Alison's Choice DVD

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  • Cast: Chanel marriott, Bruce Marchiano, Gregg Wayans
  • Director: Bruce Marchiano
  • Producer: Bruce Marchiano & Brandon Riley
  • Languages: English
  • Dove Approved: Dove Approved Ages 12+
  • Release Date: 5/2/12
  • Run Time: 92 Minutes
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Closed Captioning: No
  • Region Code: 1
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Alison's Choice | Christian Movie, Film & DVD

Alison's Choice is a powerful Christian film about a decision that will change a young woman's life forever. If you've seen and enjoyed The Encounter, then you'll really enjoy this film as Bruce Marchiano continues his portrayal of Jesus, this time taking us to an even deeper level as his compassion is thoroughly explored. Similar to The Encounter, Alison's Choice places Jesus in a contemporary world trying to reach and save lives. This time appearing as a janitor, Jesus does everything he can to help a young girl dealing with the aftermath of an unexpected pregnancy. Marchiano not only plays Jesus in the film but directed and wrote this incredible movie. Alison's Choice is a gripping film as Jesus has only minutes to convince Alison to save the life of her unborn child. Alison is a teenager in the midst of a huge crisis. She has been dating a man who is no good for her. He has led her into all sorts of trouble and she is now suffering the consequences. Alison finds herself pregnant by her boyfriend, and is forced to deal with the repercussions of her actions. She approaches her boyfriend and he tells her to just get rid of the child and move on with her life. Taking his advice, Alison heads for an abortion clinic. However, she is confronted by a mysterious janitor who may in fact be much more than meets the eye. Alison's Choice is a powerful and moving film that follows one young woman's emotional journey as she considers abortion and discovers just how important the choice of life is.


Alison's Choice begins by showing the relationship between Alison and her boyfriend, Rick. He is a troublemaker and is slowly leading her into his world. The friends that he chooses to hang out with are very worldly, as he is. Alison, however, is more innocent than Rick is and is able to resist some of the pressure crashing down around her.

Unfortunately, she and Rick take things too far in their relationship, resulting in her pregnancy. At first, Alison is terrified to tell Rick. She does not know how he will respond, and she is afraid of the future. If he is angry, she fears that he will leave her alone to deal with this child, and she is not ready for this. However, if Rick is happy for her and wants to pursue a future together, Alison may realize that she does not want to have him in her life forever. Alison's Choice depicts the emotional war raging inside of the pregnant teenager, as she is confused and left to deal with the consequences of her actions.

Alison finally works up the courage to tell Rick, resulting in an unexpected response. Instead of being angry or excited, he is very nonchalant. He informs her that it is her job to "get rid of" the baby and to continue with life as normal. His implications of abortion shock her at first, but he ultimately tells her it is what will be best for them. Alison realizes that if she chooses to keep the child, her life will be forever changed. She will become a mother while she is just a teenager, and she knows that she is not ready for this type of responsibility. Alison's Choice finds her being swayed by her fear, as she realizes that she cannot raise this child on her own. Her head is filled with doubt about the future and uncertainty about how everyone around her will react to the news of her pregnancy.

It seems as if abortion is the only way out for her, so Alison heads to the local abortion clinic. Here, she is introduced to a host of new people, each wanting to give her advice about her situation. They are all trying to help her do what they think is best for her life, and each person offers her a different opinion. Soon, Alison's head is swimming with opinions and she is filled with extreme fear and doubt. She is starting to question whether or not she should go through with the abortion. Though this procedure terrifies her and she is not sure if it is the right thing to do, Alison feels trapped and as if she has no other option. However, Alison's Choice soon takes a surprising turn that will affect her decision greatly.

As she is sitting in the waiting room of the abortion clinic, Alison is approached by a janitor. Something about him seems very different, as if he does not belong in this world. He calmly starts talking to Alison and finds out about the situation that she is in. As she talks to him more and more, Alison begins to make a revelation. He seems to know everything about her, as if he is a divine being. His words are full of wisdom and love, as if he is a father who is taking care of her. As their conversation goes on, Alison soon realizes that this janitor is God the Father himself, come down to speak to her. Alison's Choice shows the impact that this divine revelation has on the teenager as she grapples with a decision that is just minutes away from taking place.

The janitor encourages her to find another course of action, stating that life is precious. It is meant to be treasured, not thrown away casually in a medical procedure that has become commonplace. Abortion is the murder of a baby who deserves life and who deserves to take its first breath. Alison's Choice stressed the value of life over and over throughout the course of the film, giving viewers an insight into what abortion truly is. It is the murder of an innocent, unborn baby, not the liberation of a pregnant woman who does not want to be a mother.

Alison's Choice shows the clock ticking as the teenager comes ever closer to making a decision that will change the course of her life forever. After talking to the janitor, she knows what is right and what is wrong. However, she is still afraid for the future and scared of what will happen if she decides to keep the child. Just then, the nurse opens the door and calls her into her appointment and she is forced to make the choice that will impact her life forever.

Alison's Choice is an extremely powerful and moving film about the consequences of sin and the devastating choices one must make. This film discusses the sanctity of life and gives viewers a glimpse into the many other options there are for pregnant teenagers, other than abortion. This film is heart-wrenching and dramatic, leaving viewers with the desire to spread the word about the beautiful sanctity of life.

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