Boys Passage, Mans Journey DVD Boxed Set With Kirk Cameron and Brian Molitor

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Boy's Passage, Man's Journey DVD Boxed Set With Kirk Cameron and Brian Molitor

It takes more for a boy to become a man than time. It takes the investment of people-- most importantly Fathers. Join actor and father Kirk Cameron (Fireproof, Monumental) and Brian Molitor in Boy's Passage Man's Journey, a message of how to deliberately and strategically transform boys into godly and focused men. Take a look at how it takes more than knowing how to change a tire to become a man-- it takes a Father's intentional love and guidance.

The Message

A boy needs to be guided into manhood. It takes design, not default to create a godly man. It takes strategy, a plan, and intentional investment and mentorship in a young boy's life. The message Boy's Passage Man's Journey is a challenge for Father's to take a step toward lifelong mentoring and intentional blessing and help their sons become the men God intends them to be. Through five conversations fellow fathers Kirk Cameron and Brian Molitor discuss important topics and issues. How to lead your son to manhood through design rather than default. How to counteract the challenges and disappointments of boyhood. How intentional mentoring, blessing, and rites of passage can instill a lifelong identity in your sons. Encouragement and a plan for parents of rebellious children. Suggestions and encouragement for single mothers, grandparents, pastors, and others who want to be invested in the next generation of men. The importance of being transparent and using your own mistakes and past to become better Fathers. The Boy's Passage Man's Journey is filled with valuable insight, wisdom, and suggestions for fathers and parents of sons of every age. It is an encouragement to be godly fathers, and a challenge to be intentionally invested in the journey of your sons from boys to men.

Kirk Cameron

One of the men behind the message Boy's Passage Man's Journey is the actor Kirk Cameron, well known in the world of Christian film. Kirk Cameron, a father of six, knows the importance of having a purpose and direction for your parenting. He also has a heart to raise his three sons to be godly men of integrity. Born and raised in a suburb of Los Angeles Kirk entered the world of media from a young age, starting his acting career at the age of nine. An atheist growing up, Kirk became a Christian at the age of seventeen while starring in the popular television show "Growing Pains."å? It soon became clear that his life had been radically changed, as he quickly clashed with the show's producers over immoral story lines. After the series ended Kirk starred in a few more movies before mostly disappearing from the mainstream world of entertainment. Instead Kirk dedicated his time and talents to the world of Christian media starring in Fireproof and other films such as Monumental and Unstoppable. In addition Kirk works with fellow Christian Ray Comfort to train and equip evangelists and the two co-founded the ministry Way of the Master. Kirk's heartfelt commitment to equipping and training believers of all ages is reflected in his parenting and conversation in Boy's Passage Man's Journey.

Brian Molitor

Brian Molitor is more than a businessman, he is a father with passion to raise his children, and help others raise their children, to be godly adults. The CEO of a successful training and consulting company, Brian Molitor also invests a large portion of time to a ministry he founded called Malachi Global Foundation. This ministry, based off of the verse found in the Biblical book of Malachi, is dedicated to helping fathers turn their hearts back to their children and the hearts of children back to their fathers. Two of Brian's books, "A Boy's Passage"å? and "Boy's Passage Man's Journey"å? are the inspiration for the message found in Boy's Passage Man's Journey. In addition, the father of four also wrote a book titled "Girls Passage Father's Duty,"å? which reminds fathers of the importance they have in their daughter's lives. Like his fellow producer Kirk Cameron, Brian's heart to raise men of faith comes through in his conversations in Boy's Passage Man's Journey.

The message found in Boy's Passage Man's Journey will inspire and challenge fathers of children any age. As Brian and Kirk discuss the importance of mentoring, equipping, praying for, and blessing your sons, fathers will gain insight and encouragement to raise men of God. With practical applications, meaningful examples, and achievable challenges Boy's Passage Man's Journey is filled with a message that fathers can apply to their own parenting. Whether you watch it alone or with your sons Boy's Passage Man's Journey will challenge you to take a design rather than default approach to raising men. The journey from boyhood to manhood can be difficult and tiring, but with a plan and the encouragement of godly men father's can raise godly men of courage and perseverance. The heart and message of Kirk and Brian comes through in the series Boy's Passage Man's Journey, raising your sons to be men of God.

Boy's Passage Man's Journey has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America. This film received the "Family Approved"å? award for ages twelve and up from the Dove Foundation. As always, it is recommend that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children.

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