventually left this role to pursue directing films and writing screenplays. Miller accepted Christ and was baptized at Bellevue Baptist. He went to school here until he went off to pursue college. Since then, he has sold his first screenplay, a faith-based thriller, and was also able to co-produce a film that was distributed by Lionsgate Entertainment. After encountering many trials and tribulations with people unwilling to make scripts that were God-honoring and didn't contain many of the edgy elements found in most movies today, he decided he had it. This film is his first attempt at making his own movie, by himself, where he can present his own message of God's love and the powerful effect of prayer.

Through this movie, Wes Miller and his company hope to send a message to Hollywood. They want to show that films that don't contain immoral elements and that promote Biblical truth and morals can do well in the market. Besides that, they want to also send the message that prayer is a powerful thing that can truly work miracles in the lives of many. Tracing all the way back to the 1962 Supreme Court decision in Engel v. Vitale, many laws have been passed over the last several decades that continue to whittle away at Christian values. These filmmakers realize that if Christians sit back and simply allow this to happen, it is only going to get worse. That is why the message of this film helps to show that prayer is an effective tool and it is critical that it be allowed to be shown and utilized in today's schools.

Similar in style to films like God's Not Dead, Prayer Never Fails shows a case of a persecuted Christian standing up for what he believes and going out of his comfort zone to spread the truth. He is met with much difficulty and is surprised when he learns that he is going to have to leave his team. Everything had been going well for the team up until this point; they had been winning games and doing a remarkable job of working together. Coach Aiden, the high-school coach responsible for the team, finds out that one of his players, Kurt is having a lot of personal issues at home. Seeing this as an opportunity to both help Kurt and witness to him, Aiden decides to pray for him right then and there. However, when Kurt's father gets wind of this, he immediately reports this "unethical"å? activity to the school board and Aiden is fired from the team.

After this, Aiden struggles about whether he should try to fight back against the school or if he simply needs to let the situation go. After deliberation and prayer, Aiden decides he is going to do something about the situation and decides to hire an attorney. This is, however, when he encounters another issue "ÌÕ he is almost completely broke. With the money he does have, he is able to hire Michael, a good attorney but one suffering with a gambling addiction. In addition to this, Michael has zero faith and no interest in believing in God. However, as Aiden and Michael work together, and they both get more involved in the case, not only do incredible things begin to happen in the basketball team and with the school board, God begins to pull on Michael's heart as well.

Prayer Never Fails is a wonderful film from Wes Miller that does an excellent job at showing the importance of prayer and its necessity to be allowed in schools and public venues. This thrilling drama will keep you excited and entertained as you learn more about the way prayer has been fought over in schools over the past several decades. You will also be inspired by the tale of Michael the attorney and witness a powerful conversion experience as he begins to draw closer to God both in the case and in his own personal life. Prayer Never Fails is an important film that is definitely worth showing to your whole family.

Release Date is to be determined.

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