Eternal Salvation DVD

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  • Director: Reed Simonsen
  • Producer: Tim Gautier, Gina Gautier
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 3/7/12
  • Run Time: 87 minutes
  • Closed Captioning: No
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Eternal Salvation | Christian Movies & DVDs



Eternal Salvation is an inspiring film about the story of Jonathan Wright, a high-powered banker who seemingly has it all. With a hopeful career with a high-powered future, a loving wife, and 7 year old daughter, Wright sees life as positive with holding a lot of promise. With so much ahead of him, it seems as nothing could possibly go wrong with Jonathan's life. That is until one day when he suffers a horrible brain aneurysm that threatens to take everything he's worked for all these years away from him. After barely surviving, Jonathan sees his life in a whole new light. Realizing that his life could end at any moment, he begins to look fora serious purpose in his life. He begins to wonder what it all means, why he lives and what the point of his whole life is. This leads him on an incredible journey that will forever change the course of his life. Looking for eternal purpose and significance, Jonathan Wright finds himself on a bigger journey than even he anticipated.


Interview with Tim Gautier


We had the opportunity to sit down with Tim Gautier to discuss his work on the film. He was able to give us some insights into the behind the scenes and give helpful advice for others looking to make a Christian film. His thoughts are below:


Q: Tim, can you give us a summary of Eternal Salvation? What is this film about and what do you want to communicate to your audience?


Eternal Salvation is the story of high-powered investment banker Jonathan Wright (Bradley Snedeker). Jonathan has everything that the world can offer, a promising career, beautiful wife (Jessica Morris), gorgeous 7-year-old daughter (Isabella Cuda) and countless friends. Just when he thinks he's reached the pinnacle of success, he suffers a life-threatening brain aneurysm that leaves him in a medically induced coma. After regaining consciousness, he is determined to find the true meaning of life, which leads him on spiritual journey for truth.


My intention with "Eternal Salvation"å? was to show that one can have all the riches that the world can offer, but without God, family and health it's meaningless. I also wanted to showcase the powerful friendship between the characters Jonathan and Paul (Darren Dupree Washington). Paul is a faithful Christian, and Jonathan is not kind to him in the beginning of the movie. Ironically, Paul becomes Jonathan's spiritual mentor. I wanted the character Paul to be the embodiment of Christ's love in the film. The character Paul is the person that I wish I could be in life. He's forgiving, understanding and patient. These are qualities that I'm striving to possess someday.


Q: Tell us a little about the journey to making Eternal Salvation. What led you to make a drama?


Wow"_Where do I start? The journey to making "ES"å? began three years ago while taking afternoon walks with my wife, Gina, who is an executive producer on the film. The idea for the film came from God. I must give credit where credit is due.


He gave me a burning desire to tell a story of redemption and salvation.


Q: What do you want people to take away from this film?


My hope is that people will watch the film and feel the forgiving love of Christ. I want people to know that no matter what they've done to separate themselves from God, He is waiting with open arms for them to return to Him"_You are not condemned"_Jesus Loves You!


Q: Do you have any current plans for future films? What are you working on now?


Well, currently I'm engrossed in the distribution of "Eternal Salvation"å?. We formed a production and distribution company to release the film independently and it's a tremendous undertaking. I'm considering numerous projects that are in various stages of development. There's been so much enthusiasm for the release of "Eternal Salvation"å?, that there's talk about a sequel. We're also excited about being selected to the 2016 International Christian Film Festival with two nominations (Best Actor in a feature film - Bradley Snedeker) and (Best Director in the feature film category - Reed Simonsen). The film is also the official movie for the 2016 North American Christian Convention (NACC), and will be screening at this year"Ìás event.


Q: It must be satisfying to bring a project like this to completion. What would you say to encourage someone who is launching a new project or creating a film of their own?


Yes, it's very rewarding to shepherd a film project from concept to completion. My advise to anyone launching a new project or creating a film of their own, is to hone your skills and surround yourself with smart and talented people. Be certain to work with people who have a passion for your project and share your vision for the project. Also, be open to change. Filmmaking is a fluid and collaborative endeavor; allow people to share your dream and enhance it with their brilliance. One more thing, don't take yourself too seriously and have fun"_you're making a film, baby!!!


Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, Tim! We really appreciate getting to hear some of your stories and experiences.




There's something in all of us that seeks to find a deeper meaning to life. We begin to wonder why we're here and what the purpose of our ife is. Without God, there is no purpose to what we do, and this why all of us seek to find out what we're called to do while on this earth. Eternal Salvation is an incredible film about the true meaning of our lives. With a riveting story and incredible drama, this is a powerful Christian movie with important and even life-changing themes

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